from Recon News

18 February 2020

By SwitchLDN

Buttocks warm to the touch. Raised crimson welts. The sudden brilliant pain of a cane across the backside. I love everything about impact play, from either side. From the childish joy of leaving a perfect glowing handprint across an otherwise pale untouched butt, to the rush of adrenaline as I see the leather tawse being picked up out of the corner of my eye.

I love impact play.

I love the fact it is accessible to anybody and everybody, all you need is a hand. I love the fact that for some people, that's all they'll ever need - as they listen to the howl of their boy, bent over their leather clad knee, shouting into the floor as they take their punishment.

I love the fact that for other people, they can explore. They can become connoisseurs of their kink. The masochists that seek out new sensations, that eye the thick square cut strands of leather in their Master's new flogger and cannot wait to feel them land with bruising force across their back. The sadists too, finding their perfect implement of torture. One with the right weight, the right material, the right sensation to produce that delicious cry. Remember that tawse? That's mine. I love my tawse.

I love the fact that out there, there are craftsmen and women that know how much these people love their fetish, and they produce beautiful and devious creations to meet their idea of perfection. Fantastical whips, and lovingly designed paddles with every detail carefully thought out for maximum enjoyment – whether that is through pleasure, or through pain. Custom designed implements that become a Master's pride and joy, and an honour for their slave to be on the receiving end of.

I love the fact that impact play is open to every level, and that enjoyment can be had by both Dom and sub from a gentle spanking. If it gets the desired reaction, then what does it matter that it's only light? Good boy. Next time it'll be harder. I love that I can meet a new sub who has never had a mark on his arse and give him his first riding crop-induced yelp in a gentle introduction, and a couple of sessions down the line he is chained to a wall and moaning with delight as he successfully takes 20 strokes of the cane. Setting challenges. You can take another ten, can't you? Count down with me… and let's see how far you can go.

I love the fact that with the right Dom and the right S&M scene, I can enter into a whole different headspace. A mindset of absolute focus. I stare straight ahead as the early blows land; teeth clenched, body taut and ready for whatever is thrown at me. As the pain increases, out comes… something else. I'm normally mild mannered, but as the beating continues my mindset shifts to pure animal. I snarl, I scream, and you can hear my breathing from 30 feet away. I get lost in it, my head swims, I glaze over and all I can think of doing is taking what's dealt to me. It is absolutely intoxicating. I don't want to leave that space, I just want to go further, take more, and feel every nerve in my body tingle with indescribable sensations. I want to be there right now as I write this. They are sensations that stay with you, that make you just want it time and again.

I love the fact that impact play can create so much adrenaline, so much noise, and so much atmospheric intensity. That you can build it up as far as you can take it, and then when the time is right – you can let it go. Carefully. Lovingly. Jubilantly. Post-S&M aftercare can be truly incredible. A shivering welt-covered sub, embraced from behind, told he is a good boy, and stroked gently. The release of adrenaline and emotions, the tears, the tight security of a hug. It can feel like the best moments in the world.

I love impact play. You might too. Give it a go, all you need is a hand.

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