from Recon News

08 November 2019


Hello! My name is Kyle (ChiABDL), and I wanted to share a little bit about the ABDL community with the larger fetish community. ABDL is an acronym for "Adult Baby/Diaper Lover." This fetish primarily revolves around diapers either in and out of the bedroom or a different layer of the Dom/sub relationship seen in other parts of our community. Ageplay is another term used to describe AB, as it is the desire to regress to a younger age (which can range depending on the person).

So, to break it down a little bit more, AB or adult baby, is a side of this fetish that involves wanting to be treated like a baby. This involves using diapers, getting diaper changes and being taken care of by a "daddy" or "big bro", and getting into a "little" headspace. Little space can also include cartoons, colouring, little toys, or really just anything that would supplement a "little" headspace. Since I'm also a pup, this headspace is very similar to the pup headspace people get into as a pup. "Daddy" or "big bro" are terms used to describe the more dominant or caregiver role. This can also be a sexual experience as well, but a lot of the role playing is non-sexual and just a way of escaping from everyday life. From onesies, to pacifiers, to diapers, the adult baby lifestyle is one of comfort and escape.

Diaper lovers or DLs are a subset of the community that focuses more on the wear and use of diapers, but without the AB tendencies. Wearing diapers can be a form of "punishment" and can be used to humiliate the individual, if it's something they are into. Wearing for DLs can be a form of sexual release, or it can be for the feeling of security or comfort that the diapers can provide.

The ABDL community is very much a spectrum of people being AB or DL or a combo of both. I think what I like most about the fetish is it can range from sexual to non-sexual, and I've learnt for myself that diapers and ageplay are vastly different based on the person. I've also learnt that diapers can provide a level of comfort and security and really helps with my anxiety. I hope this has been informative for all of the kinksters out there and if you have any questions, please reach out!

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