MEMBER INTERVIEW: kyteotter tells all

MEMBER INTERVIEW: kyteotter tells all

from Recon News

17 October 2016

Recon: Tell us how you first got into fetish?

Kyteotter: As a kid my family was always very into sports, both watching and playing. I remember being interested in the gear, more so than the actual sport a lot of the time. Even before I was looking at the guys I wanted to wear the gear. As I got older, and as the guys became more interesting, I realised that there was more to it then just a casual interest.

The internet quickly taught me that I wasn't alone, and from there the sports wear lover in me was born. I spent a fair bit of time looking and chatting to people online, managing to find myself on the fringes of the online fetish community at the time, but never actually diving in.

It wasn't until university when I started to discover there was more to my tastes then just NFL armor and rugby shorts (still two of my great loves). It was actually through some friends back home in Australia that I was first exposed to rubber and through whom I got to explore fetish more, though I didn't buy my own kit for a while yet.

A few years ago I met up with a guy in San Francisco, and it was through him that I discovered Recon. It was he who convinced me to buy my first piece of pup gear and from there it was a rather rapid decline. Collars, cat suit, hoods, gas masks, restraints; the collection just keeps growing and the chances to use it just keep coming.

R: Tell us what you like about puppy play?

KO: Pup play is an interesting one for me as it was one of the first fetish activities that I came across online both in pictures and socially, so while I'm not pupping out as much as I used to, I have some really fond memories of it. When I was first exploring kink I found it to be a playful and safe way to explore power relationships with others and a good way to see where my boundaries were. Before I got into the kink scene I was exclusively dominant, so importantly for me pup play helped me to reveal my submissive side. Some of the best play times I have had have been with Masters or Handlers who have helped me discover my sub space, and with other playful pups where I can be more dominant. Being so freeform allows people to express themselves a lot as well, meaning you get to know who you are playing with at the same time, something I really enjoy.

R: Tell us your favourite things about the fetish scenes in London and Brisbane?

KO: London, where to begin! The fetish scene in London is ridiculously vibrant and unbelievably large. Having been lucky enough to have the chance to travel quite a bit, I can say I haven't seen a place with a more open, dense and accepting group of people. It seems like every time I open Recon or go to an event I meet an entirely new bunch of people. The number of events and groups is also astounding. I constantly hear about another night, another party, another community of people into X, Y and Z. Moving to London has really opened my eyes to the size and depth of the fetish world. Moving to a new city and not knowing many people, the fetish scene in London also helped me establish a good group of friends and get to know the place in an entirely different way. I think that the men of London's fetish scene have something unparalleled in much, if not the entire world. London has shown itself to be a very, very, fun place to live.

Much to my regret I didn't explore the fetish scene in Brisbane too much. I know Brisbane has a close community of fetishists, which is constantly growing. Unfortunately I left Brisbane right as I was starting to explore my fetishes and haven't had the chance to get back for long enough to meet many people. A big shout out to guys in Brisbane, I would love to hear from them to hear what the scene is like there.

R: Tell us what you go for in fetish men?

KO: Looks are great and gear is awesome but if you can't hold a conversation then I find it hard to make a connection. A guy who is bold and forward, without arrogance, will have me weak at the knees and at the end of his lead. I love a guy who has the confidence to match what he wears, who maintains an open mind and a willingness to explore; a man who is a fun loving on a night out and an absolute deviant on a night in.

Though a cute shy rubber pup or a big rugby fella always get a second glance as well.

R: Tell us what you're keen to try?

KO: Recently I have had the chance to play with some very talented intense bondage tops who have really helped me to discover something I have only really observed from the sidelines. The experiences I have had so far have just opened up a whole new realm of fetish that I am finding I love more and more. I am very keen to explore more sensory deprivation, restraint and extended bondage.

R: Tell us where you draw the line?

KO: For me, part of fetish is an opportunity to push my boundaries and discover new things. From experience there are things that I know I don't like and things that I can appreciate from a distance. But lines are drawn to indicate a limit and, given the right setting, my limits are there to be pushed. In an open and trusting environment I am keen to explore a lot. If in doubt, don't be afraid to ask me. I am more than happy to discuss and explore.

R: Tell us about the appeal of Lycra?

KO: I have a deep love of sportswear in general, and have for as long as I can remember. Lycra is a big part of that, as it combines a lot of what I love about rubber and sportswear: tight, full coverage but in a versatile material with an amazing texture that feels great to wear or to grind up against. Cycling for a number of years, I am able to combine two interests, though this has led to a few embarrassing situations. Whether it be full body Skins, a tri-suit or some jogging compression shorts you cant find anything better than a guy in tight tight Lycra, bulging where it counts.

R: Tell us what's your favourite piece of gear?

KO: That is a very hard question with the answer usually being the last piece that I've bought. But if I had to choose, hoods are probably my favourite gear and then within that I think it would be my hooded rubber S10 gasmask from Blackstyle. I love gasmasks generally but the styling of the S10 just does something to me, and the hood provides for amazing full rubber coverage. I have the mirrored lenses, which for me, just brings the look to a whole new level.

R: Tell us what rules you and your partner have regarding play with others?

KO: It all comes down to trust and openness. There are a few obvious rules around safety but at the core of our open relationship is good dialogue. If he or I are going to play with someone, we are always open and honest about who, where, what, where and when. We both understand that there are is a lot that we offer one another, but that there are a lot of experiences out there that we both want to explore. We do have a few lines that we don't cross when we aren't together, for example types of play like breath play (a big turn on for me) where we prefer to be together, and a few things we like to keep just between us. Him being into the fetish scene as well obviously helps a lot as he is just as keen to get out, meet people and discover things for himself.

R: Tell us about some of your adventures on Recon?

KO: After joining Recon I quickly realised that there is a whole world of experiences out there for me to explore and people to help me do exactly that. Recon has let me expand the scope of kink that I enjoy and has helped me to become much more confident with my fetishes. The site has introduced me to some great people, many friends and a lot of playmates. Recently I have met someone in my area who is a rather talented fisting trainer, eager to help me experience something I have, up until now, had no experience in as a sub. He is also someone I get along with really well and regularly have a few drinks with. Recon has also given me the chance to combine a few of my loves, travel, gear and play. I have met some great guys online from various parts of the world and have had the opportunity to meet and play with them when travelling.