MEMBER ARTICLE: The Rise Of The Chastity Belt

MEMBER ARTICLE: The Rise Of The Chastity Belt

from Recon News

11 May 2022

By Slaaf146

"As your Master, only I decide when you're allowed to cum".

How many slaves will have heard those or similar words once? Presumably during the last years more than ever, as enforced chastity is booming. Fifty years ago, nobody in the BDSM-world talked about it, let alone make a slave to live up to that maxim. But since the turn of the century more and more Masters have discovered its potence for exercising absolute authority over a slave: the authority over his sexual desires.

Men are penis-driven beings. There can be no doubt about that. Their desire for regular orgasms is inborn. Sooner or later, they want to ejaculate. Many indeed prefer it to happen sooner. Having power over the sex of a man therefore means having power over the man himself. The ability of a Master to deny a slave his natural desire will give Him an immense grip on the behaviour of the latter. In fact. the slave loses his free will, because when his longing for a delivering orgasm is growing and growing, it swamps all other thoughts aside and thus in the end will rule his mind completely. Ultimately the slave will do everything his Master wants, just to become able to cum - and that is where his Master wants him: because of his all-consuming yearning for sexual redemption indeed behaving every inch as a perfectly super obedient and extremely cringing slave.

Possessing the power to allow or deny an orgasm thus makes a slave like wax in his Master's hands. It will be for this reason that cum-control has become of growing importance in so many Master/slave relationships during the last decades. I don't have any statistics at hand, but one just has to look at the terms formulated in internet profiles, also here on Recon. I've made a short count of those that have as one of their maximum five (out of a choice of thirty) interests marked 'Chastity' and had to reduce the selection to my own country, the Netherlands, as the system only can produce up to 1500 profiles, also when more would be relevant. With 'Europe' as location it couldn't cope, let alone with the whole world. But there is no reason to think that the results would fundamentally differ in that case.

Anyhow, from those Dutch Recon members who regard themselves as active, circa one out of ten, rising to more than the double for the absolute Masters (100% active) were into chastity (for the slave of course). And for their potential victims this did amount from a bit above ten percent for the moderate subs to even nearly a third of all unreservedly really absolute slaves (100% passive), the category i myself belong to. I'm quite sure that twenty years ago the ciphers were just a fraction of these. To summarize: the more authoritarian a Master and the more slavish a slave is, the more often enforced chastity will be on his bucket list.

This is stated by my own experience, by contacting other Masters as a slave myself. Obligatory chastity plays an increasing role as one of the basic terms would-be slaves unconditionally have to submit to. It is well known that this is good for slaves, as it keeps them horny and thus eager to serve. Because when slaves cum, they become lazy until the need to orgasm again becomes paramount. And as most slaves, like most men in general, lack the capacity for self-control, the solution is obvious: the chastity belt. Many Masters therefore nowadays nearly automatically mention wearing a chastity belt 24/7/365 - so also in daily life - as a non-negotiable standard condition for their slaves.

A couple of years ago i came across a poll among chastened slaves, saying that 70% of them indeed were up for the same permanence. And combined with other dates, this resulted in the estimation that no fewer than 30.000 men in Europe and America indeed, daily go to work while locked in some form of chastity device.

Not only chastity is booming, but chastity belts therefore are also. And indeed, also real chastity belts. It is important to stress this, as there exists a lot of terminological confusion. The term is used rather automatically for all kind of chastity devices. But most of them, also those discussed and promoted on internet sites, are not really belts, but just simple tubes, which only confine the cock. Although they are applied with the same purpose, for reason of clarity they should be referred to as chastity cages. As some of the simpler ones are rather cheap, they have become more accessible and very popular. I'm talking of the famous CB-2000, CB-3000 and stuff like that, regularly made of some form of hard plastic.

What, in contrast, is a real chastity belt?

According to tradition it was invented during the Middle-Ages - for women. Knights going on Crusade, the story goes, secured their wives who had to stay home alone with help of such a device, to prevent adultery during their own absence. Nowadays, in the BDSM-world, most chastity belts aren't worn by women, but instead by men, although they also have become available in a female version again. For women, of course, no chastity cages are available, only real chastity belts, like those of the so-called Florentine type - the one which is regarded as characteristic by the general public. Essentially this old female basic model has been adapted to the obviously different anatomy of the male form, with its horny frontal genital protrusion.

In fact, a chastity belt is a type of steel underwear. To start with, it indeed is a belt. It consists of two solid bands of steel, one horizontal circular, the other vertical, making up half a circle. The horizontal band, quite like every normal belt, is to be put around the waist of the slave. The slave however will immediately perceive the big difference from a normal belt, as this special belt will be worn underneath all clothes, directly touching his skin, and is not made of soft supple leather, but mostly of solid stainless steel. For that reason, it is obviously heavier than a plastic chastity cage.

The belt of his new steel underwear will have to fit very tightly, and securely, to make it absolutely impossible for the wearer to set himself free by just shoving the belt downwards. In the beginning, it will feel very hard and inflexible, pushing relentlessly against the skin of his back and abdomen. For maximum security the belt is also applied at the narrowest point of the slave's body, it encircles his waist above the hips.

The essential difference between a chastity belt and a normal belt, however, is the second part. Square to the waist band, at the middle of its back, the other vertical band of steel is attached. It goes down first over the butt crack of the slave, over his ass hole and around his crotch, and then upwards, covering his genitals, then have its far end fastened to the middle of the front of the waistbelt. In most models a central lock closes the waistbelt and fixes the crotch band to it at the same time. After the keys are taken out, a good chastity belt will be completely escape proof. For women this is all. For male slaves, on the inner side of the genital front plate, a separate tube is attached, that encloses his cock completely and makes it impossible to stimulate it manually, as both the shaft and the glans of the penis are no longer within reach.

As they have to be made to measure, to fit well around the body of the slave, real chastity belts are much more expensive than the simple chastity cages without such a waistbelt. On the other hand, if long-term chastity is a crucial aspect of long-term slavery, they might be worth the investment. Their advantage, compared to chastity cages, is twofold.

First, the risk of escape is reduced to zero, whereas a lot of slaves are able to get their soft cock out of the tube. Second, for extended wear, a full belt is more practical and comfortable than just a cocktube. This at first may seem strange, as a (mostly steel) chastity belt is much heavier than an (often plastic) chastity cage. But one gets used to that extra weight. The point is that, in the case of the chastity cage, the whole is pressing from above on your cock. I've tried several ones for a while, and I eventually got irritated. In my opinion, they're good for a SM-session, not in daily life. My trousers pressed the caged cock into a rather uncomfortable position, whereas in a chastity belt it is fixed to the genital shield, pointing downwards and thus nearly invisible - a chastity cage will often protrude forward and produce a visible, strange-looking bulge. If a slave has to stay locked all day, the latter of course isn't desirable. In that case, a real chastity belt often will be the better alternative.

Well, those words I cited at the start: I have heard them a couple of years ago for the first time too. And the logical outcome indeed was the obligation to have a stainless-steel chastity belt made to measure for myself. Maybe I'll write more about my actual experiences another time. Stay tuned for that article in the future.

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