INTERVIEW: DashTheDog from London Wolfpack

INTERVIEW: DashTheDog from London Wolfpack

from Recon News

06 December 2016

Recon: Hi DashTheDog
Tell us about how you got into fetish?

DashTheDog: Like a classic kinkster kid it started at a young age from watching stuff on TV and seeing things in movies. Early inspiration was seeing characters in cartoons in bondage or some kind of fetish scenario, which happened frequently in every show ever in the nineties! And so during my formative years I dreamed of various bondagey kidnapping fantasies which in my teens turned into a lot of used up ducktape and even more used tissues.

R: Have you tried most things or do you have some fetish stones left unturned?

DtD: If I had a hanky for everything I'd tried once I could star in a musical called "Dash and the Technicoloured Fetish Coat"- it would be gross, hot and hilarious. Realistically though, I've done many things once, that I would like to try more of- for example, outdoor bondage, a scene that lasted more than 24 hours, maybe pig festival Steppenbrand. Generally, I'd like to turn over more stones that are extreme, intense and very REAL.

R: Tell us about the London Wolfpack. How and why did you guys band together?

DtD: There are four of us currently: that's myself, Ox (LittleMinotaur), Craig (Mouseyboy) and Eddie (DomTopLad). The group itself started about 2 years ago when porn actor Dolan Wolf (who was in the country then) and Ox taught a few classes together at The Eagle. They then held the Bondage Masterclass for Fetish Week London 2014. There were talks of making the Masterclass a regular night once a month so I was invited to join the group a few months after FWL. Craig joined too, and so did Adam (DieselPup) who recently relocated to the US.

The Masterclasses were a success so we held the Bondage Masterclass again for Fetish Week London 2015, and that was then Eddie properly joined the group.

Since then we've spread our wings far and wide, from FWL2016, Amsterdam Fetish Pride 2016, MLW2016 in Manchester, the Brighton Sexpression Conference and private sessions to name a few. We also get together monthly as a team to do a bit of knowledge transfer - and sometimes we need bondage bottoms 😉

You can find us on twitter as @LondonWolfpack and Facebook as @WolfpackMasterclass. Learn beginner, intermediate and advanced level rope bondage! Feel free to give us a call! #PLUG #PLUG #PLUG

R: Is bondage one of your main interests? What's the appeal for you?

DtD: As a sub, bondage is hot to me because the psychological states you go through as you pass from simple wrist ties through to intensely complex hogties are remarkable- I usually start out quite action-hero cocky and talkative, but by the time we've gotten to the part where all the muscles in my body are restrained to a fixed state, I could almost cry from the intensity of helplessness.

Bondage as a Dom is hot because 18m of rope and some knowledge of how to use it gifts a person a kind of power equivalent to a gym addict no matter what their size is. This was really important to my sexual confidence because I'm 5"5, and even if the tall muscle sub in the darkroom wanted to roleplay as my sub, it would make me feel awkward because it didn't feel very real. But once he's tied up all that anxiety vanishes and I can walk all over him. Literally.

R: What are some of your other favourite types of play?

DtD: As my name is DashTheDog, you would be right in assuming I'm a pup! It takes the right kind of man to tempt Dash properly out of his shell, though; I can't spring into it as easily as I used to. Generally, these days I do pretty piggy kinda play, so I'll get pallet wrapped to a sling and be forced further and further up the large toy spectrum. This is not to say that I wouldn't go back to more classic Master/ slave themes, I just don't feel I meet guys that would be that great at collaring me all that often. However, if you think you're up for the challenge give me a shout!

R: What would you say is the type of gear you're most drawn to?

DtD: Our gay fetish classics- rubber and leather, but how do I choose?!

Leather is sexy and tough, and so carries with it this real attitude of a guy that's ready to get rough and dirty- It's quite powerful as a public statement too because when you wear leather you're wearing a different kind of proud tough gay history.

I like rubber because the cuts, the colours, and the shiny elasticity of the material itself compliments the form of your body in a way I feel is a more immediately rewarding (and honest) than its leather counterpart. Also, I feel totally slutty in it and I get covered in anything wearing it! Conversely, imagine trying to explain to your dry cleaner why your Langlitz jacket is covered in santorum... Let alone explaining what santorum even is. Awks.

R: What gets you hot under the collar when it comes to fetish men?

DD: I'm into big hairy beary kinky Daddies. I've been into the idea of having an older man in my life since I was 15- little did I know this would turn into a hella big dad fetish when I became of age. Apart from beariness I go for guys that resonate sexual energy and (more importantly for a heavy scene) are very experienced. I also go for little cubs like myself sometimes!

R: Any experiences you've had through Recon that you'd care to share?

DD: So back when I was 19 and just started university in Newport, South Wales I had this encounter which was interesting because it was the first time I had dominated anyone. (So classic Dash here) - I was trying to goad this sub guy into topping me by being playful and a bit annoying and hoping he'd snap and overpower me! What actually happened was I stuck his hood on him, and I felt a kind of rush of power and suddenly I was ball deep in him wearing a massive cock sheath the size of which I didn't even know existed! The whole thing was actually pretty shocking to me, and it would be another few years before I learned to embrace the sadistic side of myself which I now like to call inner darkness. Recon has been pretty helpful with that btw!

R: Tell us about your fetish related job. What's it like working at Regulation?

DD: I started at Regulation just to help out for FWL in July of 2014, and strangely they liked me and let me stay! My two jobs there are on the shop floor where I sell products and help customers into rubber and my second job is in the workshop. In the workshop I've been trained to make rubber + leather strapwork (that's harnesses, restraints,belts) but also wrist wallets, rubber braces, cockrings and some other bits and pieces. I love working there, everyone is really smart or really insane or really both of those.

R: Are there any Recon members you'd give a shout out to, who guys should check out?

DD: Certainly the aforementioned members of The Wolfpack- LittleMinotaur, MouseyBoy, and Domtoplad who taught me most of what I know bondage-wise. A rope bondage master who I love the ultra-restrictive style of is TSkinBoot. A new upcoming fetish photographer for Manchester who you should watch out for is "Joshi" I think he'll be doing great things for the Leather scene. My sexy pup brother on the other side of the pond PupBlaise. And finally my new piggy top who I've been having a lot of fun with lately - StubbleCrush. Oink Oink Mwah.

Peace out guys!