MEMBER ARTICLE: Electric Ecstasy

MEMBER ARTICLE: Electric Ecstasy

from Recon News

11 November 2020

By TheElectroSadist

I've been into 'Electro' for over 25 years, ever since I read an article about somebody wiring their cock up to a 9-volt battery, using speaker wire and an old doorbell button. Being the deeply depraved guy I am, of course, I had to give it a try. It was obviously very crude – all or nothing - and tended to leave small thin burns, but my interest was certainly piqued.

In the succeeding years I've enthusiastically ridden the swelling wave of interest in 'e-stim', as it rapidly became known; I've readily upgraded my kit as new tech became available and bought numerous electrodes for various body parts. I've also built my own, if I couldn't find just what I wanted, constructed from leather, copper and latterly steel.

It wasn't until I bought an Erostek ET312 power box, something like ten years ago, that I really felt this kink was now getting serious. It's the big daddy box you see in numerous porn videos - that cream or black brick with the glowing yellow LCD window. It's rechargeable and a weighty beast, but has two output channels and all kinds of modes for varying types of stimulation or torment. You can even create your own patterns and progressions on a computer via a custom cable and their software. There are far more up-to-date boxes available these days, including some controllable over the internet, but even after so many years, it remains the standard by which other power boxes are judged.

I think electro is a sadist's wet dream. I've always been far more of a sadist than Dom; there's no boot licking or such with me, since I hated that stuff back in my own subbing days. I mostly get my jollies from a guy's submission to my physical enjoyment of him, be that through Impact Play (CP), CBT, Fucking/Ass Play or TT. And except for CP, electro can have a sublime role in each of these.

It's the tuneable nature of it which makes electro so wonderful, especially when paired with serious bondage during a session. With the right kit you can take a sub from pleasurably stimulated to properly tortured, and by taking your time you can make sure he's on a serious endorphin high by the time you move to the latter. I've seen guys in utter sexual ecstasy from it, and also enter that beautiful place of total submission – subspace. And unlike when he's under the whip, it's easy to hold your sub's gaze as you torture him, which I always think is wonderful for proper connection, trust and total power exchange.

Since playing above the waist can be risky, it's best to stay below it unless you know what you're doing. Personally, I've never found this limiting since there are so many wonderful parts of a man down there. As such, a bi-polar anal plug is a must-have for me, as are silicone loops for easily wiring up a cock. And for the more serious pain players, a sub's grateful balls can be the source of much electro session 'pleasure', especially for the more sadistic Dom such as myself.

Keeping in mind you need two contact points per channel, some of my favourite deployment locations are the base and head of a sub's turgid cock, either side of his squeezed together balls (usually beneath a leather stretcher), and finally 'Dastardly Breeding' featuring the base of my cock as one pole of the circuit and the tip of the sub's cock as the other – this means when I fuck him the current passes up my cock through his prostate and finally up his, so it's win-win all round! The game is who can delay orgasm for longest – and of course if the sub loses, the action doesn't even need to stop since he'll probably cum again in a few minutes anyway. In fact, I'm hoping to breed an heir to my electro estate soon with this method.

There's never been a better time to give electro a spin than now. The variety of kit available is vast and there's something for every budget. Near the top end is the "Screamlabs X1 Interrogator", a gorgeously retro looking power box, swarming with evil control knobs and even an old-school voltmeter. This fairly hefty investment has recently taken my own play to the next level. Not only does it have four output channels, and can therefore support up to eight electrodes, but the smart waveform technology makes proper 'electro-torture' something you can SAFELY play with. It has a menacing mains hum and rather helpfully supports remotely wired triggers. I've knocked up several in the workshop, so now a sub can suffer sweetly upon my button push, or from letting his limbs or cock drop onto trigger wires. There's even a random mode - firing pulses at random times for random durations and strengths. It's like an autopilot for those moments when you'd rather just kick back, open a beer and observe, or indeed free up your hands for other pressing matters. It also supports a microphone with the sensor circuit tuned to the human voice, so never have my words (or for extra evil - the subs own cries) carried more impact.

As mentioned, you'll often see the term 'e-stim' bandied about (especially among straight kinksters), but personally I've always much preferred to use 'electro' to describe my favourite kink. This is because e-stim has connotations of TENS machines and ab-toning belts for me, Fifty Shades and furry handcuff stuff anyway.

You see 'Electro' in my depraved design leaves room for scenes of sadistic sweetness in dimly lit and smoke-filled rooms - a tightly restrained sub's naked and sweating, or fully rubbered body, moaning and writhing in an ecstasy of pleasure and torment, whilst I lovingly turn up the voltage and edge him slowly towards his first whole body orgasm. First that day anyway…

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