Important Information For Full Fetish San Francisco

Important Information For Full Fetish San Francisco

from Recon Events

27 September 2019

Over the past few years, it's no secret that many cities and organisations have faced stricter regulations when it comes to creating fetish and sex positive events. Folsom Street Events have been working tirelessly to overcome these hurdles, negotiating with the city of San Francisco in an attempt to help us deliver our style of fetish event this weekend.

Unfortunately, due to pressure from a competing promoter, Space 550 - our venue for Full Fetish San Francisco this Saturday - has been forced to pull the use of the play space from the party at the last minute. We, and Folsom Street Events are obviously disappointed in not being able to produce our usual style of fetish party, but we will do everything within our control to make sure it is a fantastic night for all. Hundreds of guys into fetish and kink are attending, so we're certain we'll all find ways to have a memorable time

We look forward to seeing you all, geared up and ready to enjoy and support the Folsom Weekend

For any enquires please contact: