MEMBER ARTICLE: Why I am a fan of pain

MEMBER ARTICLE: Why I am a fan of pain

from Recon News

30 July 2018

By Recon member Godsire

Why I am a fan of pain

I am a sadist. I am a person who enjoys inflicting pain on his submissives. I have however, also come to learn that I exclusively enjoy inflicting pain on men who enjoy having pain inflicted on them.

The very first switch I ever had over enjoyed pain, would writhe and yelp and grind his ass into my sheets. He taught me a bit about fine control, how to hit, where to hit.

I think the best analogy to pain is drinking coffee. When you first drink coffee it has a rather bitter taste up front and it lasts for a little while after you first drink it. Then you experience the after taste. A very different experience from the initial taste you experienced. It's true. I could simply reach out and whack you with my crop and it would hurt, but that's not what a session is really like or about. My intent when I wield such a device is to find "almost ouch". The point where it hurts a bit, but not so much that you want me to stop. When I find that spot and dance along the edge of that sensation - one hit a little softer, another a little harder than that - I'm doing it slowly and building up. The intent behind doing it is to start an endorphin flow. You can trick your body into thinking that the pain is a sign that you're in "mortal danger". Such as if an ancient human were outrunning a predator and brushing past rough rocks or plants. It will release endorphins to give you a rush so you can move faster and think clearer to escape whatever danger you might be in. It feels good to mask that pain and the endorphins further increase your pain tolerance. It's a similar high to what surfers, parachuters, and other "extreme" sports enthusiasts experience with that natural high.

Once you get that nice little rush going, you'll find that the impacts my cane rains down upon you feel different. Like a little static jolt of pleasure not necessarily in the impact but in the radiating sensation it leaves behind. They will end up hurting if I hit you VERY hard but most are surprised at the amount they enjoy the sensation.

If you aren't certain you'd hate pain play, I'd encourage you to give it a try. One important thing to watch out for with the uninitiated is "sub drop". Sub drop is the drop in endorphin levels after more intense play such as pain play. It is something you need to be aware of before it happens. It can feel an awful lot like depression since you will have had a sudden drop in the chemicals that made you feel good. As a result, after some time the chemicals will balance out and you'll begin to feel normal again. Some people want to be held afterwards and reassured that they did well or are valued to combat any negative feelings they experience. Others just really want to get out of there and be alone.

So, why am I a fan of pain? I'm a fan of pain because something that so many others dismiss as unpleasant can be embraced and allowed to become something incredibly intimate and beautiful. I craft, mold and embrace the sensations from pain into a rush of endorphins. Being the person directly responsible for it, that mastery over the body of my sub, that's why I'm a fan of pain. It's another almost taboo layer of control to express.

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