MEMBER ARTICLE: boi Submits To Forced Haircut

MEMBER ARTICLE: boi Submits To Forced Haircut

from Recon News

28 February 2022

By SirsCollaredboi

(boi has been given the name and personal noun 'boi' by Master Mark, and is not permitted by to use other personal pronouns)

"Strip, and crawl to the bathroom boi"

boi had recently arrived at Master Mark's home, had knelt submissively on entering, and had been ordered to lick Sir's boots, as a sign of boi's devotion and respect.

Earlier that morning boi had been ordered to get a haircut, 'just a sharp shave to the sides of your mohawk boi.'

boi had worn a mohawk for the last eight months or so. A rather bold haircut, which was much admired by many, and surprisingly tolerated at boi's workplace. Control of facial hair and beard had been carefully negotiated into the detailed Master/boi contract. Master Mark had full power of boi's grooming, there were no limits. boi was however, permitted to remain presentable for employment purposes.

Master Mark had previously shaved all of boi's body hair, and boi follows orders to shave smooth every Saturday morning, which has become routine and a ritual - boi is inspected and punished for any stray hairs found. boi's mohawk, although shaved to the skin at the sides, had been allowed to grow long from brow to nape. A strip of wild looking, dark wavy curls, which boi tried to control with hair product.

The Haircut

boi waited, in kneeling position in the bathroom, naked, except for Master Mark's padlocked steel chain collar. Apprehensive, aroused and unsure of what was to come next. 'Time for a haircut boi', announced Master Mark, holding up the electric clippers. The subject of a haircut had been raised several times in the last few weeks during sessions, and when relaxing in bed beside Master Mark, as He ran His fingers through boi's curls. Now was the time of reckoning, boi would have no choice or say in this haircut.

"Open your mouth boi', Master Mark commanded, as He inserted, and inflated a rubber gag which was buckled securely.

"Stand up boi, legs together, arms to sides boi".

A roll of clear plastic wrap was produced, which Master Mark proceeded to tightly wrap around boi's legs from the calves upwards. boi felt the restrictive pressure, knowing boi would be immobilised and extremely vulnerable. boi's cock grew hard. The wrapping continued around boi's thighs leaving boi's cock and balls exposed and accessible to Master Mark. boi's hands and arms were firmly held in place as the wrap extended around boi's waist, chest, shoulders and neck. boi was encased, and movement extremely limited.

"Got you just where I want you boi" Master Mark exclaimed, and boi nodded in agreement.
It was not just physically that boi was where Sir wanted. boi was tightly bound by devotion and obedience, and was feeling this overwhelmingly at this moment.

boi saw the scissors in Sir's hands, which were then used to cut holes to give Sir access to boi's sensitive, trained, and responsive nipples. As soon as they were exposed, Master Mark pinched and tortured them painfully.

"Got to have My boi's nipples perky", He chuckled wickedly, knowing very well this would drive boi crazy, and the effect it would have on keeping boi's cock hard.

Noticing boi's growing erection, Master Mark turned His attention there, stroking the shaft slowly, retracting the foreskin, teasing and fingering the head and tip. Master Mark was expert in pushing all the right buttons to keep His boi in a state of sexual excitement and frustration.

boi groaned through the gag, writhing with the agony and ecstasy of Sir's touch. boi was not permitted to touch boi's genitals for pleasure. Only Master Mark could make His chaste boi experience sexual stimulation.

"Lots of precum, boi is oozing! boi seems to like this predicament."

Scooping a thick string of precum from boi's cock, Sir rubbed it into His boi's face, mixing it with the saliva drool from boi's gagged mouth, knowing boi would find this degrading.

"It's been a while since boi was allowed to make boicum, hasn't it boi? Maybe I will be feeling generous after boi's haircut boi? Wait and see boi!" Master Mark taunted.

"Hobble to the shower boi".

boi obediently waddled in a humiliating fashion, guided and protected from falling by Master Mark.

"Lower your head boi."

boi sat submissively, head bowed and listened to the whir of the clippers as it neared boi's scalp. Not knowing if boi's Mohawk would be trimmed, or if Sir would shave boi's head bald. boi watched nervously, as thick, dark curls fell from the clippers and slid down the cling wrap and onto the shower floor. boi was soon surrounded by boi's own hair and could only reflect on how extremely submissive boi had become. boi's deepening submission fuelled Master Mark's Domination, making Him more controlling and stricter as time progressed.

'Breathe boi. How is My boi doing?" enquired Master Mark, knowing this was a challenging ordeal for boi. boi nodded that all was okay, grateful for Sir checking that boi was coping.

"Nearly done boi, boi is looking sharp. I am pleased with my barbering boi"

boi had no idea how much hair had been clipped from boi's head and could only wait to be given the chance to look at the result in a mirror.

"The Mohawk is still there boi, but the curls have gone boi" Master Mark informed, turning off the clippers.

"Let's get you seated boi".

boi was assisted into a sitting position on the floor of the shower cubicle. Running His fingers across boi's eyebrows, boi was ordered to close eyes and not open them again until instructed.

"Now for these boi", and boi felt repeated scrapes of a blade across both eyebrows.
boi gasped through the gag, with some dismay, as eyebrows had not been mentioned previously. How would this look, and how long did they take to regrow? Battling to keep calm and remembering to trust Master Mark's judgement and authority, boi submitted to this, and remained still, breathing deeply, and drooling though the gag.

"Good boi, all finished boi!" Master Mark exclaimed.

"Time to milk My boi and make boicum!" waving the cum jar in which boi's cum was stored in, and frozen, before boi's face. As boi sat amongst the fallen hair, still restrained by cling wrap, Master Mark slowly began to stroke boi's cock to full erection, applied lube, gradually gripping tighter.

"Don't you dare blow yet, not until I give My permission boi.", as He began ramping up the intensity, pulling harder and faster. After ten minutes of this boi was gasping through the gag, looking at Master Mark with pleading desperation, writhing and wanting so badly to spurt. Fighting to hold onto the load and stem the mounting pressure within boi's tight aching boi balls.

"Ok boi. Let's see you make boicum boi. Do it now boi."

Once given Sir's permission, boi quickly let go of the self-control needed to prevent ejaculation, releasing, with a loud moan, a jet of boicum onto the cling wrap. Spent, with boi balls emptied at last, boi slumped against the shower wall, while Master Mark scooped up the boicum into the boi cum jar, which was to be returned to the freezer, for some mysterious "Future use".

Master Mark cut away the cling wrap, releasing boi and ordered boi to stretch boi's stiff limbs, and removed the gag.

"Tidy up boi. Clean up that hair". boi was made to sweep up boi's own fallen hair from the shower floor.

"Get on all fours before me boi".

As boi did so boi felt a warm flow of liquid, streaming directly from Master Mark's cock, streaming onto boi's scalp and back, pouring down boi's face, and smooth hairless body. Master Mark was marking His collared boi and property. Then, as the shower water flowed, boi was instructed to massage Sir's feet, after which Sir sat under the warm water, embracing His collared boi.

"Well done boi. I am proud of My boi. Even when boi thought boi's eyebrows were being shaved, boi remained calm. You still have eyebrows boi, that was a butter knife you felt boi!", laughing out loud at boi's look of relief.

"My cock is going to need lots attention after this boi".

Firmly grabbing the steel collar around boi's neck, He pulled boi closer.

"Kiss Me boi."

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