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02 December 2020

Recon member ToBeCollaredbySir shares the story of the night his Sir displayed him to a room of Leathermen, who all got their turn…

My Master is entertaining guests this evening.

I distantly hear their arrivals, my Master greeting them at the door.

This afternoon my body and head were freshly shaved, and I have been kept locked in Sir's cage in a darkened room, knowing I am to be used and displayed, and that Sir expects me to be on best behaviour. Trembling at the importance of this ordeal, awaiting release, knowing to expect pain and humiliation, but with the satisfaction of serving my Master.

The guests are assembled. Sir, impressively dressed in full black leather, with tall boots, (which I spent a whole hour lovingly polishing that afternoon), leads me, crawling on all fours into the room, by a chain leash. I am totally naked, collared on display for all to see. My body is totally exposed, no covering to hide my growing erect cock, already dripping precum. No covering for my toned, smooth, shaved body, in this room of fully clothed Leathermen.

Sir is displaying His boi for all to see. Exhibiting His property. Exhibiting His power, and his boi's total submission. His boi's devotion.

Crawling at Sir's feet, body smooth and hairless. Horny, eager to please. Humiliated, by the gaze of Sir's guests - some of whom I know socially - as they watch my submissive progress through the room, on the end of Sir's chain leash.

Will I be up to this ordeal, will I please my Master, make Sir proud? Impress Sir's guests and prove to be an asset to Sir? I am led to the couch, where Sir takes a seat in front of the assembled guests.

Sir explains to all, that His boi is to receive a public spanking, and that after Sir has delivered His blows, the guest may also deliver 10 spanks each to my arse cheeks.

Sir orders me to bend over His knee and instructs me to count the spanks, and not to forget to thank Sir for each spank.

"Are you ready boi?", Sir asks.

"Yes Sir", I meekly respond, barely managing to hide my nervousness.

"This is going to hurt boi", Sir reminds boi. Familiar words. I can picture Sir's wicked grin.

I have no idea how many spanks I am to receive from Sir, and visibly tremble as I position myself over Sir's knees. I am reassured by the feel of Sir's body, and the smell of Sir's leather. Sir's grip on my collar is firm. I receive a warning that if I wriggle or squirm, the discipline will start over from the beginning, and number of spanks will be doubled. I nod in understanding, and ready myself for the painful blows to descend my smooth, pale arse cheeks. I feel my face burning hotly with humiliation, my throbbing cock wedged between Sir's legs.

"We will warm up with ten gentle spanks per cheek' says Sir, to his murmuring audience, their drinks in hand, ice clinking in their glasses, eager for the show to begin.

Sir removes His leather gloves, this is to be firm, bare hand spanking for me. Sir's skin on my bare skin.

The first spanks descend, firm but gentle, increasing in force with each spank.

I count the blows as ordered; "One Sir, thank You Sir, two Sir, thank You Sir", until twenty spanks are delivered. My butt cheeks are warm and tingling, after this round.

"The following spanks will become gradually harder, and My boi will get 25 spanks per butt cheek", announces Sir, reminding me not to wriggle. I can feel the intense looks of the guests, who are enjoying the spectacle, and my great humiliation.

Sir's grip tightened, and the first of the 50 spanks follows, I gasp, desperately trying not to wriggle. My erection is firmly grasped, between Sir' leather clad thighs, I can feel the precum oozing. It has been two weeks since I last was allowed to cum. My Master making His boi endure weeks of chastity, as a sign of my devotion, and complete submission to Him.

The force of Sir's spanks increased, sometimes hitting the same arse cheek, or alternating. I don't know where the pain will next be. I bite my lips, not wanting to cry out at the burning blows, knowing my arse would be fiery red by this time. I hear the guests commenting on the colour, laughing at my discomfort, admiring Sir's handiwork.

I counted the last spanks… "49 Sir, thank You Sir, 50 Sir, thank You Sir"

Sir ordered me to dismount His knee, and to bow before Sir, submissively, head to floor and arse up, scarlet, bruised cheeks to be admired by the guests.

My Master then invited His guests to each take their turn on my flaming red arse, to deliver their own ten spanks. The guests were very keen. I could feel the sexual tension in the room, my own cock swollen and throbbing from the punishing spanks and humiliation. It was not only my arse cheeks that were red, my face glowed with shame. It was one thing to be punished and disciplined by Sir, but Sir had not exhibited His boi, His property, in this way before. What was private, was now very public, and I was the spectacle.

Each of the ten guests took their turn at spanking, whilst I obediently counted each blow, and thanked my Master. They were far from gentle, having no regard for this piece of submissive meat. When each guest had their turn, and boi's arse felt bruised and tenderised, Sir ordered "You may now lick My boots, boi".

My reward from Sir! My tongue worked the leather of Sir's boots, carefully and devotedly, while the guests admiringly looked on, and chatted amongst themselves.

"On your feet boi", and I rose and faced my Master. Sir embraced me in a firm, warm embrace.

"Good boi", said Sir, and I knew Sir was pleased with my performance.

"Time for your nipple clamps boi", and Sir snapped the tight fitting clamps, placing the adjoining chain between my teeth, forcing me to bow my head to avoid further pulling on my burning nipples.

Sir knew how my nipples worked! He tapped my swollen cock with his hand, laughing at my thick veined, swollen cock. His finger collected some of my precum. "Taste your juices boi", he ordered and I obediently sucked from His finger.

"Refill the guests drinks boi' ordered Sir, 'and when you have done that, go and stand face to the corner, with your hands on your head boi. We want to see your glowing arse, while we enjoy our drinks."

"Gentlemen the show is far from over. My boi will be publicly milked, when I finish my drink ", Sir announced to the gathering.

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