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10 July 2018

We ask Sydney based, leather biker – Recon member BondageBiker
- a few questions about his fetish tastes and travels. Here's what he had to say:

When did you first get a taste for fetish and kink?

When I was around 18 and wore a friend's bike gear. That was when I knew was into leather and gear. Then, subsequently, the next eight years or so was travelling and self-discovery, with a common characteristic of meeting bikers in each city. Guys in gear add a sense of masculinity. Bikers have their own culture and share a common passion. I still remember my first trip with a special biker in SFO through the outskirts of the Napa Valley. Also Mightyosiris is to be thanked for my introduction to heavy gear and machines. Then my first biker kink session was with Crewbiker and was a sensory overload - one my favourite sessions!

How long have you been riding?

I rode as pillion for 10 years or so, though I have only just had my license for around 3 years. Amazingly my partner, RopedRubber, recently got his learners license and I am in the process of showing him how to ride.

While I was growing up I was always inspired by key biker profiles; CalRider stood out as a role model. What he does for the community and the awareness he raises is exceptional and outstanding. Over the last couple of months, I have learnt more about him. He's created this movement to inspire others, even though he might not have expected or welcomed all the attention – but that's what kink is about to me – it's building connections, building trust, and inspiring others. Cal kicked off the #gear365 initiative on Facebook, to help men worldwide find the confidence to get their gear out and on the streets in everyday life. One day I would love to gear up and ride in SFO with him or Cody in LA.

What's your favourite piece of gear?

If I had to choose just one piece of gear it would be Dainese-T-Age suit – I am yet to get one, but I had an experience with a close friend in Vancouver who introduced me to it. It was great just watching movies and drinking beer in it. That said, I can't rule out straightjackets and sleepsacks because they're perfect when I do switch – no stress of ropes. I'm also drawn to socks, sneakers, jockstraps and any other gear that has been worn by someone else – it would be hot to ride and swap gear with a hot sweaty bike dude! ….. soon Johngalt!!!

You like to travel with your fetish, what are some of your favourite fetish destinations?

I love to travel and combining it with fetish events or Recon guys in these key locations makes for a great holiday!

In the USA – SFO is one of my favourites for the leather culture, my leather family, and key biker inspiration and Chicago for the foundation of IML. In Europe – Berlin for the open, anything goes culture and home of my partner in crime Felix (falsesenseofsecurity). Felix recently joined me in Manchester too; it's the grass roots of rubber, with an intimate and very popular scene worldwide. Then London is great for hanging out with my kink brothers aduki & snickers77 who introduced me to Team Recon. Then of course my hometown for the Sydney social where I'm often with a close friend on the kink scene – we have a really special and unique bond, as we help each other, and he's aided my development.

Do you find Recon helps with your travel plans?

I mostly use Recon when travelling to meet other kinksters and riders, to gear up and hopefully pillion with them. Using the 'biker' category reduces results down from 20 pages down to 1 page with some other filters. Although I attend many global fetish events listed on Recon my recommendation is to arrive in advance to enjoy the place and meet the locals before everyone else arrives. One of my most recent experiences in Manchester was empowering for me – I developed such a close friendship almost instantly and revisited him weeks later with my partner - I realised that kink brings people together across different continents and I have been lucky to understand this through my experiences.

Congratulations are in order as you recently got engaged to your partner, how do you balance kink in your relationship?

Firstly, thank you. We had a kink proposal and a vanilla proposal! Things will continue to be the same as they were previously. At social events in gear, I wear a collar with two locks for my Sir, itsDarkSir, and my partner – the locks go through each other – so either one can take them off. It was originally done as my partner wanted to be equal with my Sir – then through more exposure to the scene, he realised kink can be whatever you make it or whatever rules you make it. However, we still fight for top!

Lastly What Does Kink Mean to You?

I asked my mate sterubber from Switzerland, how do you explain kink to others or non-kink people? He sent me this message, which I use and even shown family to understand kink friendships that you develop:

"It's difficult to understand for a person who has never experienced the power and energy of such a fetish event. As gays we are again a minority and as rubber guys we are again a minority. And to have a good time with friends, wearing rubber open on the street in the bars is so powerful and sometimes overwhelming. We open ourselves up to others in the way we dress in fetish gear, do (sex) stuff and play in ways other people would describe as perverted. This first needs courage to do, so it is like a second coming out. But then it is good fun and we can do and be what we like and fulfil our wildest dreams. Our kink friends went the same path and feel like as we do and we're a community. And this together is a strong bond over continents, even if we see each other a few times only each year, if at all. And I think we all do care for each other and most of all respect each other, as we're all in the same situation. "

That's how I explain kink.

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