Important regulation change affecting your personal information

Important regulation change affecting your personal information

from Recon Support

16 April 2018

There's been a lot of talk about privacy in the press lately and about personal information being used without permission. Fortunately, in Europe, regulations are about to change to prevent this from happening, and Recon is tightening things up to give you even more choice and transparency. Here's what's coming soon:

The Privacy Regulations are changing on 25 May this year

Unless you've been offline and hiding away from profile apps, the likelihood is you've heard the term GDPR mentioned in the last few months. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), is a new EU privacy regulation with strict guidelines on how your personally identifiable information is to be handled and gives you more control over it.

This affects you because we handle personal data about you and your sex life

So, in the next few weeks, when you log on, you will be asked a series of quick, easy and concise options for how your information is handled. It should take a few minutes to complete, and if you have questions along the way, there will be help articles there to guide you.

Even outside the EU, the new regulations still apply

All businesses handling EU customer data or based within with EU are affected. The Internet has helped to make the world an easy online neighbourhood with our users travelling and finding like-minded people all over the globe, we want to ensure that all our members have equal protection globally.

Do I have to do it?

Yes, by May 25, 2018 all users will have been be prompted to review their privacy options to use Recon when they log in. If you have not updated your settings, your profile will be hidden, and your data will no longer be processed. Your profile will then remain hidden until you have logged in to Recon and responded to the new privacy notice.

The good news is you will only have to do this once, then you can log on and go cruise members around the world.