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30 September 2019

By CombatBiker

Let me begin by saying this is not a full-blown Mental Health article, it isn't by any means, I'm just touching on it and how obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) affects my world of kink.

I have been collecting and using my gear for many, many years, as some of the guys that have visited can vouch, walking along the length of my attic is like walking into Narnia only you are brushing past leathers and uniforms rather than fur coats. I got my first pair of DM 14 eyelet boots in 1984, and prior to that I wore wellies or riding boots. My first hard-on was due to riding boots. Over the years I had seen pictures on here and other internet sites of guys in leathers, spread over their bikes or over each other, and I really admired both them and their gear. The same goes for soldiers and other military uniforms, though to be truthful, I've never really taken to MTP gear. The OCD in me prefers the DMP and Olive kits instead; you can hide better in the woods, I think.

What is it all about in the long run? How does a mental health issue such as OCD concern the world of kink and play? It does – but for kink, perhaps in a good way. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder has many levels, and comes in many forms, from simple and controllable to downright unbearable for the sufferer, with many repetitive and unfortunate issues.

So, Gear and OCD, and how I am learning to handle it. I love my gear, I have over 1000 articles, and I say articles because when I gear up to play, no matter in what, it has to be correct or I don't get the boner! So, start with the easy stuff; clean and polished before play, socks clean, boxers, t-shirt match (black or white depending on the gear to be worn) then of course the gear itself. This is more where, over the years, I have found that my OCD is to the point of controlling my kink. Over the past four years, I have bought much more gear than I have in the previous six. In January '19 I treated myself to new bike leathers. Went to the bike clothing store in the city, first customer in just after opening, and having breathed in that smell of leather that you only get in that type of store, ended up not only buying matching jacket and trousers, but boots gloves and helmet. So, a fair amount of Christmas and Birthday money used up, but I felt and looked great, to the point of having my mate take some good outside pics at night.

With most of the leathers I have bought over the years, the matching "accessories" have ended up becoming a big part of the look. The last set of leathers I recently bought; I was a first bid winner on a bidding sight - my Berik two piece. Having won at a great price, I promptly went on to buy new MX boots and gloves to match the suit.

It is not just with the leathers. With Military gear, my Dress Uniforms, it's an absolute bonus if they are the real McCoy, genuine article, worn and broken in by a soldier. This way you know that there's a very good chance that it's all correct, and when you're wearing it, hard as a rock, you feel and play great. Skin gear; show a bit of white sock yeah? Older biker leathers, the good stuff, the Black stuff back in day, show a bit of white sock… with me the sock tops have to be a good two inches exposed over the boots and match, especially if I'm in sub mode and the boots are strapped or chained together. Sports Gear, Football and Rugby kits, expensive with some being over £100 plus. Again, boots clean, shin pads worn. With the Rugby stuff, head protector, touch gloves and gum shield. I have a "thing" for gloves, and since you see many football players now wearing gloves when on the field, it is only natural for the OCD admiring the look, that gloves became part of the gear and are now worn with the same amount of horny inspiration as other gear ups.

I have found that it is not just the gear my OCD is affecting, also the bondage and restraints. Our USA friends (and colleagues) are by far, I feel, the best when it comes to restraints. The Police and Prison services over there make me dribble at both ends when you have prisoners shackled up and cuffed etc. An exciting fantasy for some and the dread of being caught for others. However, for me it is a challenge to create as near to perfect match as possible, as some stuff cannot be bought in from the USA, or at the end of the day, is just too expensive. Having recently watched a video and seeing a heavy-duty chain with side cuffs worn by some lads, got the junior hacksaw out and spent some time altering a pair of normal handcuffs into a pretty impressive waist chain restraint system. Naturally, as I say, with OCD, heavy duty boot cuffs capable of locking over military riding boots, and Motocross Bike boots was a must and achievable. I also changed a set of these big boot cuffs to match the other newly made wrist/waist restraints.

As I have got older, I know I don't have to polish my boots before and after every play session in most cases. With over 100 pairs now, that is a lot of time and a lot a lot of polish, so controlling my OCD enough not to worry about it unless it is an outside play is crucial. Though the old toothbrush still comes out to clean the sole treads before they go back in their storage box.

While there are still some items I would like to add to my collection, space for storage is becoming an issue. Gear that is not folded neatly in storage boxes is hanging up on rails, hung on biker leather heavy duty hangers, sock/glove hangers and trouser clip hangers. There are times when you know you want to look your best and it doesn't do any harm to have your gear carefully stored.

I will however say that this is not as crippling problem as OCD can be to some people, and to them my heart goes out. It can be an underlying, unseen condition that in some cases may require external professional help. It does affect me in other ways, though these are easier to handle in everyday life. But at the end of day, it is the Dom in me that likes to control it and as long as I take my time and counter think it, I can keep on top of it. And there really is nothing wrong with the odd mix-n-match gear play, as long as you wear it smartly, wear it with pride, look in the mirror and smile.

And yes, you can wash bike leathers in the washing machine; just remember to turn them inside out first and have on a low heat wash.

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