MEMBER ARTICLE: Footwear Fetish

MEMBER ARTICLE: Footwear Fetish

from Recon News

03 March 2021

By NikeShoxJock

Since boyhood, I knew I had a fixation with footwear. I often found myself staring at the footwear of strangers in restaurants or on the street or my classmates in school. At the time, it wasn't apparent to me that it was anything but innocent, strange, but innocent. At the precipice of puberty, my staring habit began to adjust to my evolving self. Without explanation, I wasn't interested by the sight of women in athletic footwear (sneakers or trainers), but deeply aroused by the sight of men in it. Gym class was both a nightmare and a fantasy. In terms of brands, Nike, Air Jordans, Puma, Adidas, Asics, Under Armour, all get my cock hard, particularly basketball and running footwear. I have always looked out for those brands. Per my handle name, Nike Shox are my absolute favourite.

The "foot partialism" – the technical term – is a broad fetish. It is arguably the most common fetish among men of all sexual orientations. It has several subcategories. What one can do with feet in a sexual scenario is generally no different than what one can do with footwear. It all depends on one's personal likings. The list seems to be endless: worshiping, sniffing/smelling, trampling, CBT, crushing, using the laces to tie around the cock/balls in substitute for a ring, using the shoelaces as bondage gear, using a sub as a footstool, swapping kicks during play, tying/taping the sneaker around the bottom's face during intercourse, using the sneaker as a weapon for impact play, footwear as the target for watersports, wet-and-messy/gunge play, even destroying – sexual arousal by burning, cutting, tearing apart footwear, and simply wearing sneakers during intercourse is enough for many. (I'm sure there are others to add!)

It's rare that one might have fetish for footwear by not for feet. Why? Clothes, makeup, jewellery, the items with which we use to cover ourselves have the ability to obscure or accentuate that specific part of the body. If one is an ass man, then pants, specifically tight jeans, are more than likely to drive one mad. If hands are the sexiest part of a man, then gloves, watches, bracelets, which draw attention to the masculinity and shape of the hands, are likely to be quite arousing. Sneakers, boots, casual/formal shoes, sandals, etc. do the same for feet. How could you like the wrapping paper but have no interest in the package? Well, some do, and I am (kind of) one of those people.

Yes, it's much more common to like the package and not care at all for the wrapping paper. I know many foot fetishists who find footwear to be as arousing as watching dust settle on a carpet. Foot fetishists of all kinds can't wait to loosen up the laces and get the foot bare for playtime. In the beginning of my sexual awakening, I was the opposite. I spent several of my early years finding the barefoot uninspiring. Then, the winds began to change their course. Footwear became the prerequisite I needed to become aroused by guys' feet. If I guy is wearing athletic footwear to my fancy, then his feet become something onto which I must shove my nose and his toes, soles, and arches become the landing ground for my tongue. What if I don't fancy his footwear? Then his feet become irrelevant to me unless he requests that I worship them, which I gladly would, then more so than not I'd get aroused anyway.

Do all footwear fetishists have the same taste in footwear? No. Some love formal wear. A smooth loafer or dress shoe is all one might need. Casual footwear that does not make any statement to our eyes (or cock), could certainly make a sexual statement to somebody else. Sportsgear enthusiasts love the footwear that corresponds to their, sexually speaking, favourite sport: cleats for football/soccer or high-top boots for dirt biking, for example. Those in the BDSM scene find a myriad of boots – leather, suede, textiles, rubber, synthetic, of all styles and materials and purposes to be objects for heavenly arousal—Timberlands are my favourite. Even sandals play a few roles; they outline the arches and soles of the feet and they absorb the odours of the feet all the while they don't cover up the whole foot, so one can see what the foot looks like.

Footwear also connects to a guy's aesthetic. Therefore, types of footwear trigger a sexual reaction to different manners of dress, which connect to a specific kind of guy. For me, one would think that due to my handle name, NikeShoxJock, that I am a jock. Actually, I'm not, though I do dress like one. I neither enjoy sports as a participant nor as a spectator. But the jock aesthetic is highly arousing. A hot guy decked out in all Nike gear, for example, is a big turn on. If it came down between a basketball jock and a skater dude, I'd naturally go with the former, as skate shoes and the fashion that comes with them do not excite me. So, even if one may not have a footwear fetish, the right footwear paired with the corresponding outfit is essential for the total effect of the aesthetic to come to fruition.

Early on in my journey I quickly realized that athletic footwear fetishism is much more common in the kink world of Europe than of the one in the United States. As an American, I was dismayed to realize this. American foot fetish sites mostly do not have footwear even as a supporting role in the content. I should correct myself. Boots are (rightfully so) heavily prevalent in mainstream adult content of the BDSM variety. With the rise of amateur, independent, niche content, sneakers have become more widely used, especially in "foot dom" self-made content. Nevertheless, there is certainly a stronger market in the U.K., France, and Germany for sneaker fetishists. I'm sure my European friends know this to be true, right prolls, scallies, chavs, and racailles? I am grateful to know, however, that despite American producers being reticent with sneakers, many American foot fetishists out there do have footwear fetishes, too. But for those who do not share this niche fetish, it may seem challenging to engage with those who do, but really it isn't, it just takes some creativity and compromise. Hopefully, that's the case with most fetishes.

With any fetish, I think it's important to understand one's own personal connection to it. When I put on a pair of Nikes or Air Jordans and lace them up on my feet, it becomes like a shield of armour, a source of power and confidence for me. I imagine this is a similar sensation for those who love various suits and clothing: rubber, Lycra, leather or formal suits with sheer socks, etc.

When I engage in "vanilla" sex, the bare minimum for me is to wear my sneaks on my feet during intercourse. If I'm topping, I like to pick out the sneaks my bottom wears. If I'm bottoming, I like my partner to pick out his favourite pair of sneakers that he'd like to see on my feet. I typically have the top grab hold of my sneaks during sex or slap them around, feel them up a bit, adding in some verbal comments about me and my sneakers. Admittedly, just hearing a guy, in a sexual situation, say words like, Nikes, sneakers, sneaks, and degrading me with phrases like "sneaker slut" drives me wild. As the sex becomes kinkier, so do the roles of my sneakers and the sneakers of my partner.

When I noted the personal psychology behind this fetish and how wearing sneakers serves as the source of confidence and power for me, I realized I couldn't finish without tying (pun intended) that into other forms of play, including spanking, watersports, bastinado, and tickling. As I grasped that sneakers helped me embrace my attraction to bare feet, so did they help me embrace my love of impact play. Generally, I love spanking, but there's something so wonderfully degrading about having a dom slowly take my sneaks off my feet and use them against my ass. The same applies to bastinado and tickling. The motivation behind these specific acts of discipline is less so the physical pain or nerves going haywire, but more so the fact that my dom had to touch my sneakers and remove them from my feet to get to my bare soles. Having a dom take possession of my sneakers removes them as a power source for me. They become part of the dom's arsenal. That degrading feeling is quite enjoyable from the sub's perspective. Continuing with the same theme, I am not into watersports, but having a dom either piss or cum on my sneaks literally degrades them, therefore psychologically degrades me. All of this tips the balance of power heavily in the hands of my dom; for me, it's the best form of power exchange.

"Jock sneaker fetish sex videos," was the first online porn search I ever made, and it changed me forever. This is who I am sexually, a jock sneaker fetishist who finds athletic footwear to be inexplicably arousing. My favorite gift for holidays and birthdays is cash or gift cards to buy sneakers. Currently I have over 10 pairs and counting – many posted on my profile. I am a sneakerhead in fashion as I am a sneakerhead in sex. Fashion is inherently sexual, isn't it?

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