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01 May 2018

By Recon member bottompig4uniforms

I know I am going to have a great time when I am playing with a Sir and he holds my face to his crotch, as he slowly unzips his pants and instantly my nose is assailed by the acrid scent of his sweaty cock and balls. I breathe it in and something changes in my brain where I become even more submissive and crave more as I enjoy the smell before starting to give the Sir a tongue bath so I can enjoy the taste along with the fragrance he worked so hard to make for me. Another favorite is when a Sir grabs my head and forces it to his armpits and orders me to sniff and inhale his manscent, before ordering me to lick him clean. There is nothing quite like a guy raising his arm and grabbing you by the back of your head and guiding you to his pits and smelling his erotic scent.

Scent is one of our senses that helps us enjoy the world around us. Whether that scent is the smell of fresh baked cookies, a freshly mowed lawn or a leather sofa, scent plays a huge role in our everyday lives, so it is no surprise that someone's aroma in the dungeon can play a huge part in setting a scene. Manscent play in kink usually involves the submissive being forced to smell areas of a dominant's body where strong smells are emitted. This usually includes feet, cock, balls, ass, and armpits. It is often common for scent play to include the smelling of well-used gear too, such as boots, sneakers, socks, cigars, or jockstraps. The smelly areas of the body are generally great for picking up scents from the materials that are covering them too. So one can easily combine leather or rubber with their body's natural scent to make an even more magnificent scent! Generally scent play includes aspects of body worship and even some light humiliation aspects as well. But like all kink play you can make it your own by combining aspects or trying new things!

Someone's natural aroma is important in biology as well. There have been numerous studies that indicate a person can subconsciously identify their ideal genetic mate through body odor; it can indicate your potential mate's health, genetic quality and even genetic traits that would be passed down to offspring in heterosexual couples. A 2016 study from the University of Bern found that passing down genetic traits was not as great of a subconscious factor in men while it was a huge factor in females. To this point there have not been many studies published regarding same sex "sniffing." A 2005 Swedish study showed that gay men could smell chemical aspects of testosterone, which trigged a response in the part of the hypothalamus that is responsible for sexual behavior which was unseen in heterosexual men with the same chemical. So burying your face in someone's pits can trigger a huge sexual response in your brain! There have also been studies that speculate that the overuse of deodorant and colognes may contribute to the rise of divorce rates as it masks a person's natural musk, which means their potential partner cannot use their nose and subconscious to help make a compatibility decision. So if you have tried scent play before and have been turned off it could have been your subconscious telling you that you two were not immunologically compatible. Pro tip: If a guy is into pits don't wear deodorant, as it ruins the mood rather quickly to go in for a lick and get a mouthful of a weird tasting antiperspirant.

Your aroma has many factors to how it will smell during certain times. If you are stressed, afraid, anxious, or angry your sweat takes on a more acrid smell/taste to it. While happy and horny sweat both have vastly different smells as well. Diet plays a huge part, as well as how healthy that person's genes are, also playing a role in the scent they emit. Also, non-shaved areas tend to trap in those sweaty scents, so point your nose at those hairy places first. It's also important to talk about what area your partner enjoys, as each has a different smell and taste. Also, have a conversation about the level of ripeness your partner is seeking for the encounter. Do they want the scent of a day's work, a work out, a day without a shower, a few days without a shower? The compounds in fresh sweat change after about 10 minutes, as the bacteria on your skin begins to break it down, so fresh sweat and sweat that has been sat will taste and smell very different from each other. With how expensive some of the kink play toys can be, scent can be a great and inexpensive kink since you can save some money on your water bill by skipping that shower! So raise your hand and keep it raised if you're into manscent and an olfactophilia scentpig will be along shortly to give your pits a sniff!

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