MEMBER ARTICLE: Finding Your Way Back to Fetishism

MEMBER ARTICLE: Finding Your Way Back to Fetishism

from Recon News

30 October 2020


Hello to all my fellow littles, daddies, and other kinksters out there!

Up until the past week or so, I haven't really been feeling particularly kinky, and I haven't been in diapers or little headspace since the beginning of quarantine. This pandemic has not only impacted our work, friends, family, and daily interactions, it has impacted the sexual/fetish sides of us as well. So instead of writing about another facet of age play or delving deeper into the world of onesies, baby powder, and thick diapers, I wanted to touch on the ebbs and flows of kink.

Kink for me is an escape from reality. When I am feeling stressed out, my mental health is not at 100%, or I just need some comfort from everyday life, I turn to kink (and in particular, my ABDL side). But for me, it goes through its own ebbs and flows in itself. When I started discovering this side of me, the ebbs and flows were much more extreme, and I would binge and purge the fetish. This behavior was rooted in shame, and it was honestly not the healthiest way of handling this facet of me. As time grew on, and as I got older and more comfortable with my own identity, the binge and purge went to just periods of wearing and not wearing. I've learned to lean more into the fetish and have grown more accustomed to making it part of what makes me unique.

There isn't a huge community of age players, and an even smaller crowd of big muscle babies like me but finding that place for diapers in my life has made me a lot happier and has improved aspects of my life outside of the kink.

So, as I sit here, diapered and content, I wanted to share some tips on how I deal with the comings and goings of my fetish side, in hopes of helping people dealing with the shame or resentment of their own.

• Take a break! Stepping back and focusing on other parts of your life might be warranted or needed for your kinky side. Just because you aren't feeling it now, doesn't mean the feelings won't come back.

• Explore a new fetish/one that you haven't experienced in a while! Sometimes, just dipping your toe back into the waters of fetishism will bring back the desire to be kinky again, and it could also lead to something new that you learn to love.

• Talk about it! The amazing thing about the fetish community is that we are very diverse, and we all have different views and experiences that make us unique. Asking for advice or making friends with the same interests can make you feel more comfortable in your own skin. For myself, opening up to my therapist and discussing it with a professional helped me a lot with the shame that I dealt with early on my path to kinkdom.

• Attend a convention/festival (too soon I know, RIP 2020). Once we get back to some sort of a normality, getting out there and experiencing the world of kink can help build your own relationship with kink/fetishism, as well as meeting new people along the way. (My dream trip is to spend the weekend at Folsom or Dore in diapers, onesies, and baby clothes).

I guess what I am trying to say is this: Find that perfect balance of kink in your life that makes you feel comfortable and use your unique interests to build the kind of person you want to be and not the kind of person society wants. I hope this helps, and I can't wait to see everyone around here soon(ish).

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