MEMBER ARTICLE: The Day I Became a Guard Dog

MEMBER ARTICLE: The Day I Became a Guard Dog

from Recon News

07 May 2019

By Batarddomestik

It has been several years now since my master trained me as a domestic slave.

I do my Master's cleaning and ironing, I polish his shoes, I wash his car, I serve him, and I serve his mates too, like a true MINION. Yesterday, my Master sent me a text: "Bastard, be geared up and ready tomorrow at 8am + take your overalls, your muzzle and your kneepads".

So, this morning, I'm at the ready with my electric training collar tightly locked around my neck and with my leash.*

As soon as I hear my Master's car, I get out of my house and I hand him the remote to the collar and the key to the pad lock. Without saying a word, he opens his car boot and orders me inside, just with his eyes.

The journey's a bit longer than usual…

Finally, the car stops. Cyril gets me. He holds me by the leash in one hand and holds a whip in the other, with the remote strapped around his neck (this is something I get used to).

"Right. My mates have gone away for a few days. You're gonna clean their house from top to bottom so that they find it absolutely spotless when they come back. There's a lot of work to do… Heel!"

I go on all fours while he holds me by the leash. Then, he strikes me three times with his whip.
"Sit and beg". I obey, and he slaps me several times.

"What are you?"

"I'm Cyril's dog. I'm his maid. I'm at his command. I'm a piece of shit."

"Very good, Bastard. Now, off you go. And hurry up. No break. Get cracking and shut the fuck up. You're a slave, that's what you're here for."

You bet that's what I'm here for… It's been three long years now since I've been Cyril's property. He commands me, trains me and punishes me remotely through my electric collar; he just needs to press a button on the remote control to send me a noise or an electric shock. It's not easy to be reduced to slavery, but I consider myself lucky to have a Master such as Cyril, and to be kept on a leash like a dog. I know this is where I belong. I know I'm inferior.

There's a lot of work to do. I still haven't completely finished with the kitchen when my collar starts beeping. My Master calls me:

"Where are you, mutt"?

"I'm almost done with the kitchen, Boss".

"You're not quick enough. I have other plans after this, and you're making me late. Hurry up!" He stands there, watching me. Then, he sends me an electric shock.

"I said, hurry up!" I go even faster than I already do. "See, you really are a piece of shit… I have no other choice but to train you constantly !" Then, he whips me on my back. "Well done, you're doing a good job. You're a good slave". I finish cleaning the kitchen within minutes. Then, my Master takes me to the bathroom by the leash. Same technique: he watches me, he hits me with his whip and he sends me electric shocks so that I hurry up… At this rate, the house is impeccable in no time… I am totally exhausted.

"Come on, mutt, time to eat." I eat and drink some of Cyril's leftovers. He had lunch watching a movie while I was cleaning.

"Good dog. Now, go and fetch your muzzle, your kneepads and your overalls. Come on, off you go!"

I don't really understand why he's asking me this since the cleaning is all done. I thought we would leave now. And today, I find my Master way more brutal than he usually is… I feel that something new is about to happen, and I don't know what it is. I feel stressed, but I obey without question. (I don't have any other choice…)

So, I remove my maid outfit and put on my overalls. Cyril makes me put on my muzzle, my kneepads, a pair of fingerless gloves with strap locks, and finally, he fastens a heavy chain around my neck and makes me go on all fours, holding me by a leash attached to the chain.

He brings me to a post, and he binds me to it with a very short chain that must be about 40cm long!

"The house is completely isolated, we need a guard dog and I don't have one. So, from now on, you are a guard dog."

I really had not expected that at all: up until now, I had always been a minion. And now, I find myself being chained and muzzled: I am no longer a slave, I am now a mutt! I'm in total panic.

Then, he sends me an electric shock and he shouts:

"Pull on your chain, and bark!"

I'm confused, and I stay there without moving, feeling completely staggered. Suddenly, I receive a second electric shock, way stronger than the first, so I instinctively pull on the chain.

"Bark!", he orders firmly whilst whipping me. "Come on, pull on your chain and bark!", then I receive yet another shock, at level 5 this time.

I try to sit and beg, but I can't sit up as my chain is too short. My Master carries on with my training, in a calm and very firm manner.

"Bark, and pull on your chain, mutt!" Gradually, I come to my senses and realise that I don't have any other choice as I understand how determined my Master is. It's a point of no return. I instinctively start barking louder and louder, pulling on my chain.

"Stop. Heel". I shut up.

"Good boy, you're starting to understand. I have really degraded you and turned you into an obedient piece of shit. You're chained, you're a mutt. And with your muzzle, you are forced to bark from the back of your throat like a real dog. I like you this way, boy !"

He then runs his fingers through my hair…

"Right. Now, for each shock you get, I want you to bark and to pull on your chain until I tell you to come and sit next to me. You're going to do that several times. You will no longer need to think. You're going to become a good dog, don't worry!"

And my training kicks back into high-gear: I receive yet more electric shocks, and in order to enrage me more, my Master lashes and kicks me... "Come one, you fucking dog, bark!" After one hour of this intensive training, I start to properly act like a guard dog.

"Perfect. You're a good guard dog, now. You see, you finally did it. You look great like this! So, as soon as you hear some noise, you must react. And since the front gate is high and we can't see the garden from outside of the property, you will be perfect. You're going to be as dissuasive as a real dog. My friends are going to be so pleased. They wanted their house to be cleaned and guarded, and you're very good at doing both. I'm going to send them a video showing their house, and showing you as a guard dog."

"Oh, by the way, either my mates or I will pop by from time to time, and if ever you don't do your job properly, you will suffer, I can tell you that! We're watching you, mutt."

Right at this moment, I hear a car coming. I instantly start barking and pulling on the chain, as a good guard dog.

It's Alex, my Master's best friend (who also uses me as a slave quite frequently). I keep on barking and pulling on my chain (and it's tiring). Alex smiles when he sees me.

"He seems ready, now, doesn't he?" he says to Cyril. "Shut up, and come here". I immediately go and heel next to Alex, who starts laughing and kicking me.

"He looks great with his chain and his muzzle. We should put it on him more often".

"Yes, you're right", says Cyril. "I've sent pictures and videos to my mates. They're happy to see that their house is so well guarded. They're thinking of doing that again, in the future." Whilst they chat together, I sit there, by their feet, chained and muzzled. Cyril is still holding the whip.

" Was it hard to train him?"

"No, not so much. I already gave him some training in the past, but not like that. He's really obedient, now. You did see it when you got here, didn't you?"

They talk about me as they would about their dog, in quite a natural way... I think at this very moment that I have indeed become a guard dog, pure and simple.

My training was so hard that all my reflexes are conditioned. I've sunk even lower, I feel even more degraded and inferior, sitting by my Masters, shackled and muzzled. This may sound pitiful, but I'm proud to be a good dog: I'm a bastard and this is where I belong. I consider myself lucky to be owned. I'm happy to be a trained guard dog, and to have Masters.

"Right, Alex. All good, now, right? Shall we go?"

"Yeah, let's go have dinner somewhere. We'll bring him a doggy bag, if he behaves."

And there my Masters go, without looking at me a single time.

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*Electric shock collars can be harmful. The video below provides further information