MEMBER ARTICLE: My Fetish. My Scene - Madrid

MEMBER ARTICLE: My Fetish. My Scene - Madrid

from Recon News

02 April 2019

By member Glaube

For those who don't know me yet, I can assure you that I have always been into fetish. My first sexual experience was fetishist, both bondage and subbing included. And the second one, and the third one...It wasn't until after several years that I found out what vanilla sex was all about. Truth be told, I might have left the fetish world at points in the past when I've had a partner not into it, but I've always come back, determined to find a partner into fetish as well.

As with most people, I think I have several fetishes. I'm really into sportswear and have more than 150 pairs of trainers. (This number might sound like the average in other countries, but salaries are quite low in Spain, however prices are basically the same as anywhere else). In addition to the trainers and sportswear fetish, I am also into uniforms, boots, rubber, leather.... I have some gear of all these fetishes. When I was quite young, I learned how to restrain and suspend a guy, as well as other play techniques. I learned to make the session enjoyable for both, as not only the Dom should have a good time. I like playing hard and being strict, but I always respect the other guy's limits. The best thing about all those years is the different guys I have met, nowadays many of them are really good friends. Thanks to some of them, we are revamping the fetish scene in Spain, making it more accessible and not as sectarian as it used to be.

These changes can already be seen, as we have gone from not even having one Mister Fetish competition in Spain to having eight. I haven't actually organised any of these competitions myself, but I have always supported them or any other events I have been able to attend.

As part of this new era in the Spanish fetish scene, some friends and I meet up on the third Sunday of every month at ''Enfrente Bar'' in Madrid to have a drink or two and show non-fetishists what the fetish world is all about. We have called these socials "Leather Social Madrid" and in the past twelve months we have welcomed many guys (both local and visitors) to these socials. People find out about these gatherings on social media and come to meet up and get to know us better. If any of you guys are around, feel free to come and introduce yourself, you will automatically be a new member of the group. By the way, it's quite easy to recognize me, I will be the guy with the septum and the camera.

My passion for photography was boosted by a slave who paid for a 10-day trip to Istanbul, Cairo and the Red Sea. Needless to say, if you get the trip and the accommodation paid for, you can't just take your old camera or your mobile phone to that trip. I opened up the piggybank and bought a semi-professional camera that cost as much as the whole trip. Ever since then, I take it to all the events I attend, so I can take snaps of the leathermen and fetishists, as well as the hottest situations that might end up happening. To be honest, only a few photographs actually get published, as you shouldn't reveal all his secrets. So far, I have been able to use my camera for big brands, some contestants of the Mister competition and some amazing models, however, I find it more interesting to portrait all those great people that work anonymously to ensure that the fetish scene keeps on being alive and kicking.

As usual, the most interesting things are the new projects I am working on. Most of them are still being defined as we speak, however there's nothing as exciting as the creation of your next fetish, while you observe the evolution of the whole process. On that note, I am happy to say that I will publish some photographs focusing on different fetishes, also we're going to do interviews to put a face and a voice to all those people that invest their time in the creation of these events, as they are the ones that who ultimately help the community to keep on growing.

Please, feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions on the fetish calendar in Spain, on the existing events that are already established in both the fetish-mainstream scene and in the fetish community, or on the new brands that are starting to take off or on the projects I am working on. I will be more than happy to answer all your questions. I am also available for any other kinky suggestions, such as posing for pictures, portraying one of your fetishes (even if you think that nobody will be able to understand it), or even just creating any new fetish aesthetics esthetics, as I am a designer and know how to work all those materials that turn us on. Long story short, I love spending time with creative and thought-provoking people that know how to stand out

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