MEMBER ARTICLE: Down Jacket Fetish

MEMBER ARTICLE: Down Jacket Fetish

from Recon News

06 April 2020

By Inflateacub

Down Jackets. Puffers. Parkas.

These are some of the names you'll think of when you see someone wearing a big old padded jacket. For most people, these are simply a winter wardrobe staple. Others, however, view these as sexually as other fetishists might view rubber or leather. This article aims to pick apart why down fetish exists, the factors that affect the appeal of a jacket, and what I personally like when it comes to my fetish.

There are so many different jackets to choose from in terms of shape. You can go from the thinnest of ultra-light jackets with inch wide baffles (usually for hiking and layering) to a nicely padded chunky winter jacket that is prevalent in many fashion trends at the moment. You can also then go into specialist down gear, which is overstuffed, making the wearer into an (almost) helpless mass of puff and fabric.

Each down fetishist has their specific interest in terms of size. However, generally, the appeal of a down jacket is that it allows the wearer to gain a new stature, to look different to their normal size. This is sexy because it completely disregards any kind of body standards people may have, allowing someone to completely forget about their insecurities and enjoy the warm puffy layer they have around them. The structure of the baffles of a down jacket (the size of the 'puff') can also imitate the appeal of a larger build, making the wearer look similar to a strongman or athlete.

In addition, the jacket can be filled with either down (the feathers from ducks or geese which keep them warm) or simple stuffing that you might find in a duvet or pillow. The filling can greatly affect the experience of the jacket. For down fetishists it can add an extremely large amount of appeal to wear proper down due to its compressing and inflating capabilities, meaning that each jacket can fill around the wearer into their specific body shape. Jackets with simple filling still have an enormous appeal due to them being more affordable, and more widely produced, meaning that there is greater variety of jackets to choose from. The compressing of down around someone's arm, only for it to puff back up into its original shape is a very horny experience for me. One of the first things I like to do when playing with a guy wearing down is see how the jacket behaves when I push my hand onto his chest or around his arm. I also like to hug as well, so that our jackets can compress together.

The other thing to mention about a jacket is what kind of jacket it is. Usually, there are 3 options. A gilet (vest, bodywarmer) is the first step of down gear, allowing the wearer to experience the feeling of down around their torso area only, with the added bonus of being able to see the difference in size from the person to the jacket when viewing the wearer from the side, and seeing the size of the armhole. You then go up to a full jacket, which is the most popular. This is simply a big padded jacket with sleeves, meaning that the wearer can experience down on their entire upper body. Finally, we come to the 3rd option of down, which is either a full suit or a bib + jacket, ultimately giving the wearer a total down cover experience. These suits are sought after in the down community due to their often-high prices and luxury qualities.

Now we come onto what the jackets are made of. The material or fabric that the jacket has on its interior or exterior. Starting with inner lining, often this is overlooked in many communities due to the outward appearance of a jacket that holds most of the appeal for down fetishists. Usually, a simple jacket lining will provide the wearer with nice skin contact (if they are wearing only the jacket). Sometimes, you can request the lining to be of PVC or satin instead of the standard polyester lining that many high street jackets come with. Again, it comes down to the wearer's personal interests.

Typically, a good shiny down jacket would be considered the peak of down gear. The shine attracts attention to the wearer and shows the world that they are fearless in wearing a jacket that could be considered pushing the boundaries or 'a bit out there'. This rebellious attitude is very appealing to many down fetishists, and wearing a shiny, brightly coloured down jacket definitely perpetuates this. Shiny fabric shares roots with many other fetishes including rubber and PVC. I could go on for hours about the appeal of being in a shiny suit or jacket but that's a whole other article. Brands that are pushing the shine factor in their jackets are Moncler, Pyrenex, and recently, Mackage.

The colour of a jacket can also have a big impact on its appeal. Black puffers are generally used by dominant men, signifying their power and understated sexiness by wearing a simple and unassuming colour. The classic black North Face Nuptse jacket is an example of this; I have seen countless pictures and videos of men wearing their black northies, knowing that people will get turned on. A fantasy scenario for me is being out in the middle of winter with no jacket and having a sexy older man either take his North Face off and dress me in it or pull an extra out of his bag for me. The appeal of being dressed in another man's gear is for me (and a lot of others, regardless of the fetish) a massive turn on. In addition, the black North Face jacket isn't made of a shiny fabric, and thus further exemplifies the understated and masculine appeal.

On the other hand, bright colours and patterns of down jackets are often sought after by people who are looking to be looked at, who get turned on by draw attention to themselves and turning heads of people who are fascinated and curious about the massive statement jacket that has just walked past.

One final note on the material of a jacket: the sound of a jacket rubbing against itself or the zip going up is another big turn on for down fetishists. It could be compared to ASMR in a way. What's even better is rubbing your jacket against another man's. These jackets are also considered very noisy just by wearing them, so again it plays into the idea that you want to draw attention to yourself by wearing a noisy, loud, colourful, shiny, and overstuffed jacket.

One final factor that can affect the appeal of a jacket is who made it. What brand is it? How much did you pay for it? An expensive jacket will often show itself due to the quality of the material and how well it fits the wearer. You can instantly tell that someone paid a lot for a jacket because you'll be able to feel the quality of the down, the fabric, and the general 'well-made' vibe. Brands are a key factor in how horny a jacket is. Brands such as the North Face, Moncler, Mackage, and Pyrenex all make high quality down jackets that are seen as ideal for down fetishists. Other brands such as Parkasite (custom down gear) are sought after but lack the well-known branding that people find so horny. Displaying a brand on your jacket shows that you've spent a lot on how you look, and you aim to hold yourself to a high standard in your clothes. This is similar to sportswear brands such as Adidas and Nike which are considered the main 2 high quality brands. Wearing a tracksuit made by Lonsdale or Puma sometimes doesn't have the same affect compared to Adidas or Nike simply down to the brand reputation. I'm not saying the quality might be the same or even better, but that brand symbol just adds an extra pinch of sexiness. It might be because they are proud to be wearing that brand, it might be because they want to show to the world how much they paid. Either way, expensive brands on horny jackets (especially like the North Face, which has the branding on the front left and back right shoulders) show that the wearer loves the brand and wants to show everyone.

That's been a lot to get through. But I think I've covered it all! Please send me a message if you already have an interest in down gear or are interested to hear more about it.

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