Here’s a taste of unSensored’s new playrooms

Here’s a taste of unSensored’s new playrooms

from Recon Events

17 April 2018

The one thing we all have in common, no matter what our individual fetish tastes are, is our senses. This is why we've created a new style of party – unSensored

At unSensored, you'll get to experience a gunge pool- gear up and submerge yourself in the thick warm gooey mess. The pool itself will be big enough if you want to dip your toes in or lie down and get fully messy. There will be showers onsite to clean up after should you want to go and explore other areas gunge free. First timers, or gunge pros are both welcome. Remember to bring a towel just in case.

The sensory smoke room we featured at Recon's December party is back. Put on your gasmask, dull both sight and sound while you cruise for other guys in the white smoke. Feel your way around the room, around other guys and have anonymous fun. You'll need to depend on the one sense that is arguably most important to fetish men - touch. We want you to reach out and feel the men around you. Recon will have a limited number of gasmasks to use on the night, so pack a spare.

A separate enclosed room will be blasted with foam, so be prepared to wade in past your knees. The lifeguard will be on duty and keeping an eye on the room, so get wet and messy and up to no good.

There will be additional cruise spaces with a large cabin glory hole, and sling area sponsored by RED for you to misbehave in and a whole area dedicated to everything inflatable. Take a plunge in the large ball pool and wade through the balloons.

Then, if you're in the mood to dance and socialise, the upstairs has a great bar and seating area for you to chill out in

We've also lined up two DJs to soundtrack your play for the night, with Gordon John and Blue Kandi.

With just a few weeks to go, now's the time to start getting ready. Sort out your tickets, plan your gear and make arrangement with the men you want to meet from Recon!