Member Article: Obedience – The Contract boi must obey!

Member Article: Obedience – The Contract boi must obey!

from Recon News

01 November 2022

By SirsCollaredboi

(Please note -boi is not permitted to use personal pronouns; i, he, him me, my etc. and must refer to self as boi at all times)

Tuesday 9.40pm
boi received a message from Master Mark. (We/we live apart and are in daily contact by messaging)

'Finished all chores boi? '
'Yes Sir'
'Be in bed by 10pm, and lights out boi'
'Yes Sir, Thank You Sir,' boi responded.
'Goodnight boi.'

boi's cock hardened immediately, and boi experienced that intense feeling that comes from being totally controlled and strongly dominated. Part humiliation, part pleasure!

Grown men don't get sent to bed, but Master Mark's boi does. boi's usual bedtime is 11pm weekdays and 12 midnight on weekends. There are rules regarding this, that boi must obey. Before boi was contracted, boi was often up and active beyond midnight. Not any longer. Sir demands His boi is well rested and gets plenty of sleep. 'Go to bed boi' is such a powerful, yet simple command.

boi did not hesitate to obey, locked up the house, brushed teeth, stripped naked for bed, put on the leather sleep collar that boi is ordered to wear to bed at night.

boi knelt, with head bowed submissively, before Master Mark's framed photo and recited boi's pledges.
Before getting into bed and turning off the bedside lamp, boi sent a text message to inform Master Mark boi was in bed at appointed time and wished Him a goodnight.

Lying there in darkness, at 10pm, boi's cock and balls ached, and boi found it difficult to get to sleep at first. Master Mark keeps boi in a state of sexual frustration, believing this deepens and intensifies boi's submission and eagerness to please. boi is not so sure this is the case and tries to convince Master Mark that boi is always keen and eager to please, but to no avail! This is Master Mark's will, and boi must obey.

Lying in bed, boi struggled to control the urge to stroke boi's hard cock but is not permitted to touch boi's cock for pleasure. boi is not locked in a chastity device yet. This is being discussed and trialled. boi must use willpower and obedience to control boi's sexual urges. As it had been 10 days since boi was last milked by Master Mark, boi was extremely horny, and this was very challenging.

Master Mark knows boi is obedient and would never betray Master Mark's trust. This would be a major transgression and boi would not only be punished but would be devastated to have disappointed Master Mark. boi has come to realise that having boi's own orgasms controlled and being given permission to cum are far more satisfying than wanking at any time. boi is trained to focus on Master Mark's cock and His pleasure, rather than boi's own.

boi hoped that sleep would soon overtake boi's body, despite knowing erotic dreams and waking during the night with an erection were likely. boi would have to endure this torment.

The command to go to bed early is not a punishment. Master Mark knows boi gets strongly sexually aroused by being sent to bed, and He uses this tactic sparingly. It is to assert His dominance, as a reward or sometimes it is used when He knows boi is tired or stressed. Before sleep, boi reflected on the depths of boi's submission and the dominance Master Mark has over His boi.

boi is owned, collared and contracted.
boi has been Master Mark's property and submissive for 14 months. boi is extremely appreciative and devoted to service.

The Collar
boi wears a chain link collar which is locked around boi's neck as a symbol of Master Mark's ownership and boi's submission. It is a beautiful, strong, sturdy collar, which boi is proud to wear.

The Contract forms the basis of the rules by which boi is governed. It is an important document in Our/our Master/submissive relationship. It covers all aspects of boi's submission and Master Mark's dominance. It is detailed and well crafted. There are 3,518 carefully chosen words in its 9 pages. We/we are never in any doubt about each other's, or Our/our own responsibilities.

The Rules were thoroughly discussed and negotiated before We/we signed and committed to each other.
boi is forbidden from sharing or discussing the Contract in detail and writes this article with Master Mark's permission and approval.

We/we initially researched online for templates of existing contracts, but as none suited Our/our needs We/we set to creating our own. It was a lengthy process and there was plenty of debate, sometimes heated, over the wording and content. At this time, We/we worked as equals, there was no submission or dominance between us until the contract was finalised and signed. Only then did boi became Master Mark's property, and collaring took place.

We/we had known each other for some time before this occurred, and We/we placed a hold on sexual activity, until the contract was agreed upon. This added considerably to the excitement and sexual tension! The evening of signing was momentous and emotionally charged for Us/us both.

It has been very beneficial to both to have such well-defined boundaries and guidelines. This is especially useful as We/we live apart, and when one or other of Us/us is travelling. Master Mark manages boi's submission by having boi follow daily programs and procedures. These include specified times for waking, showering, exercise, weekly body hair shaving and grooming, and scheduled chat sessions between Us/us. boi is required to ask permission for certain privileges, such as attending fetish social events, or staying up late. Master Mark knows what boi is doing each day and when certain activities occur. boi has very clear directions and rules to follow. It was important that both Sir and boi had duties, pledges and responsibilities, and that the contract was not one sided, offering protection and assurances to both of Us/us.

The Pledges We/we made to each other on signing the contract are within this document.
boi was made to learn and memorise boi's own pledges and must recite them on command. There are 10 Pledges, boi recites them 4 times every day. boi can now recite them in order, backwards or at random by number order. Master Mark will sometimes test boi in this way.

"What is Pledge number 7 boi?", boi must be word perfect, or face punishment.

When in Master Mark's presence, boi recites pledges naked, wearing a thick, locked leather collar, often leashed, and bowing before Him. When boi has recited the Pledges satisfactorily, boi is then ordered to kiss Master Mark's boots or feet. Sir knows boi's cock gets hard when boi is humbled in this way. He enjoys seeing His boi in such a submissive attitude and position.

boi is punished for any transgressions, rule breaking or disobedience.
boi has previously been punished for interrupting Sir, speaking without permission, misuse of pronouns, pissing while standing, and not following instructions. boi never disobeys in order to get punished! Master Mark is a very creative disciplinarian, and punishment is rarely enjoyable to boi. boi is rarely punished by physical means, as Master Mark thinks boi would enjoy flogging, caning or paddling too much! He knows His masochistic boi well!

As boi lay in bed, waiting for sleep, boi reflected on how fortunate boi was to be controlled and dominated by Master Mark. It is not always easy, often challenging, frustrating, and painful, but it is very rewarding to be Sir's collared boi. boi never knows when the next 'go to bed' order will be, it is always a surprise, and boi always gets aroused receiving it. boi imagines what it would feel like to be sent to bed in front of others, for instance after a dinner party with guests. boi's cheeks would burn red with the humiliation!

Being sent to bed is not a punishment, it is a control technique, and an assertion of Master Mark's dominance over His owned and collared boi.

As Master Mark often remarks to boi, 'We/we need this boi, it's better this way!'