Get Into the Scene – Sports Fetish

Get Into the Scene – Sports Fetish

from Recon News

10 November 2016

No matter what your 'type' is, it's no surprise that sportswear is a popular fetish and one that's on the rise. Sportsmen have a reputation for being strong, flexible and having impressive stamina, which certainly has some appeal.

We take a look at some sports fetish influences and how to get into the scene.

Which sports have the biggest influence on fetish?

While many are fans of football kits and swimming trunks, contact sports such as wrestling and rugby tend to have the biggest influence on the sports fetish scene. Seeing a group of hot, sweaty men grab and dominate each other can be enough to get a lot of us going.

It's not just the physicality that's makes contact sports like wrestling appealing, it's the gear too. Wrestlers' outfits usually leave very little to the imagination, and that's what we like about them. They're tight, form fitting and tend to be made out of Lycra – the look and feel of which is a big turn on for many. If you've ever attended a sports fetish party, you will have noticed that wrestling singlets are one of the most popular sports uniforms to wear.

Other common influences include:

American football – the armour can make the wearer feel strong and powerful, and it means they can take a fair bit more rough and tumble.
Motorcross – the outfits cover the entire body and face, creating anonymity for the wearer.
Cycling – similar to wrestling and motorcross, Lycra cycle gear, is tight fitting and shows off every inch of the body.
Boxing – the shorts are short and boxers are known for being powerful and strong.

Sporting sex symbols

It's not just the sports which have inspired sportswear fetish – the sportsmen themselves have had an influence too. It's fair to say that those known for misbehaving get our attention. Rugby players have a reputation for their kangaroo courts and escapades – sometimes egging each other on to perform sex acts with each other. Just 'laddish fun'. A current England star apparently took part in a 'debauched' boat ride with his team mates. We reckon he'd be feel right at home at Fetish Week London's Sports Cruise party.

There are plenty of other rough and ready sportsmen out there, including Ben Cohen, Tom Brady, Johnny Oduya, Chris Robshaw, Randy Orton and Shelton Benjamin to name a few. These men aren't just nice to look at, they can be the inspiration behind many locker room fantasies.

Getting the gear

This is one big perk of being into sports fetish – the gear is incredibly easy to come by, and basic pieces can be a lot cheaper than other types of gear. Whatever sport turns you on, you can get gear easily online or on the high street. Big sporting outlets that stock most types of gear are usually available in most towns and cities.

More specialist pieces can be found online, with places like eBay being particularly good for getting secondhand gear. There are plenty of fetish brands that create unique sports focused gear, such as Boxer or Barcode. The Recon Store is also a great place to check out for some sporting basics, such as jockstraps and shorts, as well as some more individual pieces coming soon. Watch this space.

Sports is one of the biggest interest categories on Recon, and there are lots of hot sports fans on our site and apps just waiting for you to hit the showers with them.