MEMBER ARTICLE: Bound and Milked

MEMBER ARTICLE: Bound and Milked

from Recon News

16 August 2021

By Collaredboi

(Later that evening at The Gathering)

i stood obediently in the corner. i had been sent to stand and reflect, after my severe spanking at the hands of my Master and His guests.

My butt cheeks glowed. The cheeks on my face burned bright with the humiliation.

My Master was showing me my place, to be used and displayed for His pleasure and amusement.

It had been three tough weeks since I'd been permitted to cum, and Master's words rang in my ears.

"When I finish my drink, my boy will be publicly milked"

i'd get to cum and release my load at last! Master was going to make sure I was edged and humiliated, making me earn my orgasm. Displaying His power and Dominance.

i squirmed inside, a combination of apprehension and excitement. i dared not move, or change position, knowing the penalty for fidgeting would be a caning or whipping.

i had no idea how long i was to stay cornered. Master liked to play with me in this way.

i heard the conversation, some admiring Sir's and their own handiwork, my arse covered in red handprints and welts, by now beginning to bruise.

Every now and then, i'd feel a hand on my arse cheeks. A guest feeling the heat, the texture, accompanied by their laughs and comments.

Was it an hour or more i stood, aching and embarrassed, in that corner? i lost track of time.

At last i heard through the chatter of man talk, my Master raise His voice and announce, "Gentlemen. We have a boi to edge and milk!"

His booted footsteps approached, a sound that always fills me with anticipation, His hand on my shoulder, and the leash attached to my collar.

"Stretch your arms boy, release the stiffness".

Sir removed the nipple clamps, making me cry out in pain, my nipples distorted and tenderised.

"Ready boi?" Sir asked.

"Yes Sir, boi is ready Sir".

"Good boi, it's time. We/we need this boi", He added re-assuringly.

"Follow me, with your head bowed."

As i was led across the room, the guests looked on admiringly at Master's control and my total submission. Naked and obedient, vulnerable and exposed.

"Bend over the table, hold onto the far side boi. Spread your legs and present your arse to Me"

Leather ankle cuff and wrist restraints were fastened securely. I was to be bound and secured for this ordeal.

My Masters firm hands parted my ass cheeks, lubed my hole, and slowly inserted my wide 7 inch butt plug. It filled me, a comforting feeling now. Sir tapped it's base several times, causing me to squirm, as it hit my prostate. More precum dribbled from my cock, puddling between my feet.

Next came a leather hood, and ball gag.

"Up onto the table boi, and spread- eagle yourself"

i climbed onto the long wooden table, the smooth gleaming polished surface cool on my burning arse cheeks. Imagining how i must look to the audience of Leathermen. A feast of flesh spread- eagled before them, waiting to be toyed with. To be slowly, torturously brought to orgasm.

My aching cock stood proud, and firm, sticky with my excitement. my ankles and wrists pulled to the far corners of the table, the cuffs attached to the ropes beneath. Immobilized, i wriggled to test for movement. i had none.

Master applied a blindfold, strapping it tightly, excluding the light. My remaining senses were heightened. i could only hear, smell and feel touch. My nerve endings responded accordingly, i could feel them jangle, and a sudden rush through my brain of endorphins, made me light headed.

Master invited His guests to touch my body, offering a bottle of oil. Many firm hands applied the cool oil to my smooth shaven chest, belly and legs.
"No touching boi's cock gentlemen", my Master requested, "Plenty of time for that later", he laughed.

My feet were oiled, making me gasp. Ticklish!

"Now for boi's edging", my Master tone took on the cruel edge i knew so well.
"he knows he'll be punished severely if he cums without permission".

Sir's rubber gloved hand, peeled back my foreskin, exposing the swollen red plum of my cock head, shiny with my own juices.

Sir applied lube to the skin of shaved ball sac, gently massaging my balls, cupping them in his palms, as if testing the weight of three weeks- worth of accumulated cum.

He knew how i struggled with my chastity, battling my erections. Mine was a self- controlled chastity, i was simply forbidden from touching my cock with my bare hands, and from ejaculating. With practice and determination, (and punishments) i was now able to control these urges, my cock bulged frequently and embarrassingly throughout the day. Every day.

Sir's fingers lightly traced rings around sensitive skin of my glans, probing the slit, running tantalisingly down the frenum, making me groan through the gag.

"Bet that feels so good, doesn't it boi?" teased Sir.

"How long since I last allowed you to cum?"

He knew exactly how long it had been, having taunted me daily with my tally of chastity days.

"Three long weeks boi! Twenty one days day, suffering to please your Master!".

The guests laughed at my obvious discomfort, and my mounting need to shoot my load, as Master continued to slowly caress my throbbing knob.

my balls tightened in the sac, drawing up, achingly yearning to release my load.

"Blue balls eh boi?", taunted Sir, "I bet they hurt boi? .

I nodded in agreement, groaning afresh as Sir's lubed, gloved fingers simultaneously stroked my cock head and perineum, pinching and rubbing the sensitive skin from balls to anus.

Sir's grip tightened, He began to rhythmically pump at my cock, from tip to base, building up speed, as i writhed, struggling not to cum.

"Hold on boi, I haven't ordered you to release yet have I boi"?

"No Sir", i mumbled through the gag, my neck and chest wet with dribble.

Sir continued to pump while i gripped the butt plug tight hoping to delay the mounting pressure in my balls. Desperate to both cum, and not to cum.

Sir brought me close to orgasm over and over, a dozen times, skilfully manipulating and judging my bodies response.

I could feel the onlookers tension, as my own mounted, they were silent, enjoying the spectacle of Sir expert control.

Almost unable to bear this exquisite torture, i writhed and begged.

"When I'm good and ready boi. your cock is mine, your balls are mine, and your cum is for me alone, isn't it boi?"

"Yes Sir", i sobbed in agreement.

"If you could play with his nipples please", I heard Sir requesting, and the guest's fingers readily tormented my tender nipples, making me squirm and moan afresh.

Sir knew this would drive to the edge of reason, nipple pain heightening my sexual response, and get me dangerously close to blowing.

Sir steadied his grip on my cock, as my nipple torment increased, the sadistic guest taking great pleasure in pinching hard and deep.

Sir pumped my cock in earnest, i battled to retain my load, sweating and biting at the gag, my groans increasing in volume.

"Right boi, you have 2 minutes from now in which to cum. If you fail me, you'll be locked in chastity for a month ".

Afraid of disobeying ,i switched my attention from holding back to cumming quickly, my mind swirling in confusion.

With a gag- muffled yell, I released a mass of cum into the air, my spunk landing warm and wet on my chest and belly. I'd lasted less than a minute, after being given the order to cum

A round of applause rippled through the room, the guests showing their appreciation of my Masters skill, and the floor show.

"Well done boi", such a big load", Sir praised, as He undid the ball gag, feeding the sticky fluid into my mouth. "Clean it off my fingers boi, not a drop wasted "

All the while, He continued to massage my tender cock head, while i obediently consumed my own cum.

i lay there panting, weakened. Totally spent.

Still restrained, my cock limp and dribbling it's remnants on my thigh.

"I'm going to wash my hands, and we'll then have another drink, I deserve one. We'll leave My boi there."

"You may like to wank on his body later, I'm sure he'll appreciate it".

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