MEMBER INTERVIEW: leathermanmx tells us about his fetish

MEMBER INTERVIEW: leathermanmx tells us about his fetish

from Recon News

18 September 2016

Recon: Tell us about your fetish tastes?

Leathermanmx: It's all about the gear, leather is my main fetish although I've been branching to other kinks.

R: Tell us what you love about leather?

LMX: The smell, the sound, the shine, the touch, simply amazing. It also enhances masculinity, which, of course, makes guys very attractive.

R: Tell us about your new found taste for rubber?

LMX: It's quite a recent thing, actually. I guess it all comes from my attraction to tight and shiny gear that started with my Adidas Chile tracksuit.

R: Tell us how and when you first got into fetish?

LMX: I think my attraction to leather started at a very early age because of my parents - they both love leather jackets. They used to get me and my brother a new leather jacket every year. As for the fetish side, it was about four years ago. I actually ended a relationship because of the need for more than just vanilla sex. Got my first pair of leather trousers a few months later and the magic started.

R: Tell us about your fetish life in London, and how it compares to fetish in Mexico?

LMX: The fetish life in London is great. The leather social at Compton's, BLUF events at The Backstreet, The Hoist, The Eagle, Recon parties, Fetish Week London – all make London an amazing city for fetish. Mexico is very different, some people do wear leather but it's not really a fetish thing, it's more fashion than anything else.

R: Tell us about your favourite fetish event?

LMX: I would probably have to say Folsom Europe. It's a great opportunity to hang out with mates from all over the world and have some very good fun.

R: Tell us about what you find hot about fetish men?

LMX: The hottest thing about fetish men is the confidence the gear gives them/us. There's nothing hotter than a guy wearing his leathers in public. In a restaurant, in a bar or walking on the street, that's what I find hot about fetish men.

R: Tell us about something you've tried that you were surprised you were into?

LMX: Rubber cat suit with socks and gas mask. Loved the sense of 'impersonality' that full rubber gives you.

R: Tell us if there's anything you're yet to try, but want to?

LMX: Sports/Scally/Chavy look and scenarios. I do find it really hot, but still haven't tried it properly yet.

R: Tell us why gear stays on?

LMX: As I always say, it's all about the gear.
The gear creates some kind of persona. That is to say, in many cases it gives us the confidence to do things we might not do if we weren't wearing it. Of course I'm only talking about fetish scenarios, not about any kind of change of personality or anything like that. Once the gear comes off, that persona comes off too, and we are now ready to cuddle in bed or simply just bugger off.