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28 February 2020

Describe yourself in one sentence

I think the best description came from RuffsStuff when he referred to me as a "muscle dork."

Where does your Recon username come from?

The dorkiness part of muscle dork comes from the fact that I'm an engineer and generally have a lot of nerdy hobbies. Outside of kink, board games are probably my biggest hobby, so I figured my name should have something to do with that. Onirim is a single player card game about dreams and nightmares. I thought that was fitting, plus I thought the pronunciation "O-NIGH-RIM" sounded kind of cool.

The pronunciation has always kind of confused people when we first meet, as such, people have kind of put their own personal spin on it. Most of my friends call me Om, Oni, Omnom, Onomatopoeia, etc and I've always found them all to be super cute.

Tell us about your fetishes?

Several of the things that really get me going stem from making me feel smaller or weak. 3-4 years ago, I lost roughly 60 lbs and it's not something I've fully gotten over, so it can be a hot reminder. Wrestling, bondage or being manhandled can quickly get me the extent that my boyfriend just picking me up can get me hard.

Apparel wise, I'm very partial to tight gear such as singlets, rubber and spandex that really emphasizes the body because everyone looks sexy in it and I feel sexy wearing it.

No list of fetishes would be complete without bondage as it has always been my number one. If it's tight and I'm spread out and vulnerable, that does it for me. There are several things I don't necessarily like, such as CBT, but when paired with bondage, the sense of wanting to actually escape and feeling of helplessness is hot. Being forced into bondage is especially a turn on, either by someone much stronger or a group of people.

Photography or being recorded during scenes can also be a turn on. Knowing that the other person thinks something about the scene is so good that they want it documented can be kind of a random turn on of mine as well as a good keepsake.

There's way more stuff that I like, but those are some of the big hitters.

How did you get into fetish and kink?

To be honest, I knew I was kinky even before I knew I liked guys. After college I started watching FemDom videos and was turned on by them making the guys completely vulnerable. Eventually I stumbled across some gay kinky videos which were generally more risqué and slowly realized that I wasn't just being turned on by the scene, but the guys in them.

Eventually, I set up a scene with a local Dom in Indianapolis, which was fun…but it was too much for me at the time, as I was still figuring things out, so I took a break and disappeared for a bit. About a year later I had a family trip to Michigan and reached out to YngMstrDetroit (Who I had seen many of his videos) and we ended up having a quick scene while I was in the area and loved it. About a week or two later I met PupMellow and had another amazing experience. Soon after I started going to events and got introduced to a lot of people.

Is there anything you've not tried yet that you'd like to?

I've tried a little suspension but would LOVE to try a lot more of it. Another thing I've always wanted to try is to be broken. I can be reserved at times as well as mentally stubborn, so the thought of getting to a point that I can't put on a strong face sounds both terrifying and exciting. A lot of the videos from DreamBoyBondage are a good example as a number of them result in boys being turned into sweaty broken messes…plus that bondage cross is very hot.

I've done a fair bit of casual and semi-competitive wrestling; I'd like to do more matches for stakes in store for the loser. I've also always had a bit of an infatuation for wrestling moves that would end up with me airborne, like a torture rack.

Always wanted to try a stretching rack too.

What do you go for in a guy?

While I do generally have a physical preference on people that take care of themselves and are around my age, that is not a hard rule and there have been many exceptions. Personality plays the biggest part. If someone is "adorkable" that is a very endearing quality to have, also if they're well intentioned. People who are unapologetically themselves and aren't too concerned about how extra, weird, deadpan, etc they are being, usually make for a good and exciting connection.

Being adventurous is also a big one. While this applies to kinks, being adventurous role wise can be fun to play with. If someone is 100% sub but wants to give dom-ing a try (or vice versa), I'm likely going to have a really fun time no matter how amateur or awkward it is.

Describe the best encounter you've had through Recon

This one is a tough question so I'm going to give you two answers…

I'd consider myself semi experienced in kink and through that have had a couple of scenes with people that it was their first. Those can be pretty rewarding to see someone's mind blown a bit. A good example was that I was at Camp Retrorope last summer. One of the guys there that was a friend from the previous year is kind of kink adjacent, but open to trying stuff. Later that weekend, we put him in the VacBed and sucked all the air out and started rubbing ice all around his body. I don't remember exactly what he said in the moment, but it was something along the lines of "My brain can't even process what's going on right now." It was simple and nothing flashy, but super fun.

The other answer is kind of corny, but I'm going to say it anyway. There was a pup moving to Chicago 1.5 years ago and a friend wanted me to give any pointers that I could to help the move. We started chatting a lot through Recon, and then when he moved here, we started hanging out often. Friends were constantly asking us if we were dating. Eventually that became true and me and PupSalem have been dating for a year.

What's the best thing about being kinky?

I occasionally travel to work, usually in the US, but sometimes get to do some international travel. I think my favorite thing about the kink community is that wherever I go, there's usually at least someone where I'm at that I can talk to and maybe have a drink or scene. Whenever I work travel internationally, I always crack up when my family is perplexed that I'm visiting friends in another country, having no clue how I "Actually" know them.

If there's anything else you'd like to say to our members, now's your chance

If anyone is interested in board games where the winner gets tied up, let me know…I own a growing collection of ~70 board games 😊.

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