INTERVIEW: Jose90 tells us all about his fetishes and kinks

INTERVIEW: Jose90 tells us all about his fetishes and kinks

from Recon News

20 December 2016

Tell us about how you discovered fetish

Jose90: I don't think I really worked out that I had a fetish until I was 20. I defiantly worked out I had a fetish before I knew I was gay.

But to pin point a moment - it perhaps started when I was 13 and playing sport at school - all the cool kids had started to get under armour gear. I managed to persuade my parents that I needed some. Over the years I amassed a small collection of Lycra sports kit.

Being independent at university, one can discover quite a few things. I use to have a gear fetish profile back then, that opened my eyes to all things kinky. I think I even met a couple of people back then from that site, but nothing too memorable.

Then I discovered Recon - honestly, it's all you guys fault for me being this way!

I'd realised I was gay, and now I had a Facebook for all things kink. I started chatting to people and seeing more of this darker side of life.

I've never been a person who does things by halves - so after chatting with a guy my age on Recon I used my student loan to buy a full suit, gloves, socks, and hood and arranged to go visit him. Suffice to say there was no climbing back up that slippery and shiny slope!

Tell us about the appeal of rubber

J90: Rubber is tight - for me the second skin tightness means that you forget what you're wearing. That means you can escape to wherever you wish - be that a sub, a dom, or whatever floats your boat.

I also love its shine - I mean some guys like it matte, but for me the shiny and mirror quality of rubber means it's most defiantly something that is not your usual walk to the shops kinda outfit.

It's also a ritual - there is something great about the effort it requires to shine it up the day before. Next for me, one has to shave, (cos otherwise the rubber is not as close to your skin as it could be), then it's a lot of silicon lube cos this bulky frame does not slip into rubber easily. After going through all that you're in the headspace to be ready for fun. Being able to just throw on gear is great, but the effort to get shiny rubber for me is all worth it.

Tell us why you're a fan of bondage

J90: A lot of it is escapism for me. In life I'm that typical busy kid who manages and organises, and as soon as you're tied down you have to let that all go and just deal with the moment. I love the lack of control - it is a little scary but a rush too. I also don't like discussing too much of what might happen before either, I like the surprise of it all.

I was also really lucky, being able to grow up on the edge of London. It meant that I was able to meet some incredibly talented and trustworthy men who know how to do bondage properly. That meant I never had a bad experience of bondage so was able to just enjoy and experience heavier and heavier bondage quite rapidly.

Tell us what other fetishes or kinks you might have

J90: In some ways cycle kit is a fetish, it's tight and feels great. However, it's also not a fetish because I cycle work each day, it's just too practical to feel kinky!

In some ways I have a fetish for trainers, specifically Adidas ones. The smell can get me going, but it's also for the look when wearing gear. I work in a visual industry so a co-ordinated outfit is something I like. Kicks are also something I can use every day but still have a smidge of kink about them.

I do love my hoods especially masks. I love using them for bondage and just when home alone. The anonymity of it all, the sounds and smells you experience when using them puts you in a really great headspace.

Tell us what you use Recon for

J90: Back when I was single it was for fun and experiences. I'd never say hook up, as for me a great bondage session is an experience and didn't always mean sex; I'd just have happily been tied up for a few hours in a few positions. However last year I met this incredible guy who became my boyfriend. As we are monogamous, Recon has now become a place for me to make friends, learn new skills and a place to show some of my photography skills too.

Tell us about your favourite destinations for fetish

J90: Destination implies that I can't pick my home city of London. So for me that means it has to be Manchester. I've visited for MRM6 & MRM7. I had so much fun, just socialising for 3 days in gear, playing bingo and then gatecrashing Cha Cha Boudoir (warning - glitter and rubber . . . BAD!). It's a care free fun city with an edgy industrial heritage, fits fetish to the T.

By sheer luck I was once in Chicago when the IML was on. Back then I wasn't as confident about going out in gear as I am now, so I didn't make the most of it. I met a couple of great guys there, and one thing lead to another, and I found myself out for dinner in a swanky restaurant having the most normal dinner, but in full rubber! Safe to say for that reason Chicago will always be a favourite destination for mine for fetish!

Tell us what you're curious to try

J90: For some reason, I've always been drawn to the de-human side of kink. Be that complete rubber coverage with not one speck of skin showing, total restrictive bondage and especially machines. I really like the relentless aspect of them, so I'd really like to try some intense sessions involving machines someday.

Before my boyfriend came along I was a near exclusive sub, that's changed so I'm now starting to explore my Dom side.

Tell us what catches your eye in a fetish man

J90: I would say a committed look, and one that effort was put into. Do your kicks match your accessories, are your colours coordinated across your outfit. Are you sticking to a theme? I love something that shows total commitment to your kink. Skin is great, but I have a rubber fetish - so the less skin the better!

Tell us about some Recon members we should check out

J90: For putting up with me all the time - my boyfriend 'PupMiko'

For getting me to wear gear out in public for the first time in Chicago, I completely blame 'cowboyjr'

Sly or 'RubbaUrinal' for being the ringleader of MRM each year

Lastly 'Kenf' for his banter and 'StonglySub' for inspiring me to gym!

Tell us something about yourself that people might not know

J90: I'm secretly a bit of a train geek - I've been to every single tube station, but let's not dwell on that . . . .