Make travel plans now for LA Leather Pride 2015

Make travel plans now for LA Leather Pride 2015

from Recon News

12 March 2015

The Recon boys are packing their bags and hitting the long haul, for a trip over to Los Angeles for LA Leather Pride 2015!

This year's event, which takes place from 22 – 29 March, has the theme of Tribe: Rites of Passage, and will host a large number of events. This includes our joint party with Avatar, Full Fetish Tribal Rites on Friday 27, and the Off Sunset Festival on Sunday 29, where we'll be running a Recon stall.

This is going to be such a great celebration, all the better for the SoCal springtime sun, and you definitely should head on over. If you're in Southern California, you have no excuse, and anyone further afield still has time to sort out travel.

Large scale fetish events are something every guy into kink should experience at some point, and this is an opportunity to experience one in Los Angeles, a city like no other. The weather will be warm and the men will be hot, what more could you ask for?