Getting to know our Face of January, Skinbiker79

Getting to know our Face of January, Skinbiker79

from Recon News

15 January 2016

He won our Face of January competition by looking good in his gear, but there's more to skinbiker79 than just his hot body. We took some time out to hit him up with the usual Featured Member questions, to get an idea of the man under the bike leathers. Here's what he had to say:

Recon: Hey Skinbiker79! Congratulations on winning the Face of January competition. How does it feel to have won?

Skinbiker79: A bit of a surprise really! I didn't even know I was in a competition. And if I'd known I wouldn't've expected to win! But I think it's great as the fetish community is a great thing to belong to and Recon is where we all meet.

R: You won by having your pic taken and chosen as our favourite from Full Fetish London. Did you have a good night? Get up to any mischief?

SB: Yeah as usual the party was good! I did leave quite early – I had been traveling and landed only shortly before the party at Heathrow and took a taxi straight to Vauxhall – but naturally I got up to some geared up fun while in there. Too tempting not to, and still felt gutted for leaving when the party was still going.

R: Yeah. That's a shame. You can make up for it at the #FWL2016 party in July!
You were at last year's party as well - as can be seen in one of our promo videos. As a Full Fetish regular, what do you like about the parties?

SB: The sex? Haha! No, it's more than just the play. The Recon party isn't drug fuelled the way many of the other fetish parties are and it's a spinoff of an online fetish community, not a spinoff of London club scene. It's great to be able to connect a bloke to what previously was only an online profile, make new friends and of course see old ones. Some real gearheads out there, some for the first time exploring this side of themselves and their sexuality in the open. It's great.

R: How long have you been a member of Recon for? Had many adventures through the site?

SB: Blimey… I've been a member for ages. Since 2003 I think! And yes, there have been adventures… Many.

R: Any you'd like to share?

SB: There have been too many haha! I think the greatest memories tend to be from when I've been traveling (and I've done that a lot) and Recon has been the tool setting me up with likeminded guys in foreign places. Usually for sweaty sleazy nights in my hotel room (of course!) but also for beers and motorcycle rides.

R: It's clear you've got a wide range of tastes when it comes to gear. What would you say is your favourite type? What turns you on about it?

SB: The number one had to be bike leathers. Probably has been since I've been a little kid. There are so many things going for it: Just looking at lads in bike leathers is a treat, the way tight fitting leathers sit snugly on a fit masculine frame and build on it, and then there's the feel and smell of them. Love them. I've lost count but I'm sure have well more than 10 sets!

R: Actually, tell us about your tastes in gear in general. When did you get into different things? Have you any stories on what defines your tastes?

SB: Man this'd be a long story in detail... I've been into gear as long as I can remember really... Since a wee lad. Probably bike leathers were the first obsession, maybe together with rubber or rain gear since a kiddo. Others have come in slowly, like fetish rubber took its time to grow on me, same thing with lycra and sports kit (though by late teens I was into it all to some extent). Others I've discovered along the way. I guess the skinhead thing is a bit different. For most guys it's just a fetish, in my case I was a skinhead before I really started doing guys. All in all I'm really only into gear I can use, and do use, daily: I ride the bikes, do the sports, play the games and do the work. And always wear the boots.

R: Have you got a favourite piece of gear? Why do you like it the best?

SB: Too many to list, I'm afraid. Like favourite cycling suit being the Team GB skinsuit, favourite suit for riding the white Dainese Laguna Seca and for play the vintage Dainese. Probably should say my boots and bleachers – I wear them every day anyway so they really are the favourite kit actually! But in general, for me favourites are the ones that give pretty much full coverage, I rarely wear things like singlets or harnesses.

R: What do you get up to in kinky play? What gets you hardest?

SB: Second one is easy to answer: A fit, athletic guy in tight fitting gear. So beautiful that even thinking of examples gives me a semi! Play wise I'm into many things; from mild to wild but I most enjoy sweaty, hard, rough geared up play. And in all honesty, nothing better than breeding a hot lad in gear asking and begging for it!

R: Are there any members you'd like to give a shout out to? Anyone guys should check out?

SB: Too many decent genuine guys out there to mention. Message people here and go to the parties lads – stick your nose out and you'll meet some amazing guys all over the world!

R: Is there anything you'd like to say to our members? Now's your chance!

SB: Well, there is one hot potato of a topic: HIV and safe sex. Seeing how lads react to my profile setting ("Needs discussion") just enforces the feeling that things aren't good. Seeing guys who vouch for Always safe fucking bareback in the parties and/or messaging me asking for a bareback session, the holier-than-thou HIV neg guys who scoff at anything else than "Always" (it's just a word) in the box and say they look for "clean only" (how can you tell?), and the HIV+ guys who'd prefer to fuck raw but keep it "Always" just to be able to both have their cake and eat it, I'd like to call out to both: Move on from the stigma of HIV, and the taboo of barebacking. There's nothing to be ashamed of either in your HIV status or your sexuality. What we need is open discussion, especially now in the days of PrEP and Treatment as Prevention. It's for us as a community to deal with. Sticking to old taboos, stigmas and discrimination won't help anyone. "Needs discussion" means just that.

R: Thanks for being our Face of January and Featured Member!