Interview with Face of January winner, PupZano. Part 3

 Interview with Face of January winner, PupZano. Part 3

from Recon News

28 January 2015

The final part of our interview:

R: Aside from London and San Francisco, do you travel much and experience fetish in other countries? If so, which have you enjoyed and why?

PZ: A couple of years ago I went on a month-long trip around Europe and had some kinky Recon hook-ups along the way. I would love to spend some decent time in Germany to experience their kink scene from a non-touristy perspective.

R: Yeah. Always a good idea.

At a guess, being a pup is your biggest fetish (it's in your name after all), but are there any others you're into?

PZ: Haha! To be honest it would be easier to list what I -wasn't- into, to some degree anyway. I've always been an "everything once" sort of pup, so I've had a taste of most things. The problem is when you like a lot of things guys think you're not up for plain ol' vanilla, and that's still an essential component for me.

R: Ok cool. What would you say about fetish guys gets you hard, though?

PZ: For me fetish and kink are like cream toppings, I couldn't have them without a solid base for them to sit on. Three primary factors are a cute, scruffy face, a friendly, authoritative attitude and that he knows how to use what he's packing. From there everything else is extra!

R: What's your favourite item of fetish gear, and why?

PZ: It really has to be my pup hoods, they are so versatile in their utility! I can wear one of them when I'm in full pup gear at an event, when I'm nude around the house, or when I'm in my casuals at a bar. They go down great with like-minded folks and makes everyone loosen up a bit.

R: Same questions but regarding equipment?

PZ: I have a really neat compact poppers inhalator that I keep modifying for better results. I love filling it up before a long play session (big toys, DP, fisting etc) and not having to think about anything other than the good stuff.

R: On your profile it says you're looking for kink/gear modelling ops. Have you managed to bag any jobs lately?

PZ: I missed out on an opportunity earlier in the year in the UK so I wanted to make up for it. I've only recently been comfortable with being in front of a camera, and if there was anywhere I was going to do it San Francisco would be the obvious choice!

R: Well, hopefully being Face of January will give you some more opportunities. Thanks for taking part!