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16 October 2020

By shwtguy

Trampling is a very rare fetish. It's the act of standing, walking, stepping all over someone using your full weight. I often call it a niche fetish within a fetish. Everyone has heard of people having a foot fetish, but there are so many subcategories that spin off from this. Trampling is just one of many.

A trampler is someone who tramples on guys, and a tramplee is someone who is trampled on. As with anything, the sessions themselves can vary a lot depending on what people like. Some guys prefer it more relaxed and friendly; gently standing and stepping all over them. It can be soft and sensual, almost like a massage. Other guys like to be dominated with rough stomps from heavy boots or similar. It fits into Master/slave play very well. It can be barefoot or involve all sorts of sports or fetish gear. I've tried it all, from mild to wild, in both roles, but these days I am more known as a trampler. For me it's a fetish I've had all my life. This is a common story among many of the guys I know who are into trampling. I'm also really into feet, socks, sneakers and boots… but trampling is definitely the major turn on for me.

One of the biggest problems facing guys into trampling is actually finding someone to indulge them in it. I know plenty of guys around the world with a trample fetish, but distance is almost always the issue. I've been lucky to meet a couple of these guys over the years. What happens between these meets is you end up trying to get other fetish or vanilla guys to do it, with mixed results. They often have never heard about it ('Are you serious? This is actually a thing?'), let alone understand it, and they come with many questions.

"What if you get hurt?". This is the most common question and a fair one from those not in the know. In my experience it's a rare case where there is serious injury, but of course you do need to be careful. The body can handle quite a lot but there are certain areas you avoid or go very gentle on. Before a first session with anyone I like to discuss ideas, limits and safe words. Make a plan for the session. As a tramplee it took me a few sessions to realise what I could handle well and where. My view is that trampling involves a little bit of pain, and that's a good thing. 'As long as nobody gets hurt (much)'. If it's a rough session with serious stomping, there are going to be bruises. That's totally fine. Some guys enjoy seeing these for a few days post session, as a reminder of the fun they had. As a trampler it can be very satisfying for me to leave bruises on a tramplee's body - if we've agreed to this.

"Why do you like it?". A question I often used to ask myself. Honestly, I don't know. I just know that it's my thing; it never fails to get me off. There were many things I enjoyed about the tramplee role. The weight, the pain, the feet or footwear pushing or stomping into my body. What often got me going the most though were my thoughts as it was happening. For example, if he was doing something quite rough, I'd often be thinking, 'I can't believe he is willing to do this to someone'. Particularly if he was a vanilla guy I'd managed to talk into it. I would usually be ordering him what to do from the floor, so I always thought I was a terrible submissive. Dominant guys didn't like me for this reason. As a trampler I enjoy having a good idea what the tramplee is experiencing as I'm trampling him. It's a very dominant feeling to trample all over someone, literally walking all over him without being stopped. It can be a bit of a power trip too. If the tramplee can handle it, I enjoy having a rough session on top of him.

I have had many great trampling sessions in my life so it's hard to pinpoint favourites, but a couple do come to mind. In my mid 20s I met someone who would come to regularly trample me over a year or two. He was similar age to me, 6'1, around 85kg with US12 size feet. He'd never done trampling before, but he was a natural and had no issues trampling all over me. Right from the first session he did everything I asked without hesitation or fear of hurting me. This in itself was a big turn on. Our sessions would last 1-2 hours with a couple of breaks along the way. Sometimes it would be gentle with lots of standing in socks. Moving around on me, full weight, and slowly crushing every part of me. Other times I would ask him to bring his hard boots and stomp all over me brutally. I would often be sore for days afterwards, but that only made me horny all over again and hungry for the next session.

I'm now in my mid-30s and I'm in the trampler role mostly. I had trampled a few people in my 20s but it wasn't until later I realised this role was more natural for me, having a dominant and sadistic streak. The past few years I have met a lot of people wanting to be trampled, so this has only cemented it for me. One of my favourite sessions in recent times was with a tramplee who visited from overseas. He was a small guy but very strong. My feet are size US13, so my sneakers looked huge on his little body. I literally trampled all over him and he never used the safe words. I didn't go easy on him either. I was impressed he could handle such hard a hard trampling. Knowing that he was hurting underneath my weight, yet enjoying it was a turn on. We had 3 sessions over the course of his 5 day stay. One of the sessions I brought a friend in to help me trample him. At one point while we were both on top of him, my friend and I started kissing and we made out for some time, completely ignoring his struggle underneath our weight. It was a very hot moment for all three of us and one we still talk about today. Towards the end of the 3rd session I was trampling his crotch and he couldn't contain himself any longer, blowing his load under my sneakers. He had shorts on at the time and I watched as the cum soaked into the material.

What happens post session depends on the other person, for me. I enjoy hanging out afterwards and chatting, especially if there was role play involved, but time doesn't often allow for this. Sometimes there is never a good time to stop and ask questions during a trample or it can simply kill the buzz if you do. If we can't chat then I send a message later that day following up, and chat usually flows from there about what was good and what wasn't.

I have a lot of trampling profiles across different social media platforms as well as a trampling blog. I'm always happy to chat to anyone who is curious about trampling. There are also a lot of trampling profiles on Recon. If you happen to find a guy in your area and you're interested to try it, do him a favour and help him out. If you've had a bad day you might just enjoy walking all over someone, with the bonus of seeing him get off on it!

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