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03 September 2018

Brazilian member OutsiderWolf has always had an affinity to wolves. This kinship led him to discovering his fetish side and exploring his tastes further. Get to know him here.

Have you always identified as a wolf?

Yes, when I was a child I had a recurring dream in which I discovered that my parents were hiding the fact that I had a brother, and that he was actually transformed into a wolf by a witch's spell. So, I ran away from home to the tundra trying to find him. In the end I became a wolf too and moved in with my brother. I've had this dream dozens of times. But my imagery of wolves comes from something more "real" too, because part of my family has roots in a small Brazilian town called Joanópolis, it is nationally known for its folklore related to werewolves. I grew up in the mountains listening to all these stories, they have always been something very present in my life.

What is it about the wolf you are drawn to?

Wolves, like their descendants, dogs, are fascinating creatures. They can be social, and at the same time lonely, adapting to adverse situations, knowing their place on the whole, and they can be a true force of nature when they are together.

I've always lived very closely to dogs, so today I feel way more familiarised with them than with many humans. That's why the name is "outsider". I've always been alone in the crowd, but with the animals I could look into their eyes and know when they were scared, hungry, or happy. It's a much simpler way of living.

Wolves are more primal, more impulsive, but I admire the fact that they live in the present. I try to take this to my life, living the moments intensely, trying not to hold my wills and desires and not get too attached with the past. I believe there is always something new to learn from the wolves.

How does your Wolf totem / moniker adapt to your fetish interests and play?

I started in the fetish via bondage, still very early in my sexual life, but I've always loved anthropomorphic characters as well. When the two things are combined, well, it still gives me chills.

So, I had a lot of contact with the furry community, and I got even more accomplished when I found about pups/handlers, which I discovered very late. Shame!
This question about wolves came to me naturally, I've always knew my wolf "fursona", and always enjoyed all the furry art related. I even draw some myself and have more than 10 wolf related tattoos.

I believe that this lupine thing is almost a fetish by its own, but I think that it perfectly fits itself within stuff like domination and bondage. This has always been very natural for me, thanks again to the furry fandom!

The Daddy, Leather and the Big Bad Wolf styles also perfectly complement each other in many ways, and that's a good starting point for lots of great sessions and new experiences.

What is it about bondage that appealed to you?

When I was younger, some of the first things that made me horny were related to immobilised characters in movies, cartoons and comics. I did not understand what it was, but I began to try immobilising myself. One thing leads to another and curiosity has led me straight to bondage.

It's one of the few things that makes me really horny as a switcher on both sides, the feeling of being immobilised is something unique to me, just like the feeling of dominating and immobilising someone. Knowing that the guy is at my disposal, defenceless, like prey to a wolf, that kind of subjugation is a plus.

I like the expressions, the reactions, the touch, the surprise factor, and even the roleplays and the submission. I think it's these little things that makes the difference in a really pleasant domination.

What else sparks your interest?

Several things draw my attention, such as leather, rubber, cigars, masks, boots, uniforms, suits, tattoos, bikers and bears (hairy, beefy, chubby, grizzly, all of them). I also love various types of sadism, like pain, spanking, teasing, humiliation and tickling. I am a very curious guy and I'm always open to new experiences. There are many fetishes that I have not yet experienced.

I think with respect and a good talk, I can get to try a lot different stuff with all kinds of guys. By the way, that's an important point, even with me being geeky, introspective
and shy (and I am), I really enjoy talking and meeting some new folk.
I'm not just looking for experiences, but for people to contact and exchange experiences too.

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