MEMBER ARTICLE: Inflatable Clothing

MEMBER ARTICLE: Inflatable Clothing

from Recon News

27 April 2020

By Inflateacub

Inflatable clothing has always been a fetish of mine since I was very young. I used to enjoy letting the wind inflate whatever clothes I was wearing and it always gave me a rush. Being an adult now I can understand more objectively about why it turned me on, and the openness of the fetish community has let me embrace these kinks instead of hiding them away and keeping it as a dirty little secret.

When I say inflatable clothing, it can mean a lot of different things. Simple wind flowing through a loose pair of nylon joggers and a windbreaker causing them to flap is one. Inflatable costumes usually worn on stag parties turning the stag into a sumo wrestler or a giant penis is another. However, the best kind of inflatable clothing in my mind has to come from a double layered rubber latex sealed inflatable suit.

You can get many different shapes and sizes of these suits including bondage ones which tie your arms to your side causing you to look mummified, suits that are essentially a catsuit that is a good few sizes too big when then inflates around the body to make the arms, legs, and torso look engorged and huge, and finally, my favourite, the inflatable ball suit.

Being zipped into an uninflated suit and having someone tie a tube attached to an inflator to you is sometimes hornier than the actual inflation as it signifies the beginning of a session where you are helpless. This feeling I would probably compare it to is the first shackle put on you in a bondage session or sliding into a vacbed. You are willingly sacrificing your autonomy to pleasure your session partner and yourself.

Then, you hear the sound of the inflator come on and feel the tube start to vibrate from the sheer amount of air filling your suit up from the bottom. You don't notice any difference in shape for about a minute, and then you start to see the shiny rubber start to assume more structure whilst you eagerly wait to become spherical. If role play is involved in the inflation sequence, your partner (or anyone else enjoying your inflation) may make comments about your size and shape, sometimes in a faux panic (oh my god he's swelling up!) or in a more sensual manner (look how big and sexy you're getting mister). You start to feel a gentle pressure against your legs and torso as the inner layer of the suit starts to press into you whilst the outer layer continues to inflate you like a balloon. Within 5 minutes you're entirely spherical with just a head, hands, and feet exposed. You have assumed the position of a big shiny helpless ball, and there is no way to deflate yourself, so you are the complete mercy of your partner, who may decide to do whatever he wants with you.

This scenario for me has a number of classic kinks that we can explore. Firstly, the suit is almost always made of shiny rubber. The feel and smell of squeaky rubber is a kink held by many. However, inflatable rubber isn't form fitting, meaning that the rubber serves as a vessel for air to transform someone, instead of being a second skin.

Transformation is also a huge part of this kink. The transformation process from human to rubber ball is horny in a number of ways. Firstly, it allows you to become a shape that you would never be able to achieve in real life, and thus fantasy becomes reality. In my case, a spherical ball is the way to go because it implies that you would be able to roll around in it and being manhandled and rolled around in the suit is a very prominent fantasy of mine.

A final part of this kink that's a turn on for me is having an audience to sit back and enjoy the inflation with me. The more people that are there to stare and make comments about the inflation process and the final result, the better. Whilst inflated, you are at the mercy of whatever words are thrown at you and whatever people may want to do to your inflated form. Should they want to poke and prod the inflatable ball, then what's to stop them? If they want to give you a shining and buff the rubber so it becomes mirrored, then so be it. Your limited movement means that you don't have the capacity to do anything normally. Your hands are pushed to your sides by the air pressure meaning that the most you can do is flap your hands pathetically and look from side to side with your head. If your partner is feeling especially restrictive, he may even put inflatable or padded mitts on your hands, and if you want to feel the entire inflation experience, an inflatable hood is also a good option as it stops you speaking as well, reducing your communication down to muffled moans.

I am sure many people are familiar with the iconic blueberry scene from Willy Wonka. This serves for me as a direct inspiration for my kink, and turning into a blueberry which includes a skin colour change and an iconic belt pop can be a very potent transformation sequence. Rolling becomes a feature of this particular transformation, but unfortunately inflatable rubber doesn't possess the strength to roll human weight yet, but that is something I'd like to see in the future.

If anyone has any questions about this kink or wants to try out my inflatable suit, don't hesitate to send me a message on Recon.

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