MEMBER ARTICLE: The Slave Farm – Part II

MEMBER ARTICLE: The Slave Farm – Part II

from Recon News

06 February 2022

A True Experience


In Part I, the slaves journeyed to an unknown location in the middle of a forest, assigned their slave numbers and ordered through a series of demands by their Masters. At the end of Part I, slave 9060 had been happily whipped and fucked. The slaves are now being awaken by the sound of whistles and shouted demands by the masters...

By MasterChris

… The stable door flies open, the FWEET from a whistle tears us out of our sleep. The time is stopped until we have put on our boots. The fastest gets a bonus star painted on it. In a moment we will be taken to a nearby meadow for morning exercise. The athletes can then expect a hot shower. The team with the slightly less sporty boys is welcomed with a cold shower from the garden hose after they return.

When all slaves are clean again, one coffle goes into the kitchen to prepare breakfast. Today some slaves can enjoy the sun in front of the stable during breakfast. After breakfast, however, the revenge follows. Each team selects a volunteer for this purpose. The first thing to do is to find out which of the two candidates could take more. For this purpose, a dildo is slowly but steadily inserted inside the slave's ass and the maximum depth reached is measured. We select 9060. After he had impressed us all with his resilience the night before, we think we can win this round. But a full 20 centimeters later, the other team is the winner. In the following round, the selected slaves are tied to a pillar in the stable and the respective team gathered around it. We can suck the slave or do anything to get him hard and cum quickly. Our chosen one immediately has an erection, and we quickly make it squirt. His cum can be seen several meters in front of him. The Masters measure the distance, and our team gets a bonus star for the fastest cum. The other coffle enjoys spoiling its slave more and doesn't seem to be focusing on winning. They even exchange the slave so that a second slave also can be pampered. When this slave cums, the result is also measured here. Unfortunately, his shot also has a shorter distance and so we received another bonus star for the distance. But that's not all. By the time the slaves have cleaned everything again, the Masters have filled lots of water balloons for the next competition. Each team is given a balloon and has to shoot down a player from the other team, just like in dodgeball. The winning team gets a bonus star. Afterwards, we are allowed to jump into the pool to cool off. In the meantime, the Masters have erected a pillory in the vast yard. As it turns out, it was specifically reserved for me. After I leave the pool and dry myself off, the Masters pin me straight into it and present me with a large dildo. I feel my hole give in to the pressure and the object penetrates me. At the same time, my cock and balls are played with until I finally can no longer hold it and shoot my load. While the masters are having fun with me, the other slaves are allowed to prepare lunch.

Gradually, one slave after the other is taken away by the masters and never comes back. What was going on here? Only when it is my turn I understand. I am taken into a room. Here some slaves are already being stretched out onto various bondage implements and you can hear them moaning under the influence of the Masters. I am tied up in another pillory. Shortly afterwards my eyes are blindfolded, and I can only perceive the horny moans of the others in the dark. The session drags on for several hours until all slaves are milked and please the Masters. Those who are finished with the treatment are now allowed to shower in order to prepare dinner.
Now all slaves are ordered to line up in the barn and show their appreciation for the treatment by the Masters. We are allowed to spoil them and fulfill all the Masters' sexual desires. We are completely exhausted and so drift off swiftly into the land of dreams and fantasies.

Everyday life is slowly settling in. As we begin to feel well-rested, the Masters come back to the stable and bring us back to reality with whistles and shouts. After morning exercise, showering is the order of the day. The winning team can have a hot shower, while the less sporty team is only allowed to take a cold shower again. When everyone cleaned, and is back in the stable, all slaves are ordered to line up. The masters go down the line and pulls a slave step out. They choose me, and I have to step forward too. Only now do they reveal what they intend to do with us.

The idea of being used by several Masters in front of all the slaves makes me super horny. I try to avoid the eyes of the Masters, even though I secretly long to have this experience. Another slave looks greedily at the Masters and is thus chosen. He is tied to the trestle. The Masters let him blow their cocks and when they are horny enough, one after the other sinks his cock into the slave's cunt. We can all watch him enjoy it.

When the masters are satisfied, the training continues on a large sports field outside. There are already 2 old chariots prepared. Only the horses are missing. Each team selects a slave to serve as a horse replacement.

Each slave is fitted into the harness. One Master each now climbs into the car, armed with a whip and, after the starting shot, drives his horse slave to circle the grounds as quickly as possible. Although it looks quite even there is a slight climb on one side. The pulse is racing upwards, and the pull of the chariot requires strength and endurance. Now the other slave and I are exchanged, I'm watered and given a few minutes to relax. This race continues until the winning team is determined.

Even a photo shoot has been prepared for the afternoon. The slaves who want to be photographed can now prepare for it. Two immediately disappear into the basement with the photographer. The rest tidy up the playroom. I'm super horny again and could use some help. The slave who was fucked in the morning makes himself available and we are sent to the stable by a master. I am tied to the wooden trestle and can now spoil his stiff tail with my holes. I groan as he shoves it into my tight hole. It's huge and I know I'm lacking practice with cocks that big. But I enjoy every inch of his cock pushing further into my hole. We both cum, feeling satisfied and content, and then give the others a hand. Our team can now watch until it's finally our turn to be photographed. The masters lend me the equipment I need for the shoot, and I also disappear into the dungeon. Now pictures of me are shot in thick, heavy steel chains led by the Head Master, and other great scenes.

When I come out again, the preparations for the slave auction are already in full swing. I'm very excited. Even though all of the Masters on the slave farm are very attractive, I picked out one really hot top. I really hope he will bid for me and make me his slave property for the night. One by one the slaves are led in heavy chains in front of the auction platform. It is my turn. I really have not regretted a minute of signing up for this awesome slave farm. My heart is pounding, and I am already thinking of a steamy evening in the arms of my favourite hot Master.

But that's another story, for another time...

Maybe you'd like to create your own experience.

*MasterChris is also the organizer of the 'Prison Camp and he will be organizing a new Slave Farm planned for 2022. Chat to him for more info.

*dutchpupmomo wrote the article about his own experience at the Prison Camp.

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