Incredible List of DJs Lined Up For Fetish Week London 2022.

Incredible List of DJs Lined Up For Fetish Week London 2022.

from Recon News

07 July 2022

Two of the main elements of a fetish party are the men in gear and the chance to play. But a party wouldn't be a party without the music, and it wouldn't be a great one without a list of top DJs. Fortunately, we've got one of the biggest line-ups of DJs for this year's event.

From the 9th-17th July, we're bringing all the sleaze you'd expect plus a few new surprises that will guarantee we celebrate in style. This Fetish Week DJ line-up looks to prove once again that London's still one of the top global destinations for fetish, and music.

Saturday 9th July – Recon London is the launch event of FWL2022, and we've got DJs: Rafa Nunes, Moto Blanco, Chris Brogan, Wandson Maxx, David Robson and Dougie setting the vibe for what is sure to be an incredible 9 days of partying.

Sunday 10th July – Chris Brogan entertains us at the Recon Members' Party.

Thursday 14th July – Get your sports kit on and make sure your trainers are comfy. DJs Rob C and Kris D will keep you

Friday 15th July – LAW334, is an emerging artist and composer. This Spanish born DJ will play the entire set for the Rubber Gear Party and is creating a unique set just for you. His unique approach to techno sets the dark and groovy vibe for the sexiest Rubber event in the UK.

Saturday 16th July – FULL FETISH is the main event of Fetish Week London and we're topping it off with an incredible line-up of DJs, including Dave Hunt, Nik Denton, William Sizen Bell, David Ramsay and Gordon John. There's a unique mix of sounds to set the pace throughout what's going to be an amazing main event at Colour Factory.

Sunday 17th July – We keep the party going at Code Black. Gordon John, Rob C, Kris D and David Robson gives you the last taste of kinky music memories from all of Fetish Week.

Whatever you're planning on experiencing during Fetish Week, with just two days to go, it's time to get yourself prepped and ready. As with every year, we've got plans to outdo ourselves, and make it the best one yet, so you don't want to miss out!