Interview with Face of January winner, PupZano. Part 2

Interview with Face of January winner, PupZano. Part 2

from Recon News

23 January 2015

Here's the second part of our three part interview with Pup Zano:

R: What is it that appeals about being a pup?

PZ: The community. I have made so many friends (in London, San Francisco and Seattle) who I connect with in a way unlike any other. It's like a large family of friends that only gets bigger and more friendly the more you invest in it.

B) Breaking social boundaries. As a pup, all the rules are out the window. As a British guy who spends a lot of time in San Francisco, I've become keenly aware of how awkwardly proper and etiquette abiding I am, and pup play breaks down those walls for me. Suddenly you have a new rule-set to work with that relieves you of the responsibility of social expectation.

R: There's quite a pup community online - Do you enjoy being part of this community?

PZ: The pup community on Twitter and elsewhere online is an important part of my everyday life. It is a welcoming and kind-spirited community that I engage with multiple times a day, a sort of online comfort zone I can return to.

R: You seem to split your time between the UK and San Francisco, how does that work?

PZ: My job takes me out to San Francisco for large chunks of time and I have quite a few friends out there. Equally I find myself in the UK for family, friends and education.

R: Ah cool, ok. Well, if you were held at gun point and absolutely had to call it...which would you say you preferred and why?

PZ: San Francisco has burritos, and the UK has curry. I'd take the bullet before having to choose between those two.

R: Haha. Fair enough. What would you say are the differences in the London and San Francisco fetish scenes?

PZ: Hmm, good question. I would say public acceptance. In general I wouldn't be surprised to see a handler walking his pup in SOMA (SF), but I would definitely take a second look if someone did the same in Soho (London). I know I won't be chastised for lapping up a strawberry milkshake from a doggie bowl in Wicked Grounds (SF), but even if a kink-cafe like that existed in London it would have tinted windows and a privacy curtain inside. Also, I think 'American Freedom' plays a big part in people's confidence to do what they like.

R: Do you have a preference for which has the hotter guys?

PZ: Definitely San Francisco, and not for the LA style ken-doll pretty boys. I like blokes. Bears, cubs, scruffy, cute-in-the-face studs. You SF dudes have it all going on.

R: You didn't even pause! Ha.

Have you been in San Francisco when Folsom is on? If so, have you been, and what did you make of it?

PZ: I have been to both Folsom and Dore Alley multiple times in the past. I wish we did something like it in the UK, but then our weather would really put a downer on all the romping. I think street fairs like these really benefit from the warm climate: sweaty studs, sloppy lube and shiny rubber.