MEMBER ARTICLE: The Impact of Impact Play

MEMBER ARTICLE: The Impact of Impact Play

from Recon News

26 August 2020

By beta

My life took a major transformation 3 years ago from now, it was my first time to Folsom Berlin. Watching men being tortured made me curious about how they find pleasure in pain. That had never occurred to me and I wanted to learn more and more.

A submissive homo living in the Middle East, I didn't have many opportunities in a small community within a small community, not to mention it's all a taboo there. As a beginner masochist, most experienced masters were not interested in playing with me or teaching me. I had to read, travel, discover on my own, talk with others, and learn from other experienced men who are into BDSM.

My interest in impact play has grown to a point I can't find pleasure in vanilla sex anymore. Pain is what gives me pleasure, my threshold gets higher with time, experience and perseverance; I never gave up after some tough sessions, in fact those challenged me to get better, improve, embrace and learn about how I could take more and more. I guess this illustrated my single mindedness, I wasn't afraid of taking risks to achieve my own happiness despite the challenges I faced in my life.

Masochism is like addiction to me, the more I get the more I want. Like an endless circle. My latest experience with my affectionate experienced master taught me and opened my eyes on many points that I couldn't see before. Sir's happiness and joy while whipping or flogging my body is priceless, combined with the pleasure coming from the pain inflicted on my body is like a very addictive drug.

Feeling every single tail of the flogger coming one after the other slowly touching my back and arse like a wave hitting the shore, followed by the wind that hits the back of my shoulders and back skin, being built up by Sir gave my body the time to release endorphins, to embrace and surrender, to become one with the beats. Having my eyes closed, hands tied up, feeling helpless under the mercy of my Master and singing in my head helped me relax, obey, and focus on the happiness coming from and after each lash.

My Master is increasing the intensity and speed of the whips, but my body is ready to receive them all with love, every harder sting feels like Sir is showing his love stronger than before. My heart is racing faster, I can feel the adrenaline rush, my respiratory rate is increasing, I can feel it inside the mask covering my face. I have never felt this happy before, I got high, thrilled and addicted.

I get off completely on serving my Master, I couldn't be happier than seeing his eyes glowing after each lash of the whip and mark on my back and ass. Master got me addicted to him and to his impact play. That's when I am on cloud nine, pain is pleasure. Being a masochist sub is who I am, it defines my character, not something I'm trying to be or else it wouldn't be true to myself or to others.

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