Member Article: My Cage - Control, Identity, Deprivation, Constraint, Permanence!

Member Article: My Cage - Control, Identity, Deprivation, Constraint, Permanence!

from Recon News

04 August 2022

By MHBslave

At the request of my master, MaitreHairyBear, I take to my pen and share with you my impressions and my emotions following the wearing of the chastity cage that my master imposes on me. I therefore give you all my physical feelings (sexual and sensual) but also more cerebral and psychological (emotional, belonging and submission). My master also wishes to share with you his point of view and his feeling on this constraint he imposes on his submissive MHBslave (myself).

MHBslave - When I wear my chastity cage, I feel the control that my Master exercises over me. Each attempt at erection inevitably confronts the bars of the cage and constantly reminds me that my Maitre is the only one in control of the expression of my excitement. My sex, prisoner of his cage, makes concrete and palpable, on a daily basis, my attachment and my permanent link to Mon Maitre.

MasterHairyBear - As master of MHBslave, I am proud of my submissive, proud of his commitment and self-sacrifice to serve me and to do everything to satisfy me.

MHBslave - This cage is inevitably the source of constraints, which are imposed on me and which I like to endure. This is one aspect of my complete submission. My penis must remain confined in a tube that is too small and prevents it from growing. My glans is permanently stopped on the tip of my cage, my testicles are forced to stay wisely in place, they are crushed, compressed, encircled ...

MasterHairyBear - I like when he wears his chastity cage, and am all the more proud, that it was not easy to find the model that was perfectly adapted to his anatomy. Thanks to this model, my submissive can wear his cage, his jewel of submission - 24 hours a day, and this for several days. I like the fact that my submissive cannot have an erection or enjoyment without this pleasure being authorized by his master. This object of submission excites me just as much as my submissive.

MHBslave - Wearing a cage quickly became a shared wish between master and slave. It was not easy to find a cage perfectly adapted to the morphology of my penis and testicles. My sex is continuously shaved which facilitates the placement of the cage, on the other hand my scrotum is quite compact in shape, and it was necessary to find a cage and a ring adapted to this particularity. Thus, the design and the constituent material of the cage played a very important role in the choice of the final model. I must thank my master for allowing me to test several cages to finally retain the most suitable model. So, I tried several types of cages: metal cages, plastic cages (transparent, black, red) and even a cage whose opening or closing is controlled remotely. The major problem was around the scrotum and often there was a problem of heating and burning at the base of the testicles. The model I'm currently wearing is a fairly ergonomic black plastic model that avoids the problem mentioned above. The ring that surrounds my scrotum is medium in size and keeps my testicles perfectly in place.

MasterHairyBear – I remember the beginnings of this chastity of my submissive. It was not obvious, because my submissive was hyper excited to wear his cage, so he had to wait until his physical excitement had passed in order to put his cage, but little by little this physical excitement disappeared, and only his cerebral excitement remained. Now, physically, he is no longer excited by his cage and can easily put it on. But his mental excitement - she has remained hyper present, and that's what I like, because he knows that this cage represents the permanent domination of his master over his sexuality.

MHBslave - This cage taught me how to tame my excitement. I can now control my excitement when I'm wearing this cage. On the other hand, when the cage is installed, any sensual, sexual, or cerebral stimuli continues to give me excitement. This excitement is then contained within the cage, without allowing my penis to grow. This impeded erection reinforces my excitement and sends me directly back to who I am: a slave, entirely submissive to my master. Through this permanent constraint I feel continuously the control it exerts over the physical, emotional, and cerebral expression of my excitement and deprivation of enjoyment.

But paradoxically, this constraint creates and makes me feel a certain comfort, even going so far as to reassure me. Knowing that my sex is thus wisely stored in its cage, it gives me a comfortable and soothing feeling. One could say that together with mental and sexual coercion, I feel a physical well-being within me. I even asked my Master to reduce the size of the cage to feel more the stress at the base of the penis, this constraint becomes a comfort. With this slightly smaller model my penis is permanently pressing on my testicles, which are then perfectly dissociated, which changes the initial shape of my scrotum. From a compact shape, there are now two distinct volumes containing each testicle. This change in shape is also the mark of my master on my body and on my external genital tract, almost as if he imposed a permanent tattoo on me. Except that this tattoo is not only visible, but I feel it every moment.

When I wear my favorite submission accessory, I continually feel aware, and connected to it. Not a single moment takes me away from him. Constantly, a gesture, a daily behavior, an emotion brings me back to the constraint it provides. This is, for example, the case when I go to a urinal and I have to position my sex in a certain way to aim right, or down my underpants under the buttocks, and perhaps be seen in this situation by another user of the toilet. There is also the risk of revealing a bump under the pants, or the risk of being noticed when you pass through a store's metal detection barrier...

I have also accompanied my master at BDSM events, and often wear my chastity cage as my only accessory. He shows me off, completely naked with my cage, to reinforce my belonging - a necklace or harness with a chain physically connects me to my master as well. But mentally, I know it's my cage that connects me completely to him.

MasterHairyBear - Just like my submissive, I love to show him completely naked on a leash, with his sex caged. It's this setting that gives me a hard-on when my submissive is forced to suffer the pain of his caged sex, his penis cannot unfold in complete freedom and beauty. I must admit that the penis of my submissive is of incredible beauty. Even I, his master, cannot resist its beauty, it's constant call to play with it. From then on, I take great pleasure in torturing my submissive by exciting him to the maximum, because I know that his sex is caged and that the pain of his non-erection will be harder and harder to bear.

MHBslave - When I am exhibited, I face the gaze of others and my sex contained by the cage informs them of my sexual exclusivity towards my master ... This cage is also a last bulwark against complete nudity, a bit like a blindfold, except that in this case the cage reinforces my identity, unlike the blindfold that would erase my identity by making me unrecognizable. Indeed, my cage alone, fully affirms and reinforces my identity in the eyes of all, but the only identity that really matters to me - that of submissive of MaitreHairyBear. He alone is in control of my sexuality and enjoyment.

MasterHairyBear - What a pleasure it is to remind my submissive in this way of his total sexual belonging to the master and the fact that only the master can make his submissive enjoy. And when the master says to enjoy, it is little to say, because as soon as he is released, the sex of my submissive unfolds in complete freedom and beauty. Indeed, after several days of being caged, this cage that forbids my submissive from getting a hard-on and ejaculating, the only desire for my submissive is to let his penis express itself.

As a result, the master can now masturbate the sex of his submissive and make him enjoy ejaculating up to 4 times in 3 hours, in order to completely empty his testicles and prostate, so much so that the last ejaculation is dry, and nothing comes out of his sex.

Whether the submissive likes it or not, it is the master who decides when, how, the number of times, and where the submissive should enjoy.

MHBslave - When my master releases my sex, the desire is great for me to want to be erect and to ejaculate. At that moment, if my master masturbates me, it is understood that he fully satisfies my desire. At first it may be the case, but soon the master continues this masturbation one, two, three, four times even – ejaculation each time, until the last drop! My testicles are completely empty. This total emptying is also equated for me with a deprivation of future enjoyment. Thus, in this state, caged, my penis can no longer enjoy or ejaculate. No longer having control over all these aspects of my sexuality and entrusting them to my master, this is what is at the very heart of my pleasure.

Masterhairybear - I think, and I am convinced, that this cage of chastity brings as much pleasure to my submissive as to me his master - the pleasure of submission imposed by a dominant master who likes to dictate his will.

MHBslave - My cage is not really mine. It is it that reminds me every second that I belong, without limit, to my master and submit myself fully to him.

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