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12 October 2016

Recon: What's the fetish scene like in Perth?

SirWolfe: The fetish scene in Perth is developing, it is still in quite the early days of becoming a 'scene' in its own right. We do what we can, where we can, as a group to try expand and to offer people who show interest in all things fetish a friendly introduction.

R: What's the Australian fetish scene like in general?

SW: The Australian fetish scene as a whole is actually a great one to be a part of. I had the pleasure of marching the Sydney Mardi Gras Parade earlier this year with Sydney Leather Pride and it was an amazing experience, meeting all different people into all different fetishes. There really is something for everyone. We don't have the numbers that you find in Europe or America, but there definitely is the passion there, and the scene is guaranteed to grow.

R: Have you experienced the fetish scene further afield? Where've you been and what did you enjoy?

SW: I have very recently experienced my first Folsom Europe in Berlin. What an eye opening experience that was! Just to see so many people proudly wearing their latex and leather (among so many other things) was breath-taking. Wearing fetish gear outside the confines of ones home is not something that is regularly done/seen in Perth, and after experiencing Folsom I genuinely believe that needs to change. I have also had the pleasure of hanging out with some of the Manchester Rubber Men (MRM) while staying there, they aren't hard to find if you're ever in those parts.

R: What are your main fetish tastes?

SW: I would say that my main fetishes are all intertwined with one-another. Pup play is a very important one to me as I own a great pup, so it's part of my everyday life. Naturally, along with that comes the latex and the leather which are also very big interests of mine.

R: When did you first get into fetish/kink?

SW: I was first introduced to the world of fetish and kink around 5 years ago by my current partner. Most of that time has been spent as more of an admirer, until 2 years ago when I started getting more involved, collared a pup, and started building a great collection of gear. There's so much I have yet to explore.

R: Have you any favourite pieces of gear? If so, why these?

SW: During my stay in Berlin I bought my first set of formal leathers. I would say that these are my favourite pieces of gear as ever since I was introduced to this world, that is the look that I have wanted. Even just down to the feel of them, the smell, the way they sound rubbing together. Something so simple as 'wearing them in' has been a great experience so far as well. Will definitely have to build a collection.

R: What are your favourite kinds of play?

SW: My favourite kinds of play can't be narrowed down to just one simple answer, as with everyone it depends on the person I'm playing with and where we're playing. However, I do enjoy everything from long, drawn out and intimate bondage scenes to fleeting random encounters in a grimy dark-room. (And everything in between)

R: Is there anything new you're curious about trying?

SW: I think being a naturally inquisitive person I have tried everything that has taken my interest so far, and have enjoyed every second of it. Moving forward I would love to expand my Rubber and Leather collection, and also to meet fellow fetish/kink lovers all over the world.

R: What do you go for in a fetish man? Are tats and piercings a big draw?

SW: Tattoos and Piercings are obviously a very big draw for me, but they don't make a man. I think what I most look for in a fetish man is a comfortable and organic love for the lifestyle.

R: How long have you been using Recon? What do you use it for?

SW: I wouldn't be able to tell you exactly how long I have been using Recon, but definitely around 4 years if not longer. I usually use Recon to meet and make connections with people. Some of my best friends I have met on Recon, I consider it a great platform for meeting like-minded people and making connections that might not be possible in real life.

R: Are there any other Recon members you'd like to give a shout-out to, who guys should check out?

SW: JasperPup (my always loyal and adoring pup), Whitewhale (always appreciates a cruise/message), SlickRick (member of the MRM), GingerFistPup and Aussiewolfpup.

R: And finally, you say on your profile you like 'the outdoors'. Do you mean as in 'The Great Outdoors' or play outdoors?

SW: This one I'll leave open to interpretation :P I do love to explore.

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