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07 August 2018

We ask London based bondage enthusiast – Recon member Marm77 - a few questions about his fetish tastes. Here's what he had to say:

When did you first get a taste for fetish and kink?

I have to go back to when I was young... I remember that near the summer house of my parents there was an army barracks. Each time I looked at the black boots worn by the soldiers I got hard. Although I'm not into military, my first gear was a pair of black high leather boots. It all started from there ;-)

How do you like to play?

I love the private scenes. Dungeons & playrooms are my favourite spots. During the play I like to be collared and transformed by a Dom (ideally in full leather) - into a leather/rubber gimp, ready to be firmly tied up and punished somehow – electro and flogging are among my favourite ways to be punished, but I'm open for other suggestions ;-)

How did you get into bondage?

I've been searching the answer to this question most of my life. I remember that one of my favourite fantasies was to imagine myself wearing a full rubber suit and strapped down to a stretcher. I imagined things in an era without the internet and when bondage and fetish stuff wasn't widely known- so I can only deduct that bondage is really a part of me ;-). Many years later, in my 20s I had my first bondage experience in my home city of Rome. I've never forgotten that sleepless night I spent completely tied up – and at that time I was single with no restrictions at all ;-)

What is it about bondage you find hot?

Firstly, the feeling of being completely helpless. Secondly, the build-up – it's a ritual with a power exchange between the Dominant and the submissive. It's like an un-written script, you know when the Dom is coming towards you, holding ropes in his hand and you are asked to turn back, you naturally bring your arms back. You feel the ropes around your wrists and then your arms and your chest, until you find yourself incapable of moving an inch. Finally, it's the aesthetic that some bondage practices such as Shibari have.

Does your partner share your fetish tastes?

Unfortunately, not. He's not really into any fetish but we've found a sort of 'agreement' between us and I'm allowed to play and have bondage sessions (I only have sex with him and strictly BDSM only sessions with others). We respect each other a lot and I am thankful to him for having understood my fetish needs and letting them out.

Have people had difficulty understanding that?

A lot. When two hot guys are playing in gear it's quite natural that you want to fuck, kiss, suck or to be fucked and so on, but I can't, because that would break the trust between me and my partner. Fetish is a big part of me which I can't avoid, but my partner is the world to me and I won't risk losing him for a fuck. So, I always try to be as clear and honest as possible with new playmates when I'm contacted. Many don't appreciate my situation, but I've found some great people that accept my 'restrictions' and still have lots of fun. It's a matter of quality, rather than quantity and of course it's not a rule for everybody, but it works for me.

What's your favourite piece of gear?

I love all my leather gear, but the muzzle is still my favourite :-)

What's your favourite piece of equipment?

The St Andrew's cross – there is nothing better than being tied up at the cross, ready to be flogged across your naked back.

Tell us about an experience you've had through Recon

All my fetish experiences have been through Recon – I cannot thank Recon enough, helping me meet kinksters from all over the world.

I've had many great experiences, but I'd like to tell about one of the recent ones. It was at The Bunker London, and I was meeting a guy from Recon for the second time for a dungeon session. He was late and sent me a message with instructions. I was to prepare some gear on the table. I was asked to wear only leather gear and wait for him on my knees on the first step inside the dungeon. I was like that for half an hour. When I saw his shape from the glass of the door window, my heart almost stopped. He entered without replying to my greeting. He just gave me his heavy backpack full of gear, to take down the stairs into the dungeon, and I obeyed. He made me stand still in front of one of the walls and started to tie me up. He tied his ropes in so many ways that day and introduced me to predicament bondage. What a session. He's one of my favourite mates to play with :-)

Do you like to travel with your fetish?

In the past I used to travel and take pieces of gear with me – one time when I stopped at airport security. I had a metal plug in my hand luggage to be used with E-Stim. What a laugh when I tried to explain what it was ;-)

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