from Recon News

19 January 2018

We fired off a few questions to member SMOKINLEATHER about his fetish tastes and his legendary fetish club night, MASTERY. Here's what he had to say:

Tell us what fetish means to you
Without doubt, I have discovered that any fetish is the true 'you'; the ultimate sex animal that exists and fights beneath society's accepted day-to-day 'norm'. Some men explore it behind closed doors – others, like myself, XXpose it openly 24/7.

Tell us how you first got a taste for leather and fetish
I was fully aware of my horned-up fetish feelings from an early age. Images from the Castro, vintage leather bars and retro porn were inspirations. As a teenager, my first wages bought a leather jacket – then motorcycle boots – then a motorcycle. A life-long Leather pig was born! Through the years, I developed from a hungry leather boy into a natural Alpha Top with a taste, ability and flair for Domination and everything it involves.

Tell us what you like to do with men
I'm interested in men and lads that take their Leather and Sex very seriously. As a BDSM Master, I work heavily with hard-playing, Old Guard subs and slaves, who lust for Dominance and Discipline, bootlicking and facefucking, and who are not afraid of FFists, cock, chains, slings and floggers! I like to see them drippin' and stinkin' of lube, piss, spit and mansweat, and expect to see them at my boots, hooded, gagged and crawling on all fours in My collar and chain. I've always been a cigar SMoker, with a taste for good bourbon and fat, smoky stogies. As my Fetish night, MASTERY advertises: "SEX, S/Moke & SUBmission"!

Tell how and why you started London fetish night MASTERY
I wanted to create an event that brought together, face-to-face and man-to-man, the heaviest and horniest XX fetish leather & rubber players, in an ultimate night that recreates the hard and heavy style, vibe and attitude of classic days of the Leather and BDSM Scene. A smoky, sweaty, sleazy lust-fueled return to the masculine glory days that were illustrated by Tom of Finland, Rex and Robert Mapplethorpe. 4 years on, and word has spread like wildfire!

Tell us what we can expect at a MASTERY party
MASTERY has truly brought together the hardest-playing, hottest and sleaziest leather and rubber men in the UK, including visitors from around the world - Masters, Tops, Daddies, bikers, skins, pigs, subs, slaves, gimps and dirty dogs and pups! I host at The Backstreet, London's ultimate, original and best, only-remaining Strictest Dress Code Fetish club – Leather & Rubber ONLY! Their down and dirty back alley smoking yard is always packed on a MASTERY night, with hardcore Leather Daddies, slaves and ashtray bois. Our MASTERY bootblacks are among the best in the leather world. LeatherSex can be seen and heard and XXperienced in every dark corner. If you think you like the sound of all that – cum and join us!

Tell us what have been highlights of the last 4 years of putting it on
Highlights have been, not only keeping the leather and fetish scene alive and kicking, but, for myself, meeting (and introducing to each other) some of the sexiest and sleaziest leather /rubber men and bois it has been My pleasure to come across! Also, I've truly enjoyed presenting 'FLOG IT', my flogging demo/workshop. But most importantly – introducing, encouraging and exciting those newcomers and younger guys who want to enter and explore, not only leather and rubber, but also the MASTERY 'SEX, S/Moke & SUBmission' experience to the maXX!

The next Mastery, which will be its 4th birthday, takes place this Saturday 20 January at Backstreet, East London.