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05 July 2018

We ask London based leather man - Recon member LdnGear – a few questions about his fetish and work as Brand Ambassador for Tom of Finland Organic Vodka. Here's what he had to say:

What initially sparked your interest in Fetish?

I came into contact with Tom of Finland art for the first time in Paris 2005. That same weekend, I also had my first real gay club experience and saw guys in leather for the first time. I didn't start to explore for another 7 years, after I came out of my first relationship and bought my first harness.

How did you get involved with the FWL2017 campaign?

Recon contacted me and asked if I was interested in modelling for them. I thought it was a win win for both parts since the Tom of Finland movie had just premiered in Finland and was about to get released all over the world.

Did you have good feedback from people and friends?

No one recognised me so, YES! lol. I was in Canada for work during the actual Fetish Week, so I didn't hear that much at the time, but everyone seemed happy and I've come back to do more work for Recon since then.

How did you get cast in the Tom of Finland movie?

The Director, Dome Karukoski and his assistant Maria Reinup found my Instagram account and thought that I could be perfect for what they were working on and contacted me through Facebook. I was flattered but shit scared, I flew to Gothenburg (where a lot of the movie is filmed) to meet them. Everything happened really fast - from first email, to shooting my first scene, was only like a month.

How was the experience filming?

I only have great things to say (probably because I didn't have any lines to deliver). lol. It was a great team to work with and they were super encouraging the whole time.

Are you looking forward to the Screening at FWL2018?

Of course! It's always fun to hear people's opinions - even though I'll be breaking the spell since they'll hear me talking at the Q & A. lol

Have you prepared for the Q & A session?

Do you know the questions? Give me! ;)

What other projects have you been involved with for Tom of Finland?

We launched the Tom of Finland Organic Vodka last spring, which I'm the Brand Ambassador for and it's truly so much fun. I love the brand obviously and it's also a brilliant product. Handcrafted in Finland to celebrate the life of a legend. Even people that don't drink vodka usually change their opinions.

What's your favourite vodka drink?

Tom of Finland Mule of course. Can't go wrong with that. Or just neat on the rocks.

What is it you look for in a fetish man?

Someone that smiles and drinks my vodka. Lol. Oh, and is not so hung up on labels. It's 2018 open up your mind. Life's too short.

What is it about leather that gets you going?

It's more about how I feel in leather that's giving me a boost, than the actual leather its self. Unfortunately working with it so much, has taken some of the sexual aspect away. But to see my Boyfriend in leather makes me weak at the knees.

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