MEMBER ARTICLE: Back to Berlin

MEMBER ARTICLE: Back to Berlin

from Recon News

20 February 2018

By Team Recon member OhBilly

I recently found out that I've been selected to go to the BLF's Easter Berlin – Leather Fetish Week, and I couldn't be happier! I'm by no means an expert on the city, but here's why I always love going.

Over the past 10 years I've made numerous trips to Berlin. These trips can be split into two camps: techno trips (with occasional, mild sightseeing) and fetish fun trips. The latter I've only got to experience since working for Recon, and boy what experiences they've been!

The BLF Easter was the first large scale fetish weekend I ever attended, back in 2015. I'd been to parties in Antwerp and London, but I'd never been to an event where, for multiple days, you could revel in your fetishes and kinks. Seeing geared up guys walking the streets en masse – day and night – was a liberating experience, and one that left quite an impression. Attending social events was also something new. Previously, the fetish parties I'd been to had mostly been about play, so to board a leather boat trip or mix it up at a fetish dinner was all brand new and kind of wonderful. It was also great that, should you want to - as of course we did - you had many opportunities to indulge in kink and play.

Berlin, in fact, is the location of a fair number of fetish firsts for me. It was the first place I ever daytime wore gear in public. It was the first place I ever wore leather (more than just a harness). It was the first place I ever wore rubber [which I wrote about at length at the time – link below]. It was the first place I ever got pissed on…sort of. Certainly, the first time I've ever been pissed on by multiple guys through a grate. It's the liberating atmosphere of the city that makes it easy to indulge in these firsts.

As well attending the BLF weekend at Easter, we also took the opportunity to go to SNAX two years in a row. The first time I went I was kind of overwhelmed. Though SNAX, seemed to be more of a harness and jock kind of night, the sheer volume of men there was a sight to behold. I'd been to Berghain for clubbing and I'd been to Lab for play, but I'd never before been to the fusion of the two. My first time, I was in a relationship with a vanilla guy back home, so I couldn't play. Being one of the only boys there for the dancing is an unusual experience. Everyone's so aggressively sexual and there's me just having a dance in this huge, writhing throng. Look but don't touch is a shit rule. Don't worry, though, the second time I went I was sure to rectify this inconsistency. Hard.

September is of course Folsom season, and though I'd been to Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco, until last year, I'd never been to Folsom Europe. Boy howdy did I have a good time! Weirdly, I had so much fun without even having any sex or play. Between filming numerous videos, working the fair and going to events, Folsom was a lot of work and there just wasn't the opportunity. I mean, I kissed lots of guys, but that was about it. All very PG. The funny thing is, I kind of didn't care. The whole event is such a massive celebration of all things deviant, that it's a joy just to be there and take part. Being around thousands of fetish men, all geared up and cutting loose is pretty intoxicating in of itself. Would I have liked to have been knee deep in cum at some point during the weekend? Sure. I'm only human. But as it happens, sometimes it really is the taking part that counts.

So yes, I'm back off to Berlin this Easter (and hopefully September too [fingers crossed emoji]). If you see me there, be sure to say hi, and here's hoping I manage to tick off a few more of those firsts!

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