Get your Fetish Week Essentials!

Get your Fetish Week Essentials!

from Recon Store

23 June 2017

Fetish Week London can be a marathon not a sprint, and as any good long-distance runner will tell you, you need to be prepared. Fortunately for you, the Recon Store has got you covered.

Aside from gear, which is a bit of a given, there are a few other items that will come in real handy during the week. Here's a list you can use to check off:


For a lot of men who fall within the 'versatile to passive' end of the spectrum, a douche is essential. These are more pre-event prep kind of items, that you'll be wanting before the play parties such as Full Fetish or Rubber Gear. For when you're on the go get the Cleanstream Silicone Bulb Douche that can be used with access to any sink/toilet, or if you have more time and want to go deeper, try one of the many shower douche nozzles we stock.

Rubber Shine

If you're planning on wearing rubber, and you prefer your gear shiny instead of matte, then stock up on some Vivishine. Shine your gear at home with the Rubber Polish, then give yourself a fresh up throughout the night with the handy wipes.

Recon bag

If you need to carry more than just a few items to a party, such as if you have BDSM equipment, lube or shine, then the lightweight Recon drawstring bag is ideal. On the other hand, if you don't want to carry around too much in the parties, it's also good to have your own bag that you can put your clothes in, to make speedier work of a coat check-in.

Wrist Wallet

Alternatively, to a bag, if you only need to carry money or a few sachets of lube etc, then a wrist wallet is the way to go. We stock a leather one in the store that's not only useful, but looks great too.


Lube is ideal, not only for play, but for shining your rubber gear - if you're using silicone lube. We provide lube sachets at cruising parties, but we all have our own preferred brand, so stock up on the lube that feels right for you.


Take the hassle out of hooking-up by flagging what you're after with some old-school hankies. From fucking to fisting, bondage to blowjobs, pick your colours from our range and show them what you want.

These are just examples to give you an idea of some of the things you might need. The Recon Store stocks a whole lot more. Whether you want some J-Lube or a jock, or to wear a cock ring or a collar during Fetish Week, you can get it all with us.