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08 August 2019

Describe yourself in brief

Awroo! I am Tosa Alphainu, and I'm a French-Canadian from Montréal. I'm 24, single, & vaccinated, and sometimes a good boy hehe Woof! I'd describe myself as an energetic, kinky fetishist who likes to experiment.

How did you first get into puppy play?
I've always had a thing for anthropomorphic characters, like furries, superheroes, and such. I first encountered puppy-play online at the age of 18. I was immediately turned on by the physical appearance of human pups, especially the ones covered in full rubber. I ordered my first hood, and then shortly thereafter some puppy gear: a butt-plug tail, mitts, collar, harness, and catsuit (and still collecting more today!). Once geared up, I started travelling on my own to different events and I fell in love with this universe! The variety in puppy-play and the types of fun to experience were a big rush.
I started in the BDSM scene a few years before puppy-play became hyper-popular, like it is today. When I went to events, I would get into my pupspace for the entire duration, walking on all fours and just being a dog, playing with other pups and Masters. Okay… mostly Masters, since there weren't a lot of other pups around then!... at least not compared to today where there are sometimes 50 pups for every 1 Master.
My passion for pup play really deepened when I connected strongly with a Master who taught me the basics of puppy-play, trained me, and helped me enjoy it every time I put on my hood.

What do you love about being a pup and the puppy community?

There are a lot of different reasons why I'm into puppy-play, but to sum up I'd say there are five big aspects: social, sexual, love & affection, identity, and freedom. At the heart of it all, it's just so fun and so relaxing! Especially once you achieve the pup headspace!

And think about it, being a pup is kind of a dream life: someone takes care of you, pets you, feeds you treats, and, just for a little while, you don't have to think about how stressful it is to move through the world as a human and deal with work, and school, and paying bills. For a little while, you simply have fun, live in the present moment, and enjoy life.

The puppy community is like a large family. There are pups who will welcome you regardless of your gender identity, body type, and whatnot. The community is very inclusive and friendly, allowing pups to really find their own space to express who they are and carve out a niche for themselves. There are few spaces where it's easier to make new friends (plus get hundreds of hugs!). Overall, it can be simple and easy. The modern puppy-play movement doesn't require knowing the history of leather protocol or the buying of expensive gear. All it requires is letting yourself go, flipping that switch in your mind to that primal instinct, and connecting with your pup side.

Why did you want to enter International Geared Up Pup 2019?

I've been very active in the Canadian puppy community for the past several years. I think I won the title of Pup Montréal 2017 for that reason. I'm now co-organizing Montreal's Weekend Fusion Montreal with Dmtl (Recon), where we select four titleholders: Mr and Ms Leather, Mr Rubber, and Pup Montreal. I also organize weekly events with IPC International Puppy for our local pup group, WoofMTL. I've performed in many shows promoting Puppy Play and Gear in the fetish scene since 2014, animated multiple workshops on BDSM (with topics including puppy play, power exchange, headspace, and more!).

I really value the modernization and innovation I see in the IGUP contest. So many puppies are of a younger age than many attendees of MIR and IML. A lot of pups are students, like me, and cannot afford the travel to attend those contests. I found the idea of an entirely online competition to be brilliant, and that's why I wanted to be a part of the growing phenomenon. With the evolution of technology, it's very cool to have a contest that can be easily viewed and participated in by people all around the world! Plus, social media has a massive reach these days… the proof? You are reading this now hehe Rawr!

I believe that some contestants seek titles for the fame, but for my part, I wanted the title to gain experience that would help my future career, and to give back. I've been working for years to promote puppy-play and make this practice less «taboo» for society. I intend to use my experience as an educator and organizer, as well as my reach on social media, to continue destigmatizing puppy play and providing those who are curious with the assurance they need to explore! Also, as a bilingual Francophone, I'm using the title to bring together French and English puppy communities!

What's the best thing so far about being International Geared Up Pup 2019?

I'm enjoying the opportunity to travel around the world, to connect different communities, meet other likeminded fetishists, and judge contests. I'm also very appreciative of the support I've received from the IGUP producers and sponsors.

But! Overall, I would say the support of my community is the best part of this title. I've had the chance to represent my community worldwide and help a lot of people connect with and deepen their interest in puppy-play

What's the puppy scene like in Montréal?

When I first started out in the scene, there were less than a dozen of us in the local community. Now, our monthly Pup Night draws more than 100 pups. We even have pups from Quebec, Ottawa, and Toronto, who regularly travel to Montreal for the events.

We also have weekly social events and games for pups & handlers! And, every year Montreal hosts Weekend Fusion Montréal, where we run the contest to elect the new Pup Montréal. In Montreal's Gay Village, it's becoming more and more common to see human pups walking down the street or in the bars. Montreal's a very open-minded city!

What are your other main fetishes and kinks? What do you love about these?

I'm a gear fetishist, so the more people gearing up, the happier I am! I have a lot of interests and - oh, my, Woof! - my list would be way too long to write out all the way!

I'm a kinky biker fetishist Alpha pup and an experienced BDSM player! To keep it short, my main fetishes are leather and rubber (especially masks and gloves) but also any full body gear that dehumanizes the wearer. As far as BDSM activities go, my main ones are fisting, watersports, breath-play, bondage, and anything related to role-play. I enjoy most kinks and fetishes; I've tried almost all of them and I'm willing to do them again! I think there is an opportunity to find pleasure in each activity. So, regardless whether you're a leather dom, a rubber sub, a sportwear fetishist into sneakers, or anything else: there is always a way to for all partners to be pleased.

I usually wear leather when I'm taking on a dominant role and latex for more submissive roles or messier play. But, that's oversimplifying it a bit. It depends on my environment and my play partners and such. I like to experiment and switch, *Rawr*!

What do you go for in fetish guys?

A guy who lives his festish intensely! Someone who pushes the boundaries to a new level, to the Kinky side of the world! A jock-harness fetish doesn't do a lot for me, but a full leather or a full rubber man is certainly a turn on! For me, the gear is a must, and hopefully it comes along with some perversity and a kinky creative mind!

It's all good if you're vanilla and enjoy some tamer sex; to each their own! But me, I'd rather go for a wild scene, including lots of equipment, fetish gear, and many different sensations! The puppy in me says: a bone! a big bone to bury hehe Woof! Boots, gloves and a nice bulge Awrooo! We all know puppies like to be on all fours and lick hehe Woof!

Finally, if there's anything else you want to say to our members – or the fetish world at large – now's your chance

One thing I want to make sure people understand: Puppy-play has nothing to do with zoophilia or bestiality. It only involves consensual play between human partners. Please don't associate biological animals with human pups!

To finish off: I wasn't born with my six-pack, I wasn't born with my reputation. If you truly want something, you can achieve it. I've worked and studied hard to here, because I wanted it and because I have a passion for it. Be your own hero! If you want changes, make them happen! Everyone has the right to take their own initiative; don't wait for others. You don't need a title to accomplish great things, but you could earn one if you do accomplish them!

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