INTERVIEW: PerceptiveDominance – a holistic sadist from Houston

INTERVIEW: PerceptiveDominance – a holistic sadist from Houston

from Recon News

16 December 2016

Recon: You live in Houston. What's it like being a gay guy into fetish in Texas?

PerceptiveDominance: Texas. Oh, Texas. It's interesting really. Lots of cowboy fetishists haha.

R: What's the Fetish scene like?

PD: Well the Texas fetish scene is not as "seedy" as it is abroad or rather, as the Recon profiles
and the inter webs portray it to be. There's the Houston Metropolis, Austin Metropolis, and
Dallas Metropolis. All with distinct flavors, to be fair. I feel like Houston has more pups, older
(guard), lots more leather. Austin is younger, twinkier, more likely to be into physical kinks (I
think it's because of the active lifestyle a majority of them live: college, yuppie town). Dallas
is a mix. Lots of leather all around. The Dallas Eagle is famous.

R: Have you experienced fetish in other parts of the states or further afield?

PD: Oh yes. I've played with boys in Austin, NOLA, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Chicago, Florida, and
spoken to a few all around the States.

R: What places did you enjoy and how do they compare to Huston?

PD: Austin has pretty, college aged boys, but sometimes I like the filthier, more intense
scenes and they're mostly fresh faced boys. I didn't get to play with the Chicagoans, but I will
admit Recon premium's been very helpful. Kinksters galore. Floridians - Fort Lauderdale
to be exact. Good Christ. Leatherwerks' based there and lots of retirees and muscle lads are
there so one can imagine. Everywhere just seems a bit more…developed than Houston. For
the third largest city in America, it seems a let-down. I wonder if it's because of the laws or
perhaps the relatively "small" number of gays for such a huge city.

R: You're a rubberman. What is it about rubber you love so much?

PD: The feel. The look. The sweaty mess. The satisfaction when it's settled a bit on your body.
The sleaze of it all. Lots of toys – inanimates - seem to have composites of rubber woven in;
there's something about finding myself when I hop in.

R: How did you first get into rubber?

PD: I'm just another corrupted child of tumblr and the internet. I saw pictures of men, and
women covered in rubber and I saw myself. Imagine a baby meeting another baby - oddly
recognisable to each other.

R: Fetish in the states is often linked more to leather. Do you meet many other

PD: I'm proud to say that I covered a leatherman into a rubber man. My boy's a rubberboy
now and there's a family down here with a huge rubber collection, bondage equipment, and
apparel. In general, not many in Houston. It sure gets attention when I wear it out.

R: You refer to yourself as a holistic sadist. Could you describe what this means?

PD: Well, I'm a conversationalist. I can trot out lists on end about all the things I am into, but
at the end of the day, that's just that: a list. I get more information from having a discussion,
almost philosophical than most know. I can be sadistic with the most mundane of things.
Mental or Physical.

R: Talk us through some of your favourite kinks and play

PD: I rather like the idea of hoods. On a huge hood kick, and to me not many things beat the
complete helplessness and visual that produces, but I run the gamut. I'm an impact top
through and through. I love putting a boy through a beating, building up to it. Adding more,
subtracting, disorienting. I'll put you through a scenario: boy comes in after extensive talking
online or somewhere, he's pushed against a wall, instantly hooded, gas masked and/or gagged
with my favorite jock. I can relax then. There's a power dynamic then. My hound, tamed. I'm
6ft 5, and he's small. Infinitely smaller in that moment. I have him where I want him, but at
some point I'd like him wailing, pleading, barking for more, and less. All while I'm leaking.
Take that as you will.

R: You're married to your boy, what's your dynamic when playing with other guys? Together, solo or both?

PD: Milkmehard is a terrible voyeur haha, so most of the time I'd rather have him play alone
and revert back to me. Frankly, I love being able to loan him out to someone else. Period. But
we've played with a couple of boys together that he enjoyed. Familiarity helps him out a lot;
he's a shy boy. I play alone, explore aspects of my sexuality spectrum an overwhelming
majority of the time.

R: Are there any Recon members you'd like to give a shout out to, who guys should check

PD: Vagabondage, milkmehard, AdventurousOtter, puphelix. For all different reasons, and
they know why.

R: And finally, if there's anything you'd like to share with our members, now's your

PD: Never avoid saying hello. The things that trigger people, me, are far and wide. You just
might find peace and freedom in the oddest of places. Preferably around me. I'd also like to
dedicate this whole thing to PupNobley; a friend to many and gone too soon. Too soon.