from Recon News

14 April 2016

By Ohbilly

I'm going to level with you: prior to working for Recon I had very limited fetish or kink experience. I'd had a little one on one play with kinky guys, and I'd hit up several party scenes, but I'd never even been to a fetish event and my gear was limited to…well, jocks.

Obviously, this limited exposure has developed a great deal in the year and a half that I've been knee deep in it – mostly because I finally gained access to the fetish community and my world view was broadened. I've always had an openness when it comes to sex and play, I just never had connections to anything all that kinky in my day to day. As was stated in an article recently published on Recon, fetish finds you when it finds you, and I couldn't agree more with this sentiment.

Leather, sports, jock and harness. These types of fetish I've found a taste for and have experienced to varying degrees, but one fetish that had always eluded me was quite a biggie – I'd never really experimented much with rubber. This all changed recently on a trip to Berlin and, yeah, it's fair to say it's grabbed me.

I'm not sure what held me back with regards to rubber. For some reason, a harness and jock were fine, but the thought of rubber made me feel strangely body conscious. I couldn't imagine myself wearing it without thinking about the unsightly lumps and bulges; it felt like I'd be really exposed. Which is pretty ironic from someone who has few qualms about having their arse hanging out the back of a jock.

Over time, though, as has been my experience as a fledgling perv, curiosity started to get the better of me. As part of my job I regularly interact with guys in rubber, and monitor the constant stream of filth that is Twitter, so it's not all that surprising that I started feeling the need to put rubber gear to the test.

I have plenty of friends into rubber, and they've gone as far as to lend me some choice items. But anytime I borrowed some for a night I ended up trying it on then leaving it at home, instead choosing my own leather gear, and returning it to sender (thoroughly cleaned of course). The gear on offer tended to be an ill fit that never seemed to work or give me much confidence. But my curiosity continued to grow. So I recently took a chance and bought a rubber polo shirt on a whim. I didn't get chance to try it before Berlin, as my lube/talc supplies had dwindled/didn't exist, so I packed it in my suitcase thinking maybe I'd give it a go.

When I arrived I figured I needed to go hard or go home, so I bought some rubber shorts from Gear Berlin, and went back to the hotel to try it all on. I lubed myself up, bit the bullet and rolled on the rubber. I adjusted myself in the mirror and started to get a really incredible feeling - it felt right. Sure, the imperfect bulges were there, but I kind of didn't care. I could feel the sweat running down me, and it was good. I then spent an hour or so just going about my afternoon in the hotel room - responding to emails, listening to podcasts, writing articles for work - all dressed up. Fortunately, that evening I had someplace to go.

The time came to go out - heading off to Snax. I left the hotel with my rubber on under my hoodie and trackies and it felt amazing. I felt powerful and confident and loved that guys could see the gear poking out underneath - a flag being waved for my freshly rubber perved soul. It just felt natural. We reached the club, and it was time to take off my outerwear. Standing in my gear I felt pretty much invincible and like I was right where I was always meant to be. I'll spare you the blow by blow details of my night/next morning, but let's just say it's definitely going down in the memory book as one of my favourite, most experimental fetish evenings to date. Ah the magic of Berlin in springtime in rubber!

Now, you may be wondering why I've chosen to share this with you. I'll admit, I wondered this myself about halfway through, but I realised that I wanted to reiterate the point raised in the article referenced - we find our tastes when we find them. To which I'll add this - we shouldn't be afraid to try different things in fetish and to push ourselves in new directions. If you have a curiosity for something, then fuck it. Just do it. I did - eventually - and I honestly don't think I'll be looking back anytime soon.

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