Interview with Max Samauth – Mr International Rubber 18

Interview with Max Samauth – Mr International Rubber 18

from Recon News

04 November 2015

Before MIR19 this weekend we caught up with Max Samauth, the current MIR title holder. We ask him about his rubber fetish and what it's been like to be MIR18. We think you can totally see why the judges chose him as last year's winner:

Recon: How did you get a taste for rubber?

Max Samauth: When I was a child, masks of fictional creatures drew my attention. Think aliens, werewolf, etc... The most frightening and inspiring creatures were featured in theatres, movies and amusement parks. Even though I always understood there was a regular person masquerading as this creature; impersonating a totally different person or creature inspired me. This could shield off the hard world for a deaf boy like me, and made me feel protected and powerful.

During puberty, not only did I find interesting rubber sites on the internet, I also received an implant, allowing me to hear things for the first time in my life. That was 11 years ago and was when I knew I wanted to be in the movie industry. Six years ago I moved to Amsterdam to study at the Film Academy. My love for movies and rubber came together as I quickly found nice guys who were into rubber like me. It goes without saying these were exciting years!

R: What is it you like so much about rubber gear?

MS: Rubber gives me an amazing feeling when wearing it tight to the skin. We all know it feels like a second skin which is soft, smells unique and can be worn tight. For me, that second skin is like thin armor, protecting me from the outer world. When I wear that shiny layer I am a lot more daring in my actions. Without rubber it's hard for me to enjoy feeling submissive, dominant or do puppy action. The more rubber covering my body, the better the effect! My total enclosure rubber fetish gives me the best erotic experiences in the world! :D

R: What's your favourite piece of rubber gear and why?

MS: Because I like total enclosure, my favorite is my VacRack. When I'm inside it's like a different world. Your own rubbery world where anything can happen to you. You can't see, hear and move. You just have to focus on the amazing feeling of being helpless. It can be combined with breath control and electro. It was one of my first experiences with rubber and after that first try, I instantly bought my own airtight vacbed. Waaaaay earlier than my first rubber catsuit. Because I loved it and got to share with my kinky friends.

R: Where do you live? Is there a large rubber scene there?

MS: I live nearby Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Our country has a warm gay fetish scene where rubber, leather, bdsm, pupplay etc. are combined together to form one scene. Our fetish scene is very well connected internationally.

I've been noticing that the rubber part of the scene is growing. I'm seeing new faces everywhere. More and more people come out for their fetish. As Mister Rubber Nederland 2014 and MIR I've been very active in representing the Dutch rubber (and a bit leather) community. I participated actively at lots of important gay (& fetish) events in the Netherlands. Together with my successor Tom - Mister Rubber Nederland 2015, we organized rubber bondage demos and social gatherings as well as motivated and coached young guys to start and enjoy their own rubber fetish.

R: How was your time as Mr International Rubber 18? What are your favourite experiences?

MS: During my title-year I've been traveling and representing the rubber community of the whole world. I've been in Chicago, Toronto, Manchester, Dublin and more. The fetish communities in those cities have a lot in common. Everybody feels socially connected. That's an amazing feeling.

My best experience was Manchester Rubber Weekend. I had never seen so well an organized rubber weekend. Everybody had a lot of fun, socially and erotic. It's a perfect example for an ideal rubber community. I'm proud for my MIR-bother: Sly Hands, who's been working hard on that.

Toronto has a small rubber community, which is still building up. I've helped to give the community there a small boost. When I visited the Canadian city, it was awesome to see those happy faces!

I hope I can take all those experiences to make the rubber/fetish scene of my homeland better than ever. We'll make sure all fetish visitors can feel welcome in our country!

I hope the next reigning Mister International Rubber will have the same amazing experiences I've had during my year as a MIR. We'll all find out who it's going to be this weekend! It's going to be exciting!

R: What's your Recon username if guys want to check you out?

My username is Samauth. Go, check out the rubbery fun on my profile. ^_^

R: Thanks Max! Have a great time in Chicago.

Picture by Sly Hands