from Recon News

11 May 2018

We ask the current reigning Mr Gay Wales, Recon member…MrGayWales some questions about his background and his journey into the world of fetish as a mainstream titleholder.

Why did you want to enter Mr Gay Wales?

In a nut shell, my partner dumped me. It wasn't a revenge plot or a look-at-me plot; I've had issues with PTSD from my time in the armed forces which affected me, so I needed something positive to focus on.

How long did you serve in the forces for?

I enlisted in the armed forces in 2008, when I was 19; by July 2009 I was fighting in Afghanistan. After my tour I continued a promotion course in Kenya and toured over the world; America, Canada, Cyprus, and was also part of London Olympics, in the end I served 5 years.

How did it feel to win you title, and what have you been able to do with the title?

To win Mr Gay Wales was a huge achievement, I felt very proud to be Welsh and it gave me the positive project that I needed in my life at that time. In the past year I've been incredible lucky, I've become an ambassador for the LGBT Army forum and able to show people that you can be gay within the armed forces. At Cardiff Pride last year, I had the privilege on marching with the armed forces in the first ever march.

I've also become an ambassador for Shelter Cymru; after I left the forces due to a relationship breakdown and family issues, I ended up homeless. I was very lucky to have the Royal British Legion behind me and I found myself homeless for only a short amount of time. I still work with this charity as it a cause I hold close to my heart.

How have your followers responded to your fetish journey?

My followers have reacted incredibly. I was a bit nervous that they wouldn't respond well, I would like to thank my followers for accepting me so well. I've had messages asking me for more leather! What the fans want, they shall get. If I'm honest the whole Mr Gay Wales route was a bit vanilla, I always felt that I had a dark side which I needed to explore, and leather definitely fits my fetish.

Tell us about your fetish tastes?

My fetish journey has only recently just started, however saying that when I was a little younger I was aware of the different type of fetishes and thought one day I'd like to explore and experience them. As mentioned, my leather journey is fairly new, and it's been a very fun experience - leather chaps woof woof!

What are you attracted to in a fetish man?

The first thing I look for in a guy and that I'm attracted to is arm pits - good solid muscled armpits. When a guy raises his arm above his head and seeing the muscles that just gets me going right away. I can hold his arm back and just lick all day.

How did you find out about Recon?

I came across Recon when I was serving in the armed forces, it was one of the medics on tour, who told me about it. Nevertheless, I would say I was very naive to the surroundings of Recon, the images I got sent were an eye opener but not in a bad way. I personally think I was too young to explore fetish at the time, as I was just coming to terms with my sexuality.

And finally, if there's anything you'd like to say to our members, now's your chance…

I'm looking forward to embarking on this fetish journey, if you'd like to know more about myself or you would like to give me any tips or advice whilst on my journey then follow my social media, or better still send me a message.