MEMBER ARTICLE: The Fetish Unsung Hero!

MEMBER ARTICLE: The Fetish Unsung Hero!

from Recon News

22 March 2022

By Beau King (tribeless)

There is an item of clothing that is an integral part of so many kinks and fetishes in our community, and yet, it hasn't been given its due credit!

It completes any Leather daddy's outfit, and no gimp would be worth their owner's attention without a pair!

PPE would be dull without them, and they are one of the few kinks that actually makes good use of bad situations like cold weather, pandemics, being arrested, visits to the doctor or dentist and being forced to watch most major sports events (unless you're into that lol)

When it comes to unsung heroes in the kinkster world, I just 'GANT' believe my favs are still the underdog!

It is of course the humble glove! Gloves plural to be exact.

Gloves have somehow been overshadowed on the kink scene by their feet adorning cousins, the socks.

Whilst both can be attributed to partialism (a sexual interest with a focus on a specific part of the body) socks have traditionally been in the driver's seat and gloves are literally delegated to the glove compartment!

*Side note the "glove compartment" (hint, hint) in your car, is actually supposed to be for driving gloves, not your phone charger, half-eaten candy bars, used tissues, lost keys, anti-freeze and other paraphernalia… LOL

No shade towards you podophilic feet, socks, boots, and trainers worshippers out there, but I have always found it quite unusual that feet/footwear have way more presence than hands/gloves do on the fetish scene. I mean I love a pair of white Adidas socks over a pair of trackies or a pair of chunky dm's to compliment a skins tie dye jeans but c'mon where is the GLOVE?

Part of me thinks it's because feet are not as favoured in society generally. They are often referenced as being ugly and are typically covered up. Perhaps the taboo of it all makes them extra naughty, whilst hands are mostly always seen and largely more practical?

Well, you tickling toe suckers, hear me out before you stick the boot in!

I have the privilege of being a thirst trap glove model (sic) for #instagloves on kinkstagram and have been into all things glovely since I was a teenager. I am pretty much a bonafide glover, so you are in good (gloved) hands, trust me. The look and feel of a man's metacarpals and phalanges in thin, shiny, tight, black gloves sends shivers down my spine. Hopefully, literally!

Speaking of hands.

A hand fetish is also known as *quirofilia and there are 27 bones in each hand (28 if I'm horny). They can do so much more in comparison to feet, yet feet are a staple fetish on any kink app or porn site list, and hands are not?

Im my ignorance when it comes to sex, feet are mostly there for when a master wants to use you as a foot stool. Maybe if you're skilled in a good foot wank (been there bought the white football socks) or at a push, wading* if that's your thing, but I can't think of much else? Do slide into my DMs and let me know if there is more!

*like fisting but with feet… Who am I kidding! I'm sure some of you have been there already.

In comparison, hands can grab and squeeze you, hold you down, tie you up, wank your cock, finger your asshole, choke your neck, spank your behind, spoon you, pull your hair, gag your mouth, close your nostrils, cover your eyes, pinch and flick your nipples, finger your mouth, massage your body, tickle your pits, stroke your balls, hug your torso and if you're into it, they can slap and punch you too. (Not in a violent or unwanted way. And obviously consensual)

Gloved hands are #standard for fisting, and for a good gom (Glove over mouth) sesh, with or without breath control. Wrestling without a gloved choke hold or light strangulation is just meh.

Handschuhes add a sensual or rough layer of material depending on your preference that heightens many a sexual experience.

I haven't even touched on the specific Glove kink yet!

Many LGBTQI+ and hetero kinksters alike, regardless of gender have glove fetishes.
You only have to have a look at the thousands of Recon, kinkstagram or FET life profiles dedicated to tightly gloved hands to know that.

Whether it's latex, leather, acrylic mesh, spandex, nitrile, nylon, cotton, butyl, PVC, steel mesh, wet look Lycra, neoprene, rubber, or vinyl there is a texture for everyone.

There are dress gloves, surgical gloves, driving gloves, golf gloves, work gloves, batting gloves, goalie gloves, running gloves, catcher gloves, washing up gloves, gardening gloves, safety gloves, training gloves, tattooist/barber gloves, cop gloves and the list goes on!

What's also dope is that they are mostly recyclable, and many are biodegradable! With the pressing disaster happening in our environment, re-use or recycle when possible. Vintage/used gloves only add to the kinky vibes anyway!

I have omitted boxing and fingerless gloves because in my experience they tend not to be very popular or practical, but if you like them, then you do you, no shade intended!

Here's a list of kinks/fetishes/porn categories/role-plays etc. which are incomplete or made even hotter with gloves included. In my opinion anyway.

Medical role-play
Dental role-play
Pup/pet play (not to be confused with zoophilia or bestiality)
Robbers/burglars role-play
Drag/cross dressing
Examination role-play
Tattooist role-play
Hybristophilia/crime/police role-play
Impact play/spanking
Sensation play

I realise that a lot in this list also includes feet/footwear, but they have had enough exposure! The gloves are off, and the shoe is on the other foot…or something like that… hahaha.

In closing, I will simply ask you to imagine the iconic image of 'Tom of Finland' without that tight leather glove? You know it wouldn't slap as hard, and this kink fits like a glove!

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