MEMBER INTERVIEW: We chat with ‘hairyjoy’ (AKA Kilker)

MEMBER INTERVIEW: We chat with ‘hairyjoy’ (AKA Kilker)

from Recon News

06 October 2016

Recon: Hi hairyjoy.
What would you say are your main fetishes?

Hairyjoy: I would say they're leather, rubber, uniforms and work gear (the more industrial, the better). Oh, and boots!

R: Do you have any fetishes or kinks that you're interested in but yet to explored?

HJ: Skin gear and diving gear are what come to my mind, fetish wise. I find them very horny, but I guess I have concentrated on other things too much to explore them. I do think a fetish man evolves as time goes on, so I guess it's only a matter of time.

I would also love to try liquid latex, full breath control sleep sacks and heavy bondage. Any volunteers? Heheh….

R: When did you discover your kinky side?

HJ: The youngest memories I have are from my hometown in Spain. My dad is a fisherman and my aunt is an ex-biker. He always had lots of waterproofs and wellies, and she had the greatest collection of male leather (fortunately for me). I was young, curious and I always had lots of imagination. So I used to wear their gear and…. well, let's leave the rest up to people's imagination. Hope they don't read this heheh…. Then, I guess all these interests evolved me into the fetish man I am today.

R: It's fair to say you you're pretty well known in the fetish world. What do you like about being part of the fetish community?

HJ: My introduction to the fetish community was pretty unexpected indeed. The thing that I like the most is having the chance to meet amazing and sexy people from all around the world. In the last five years I have attended parties all over, and met so many great men and women too. Many of them became really good friends, and it's great we all have fetish in common - so I can perv over them from time to time. Really, it is great to share great moments with people who share the same interests as I do.

R: You've held a couple of titles in your time. Which titles did you hold, and what were the experiences like?

HJ: I was Mister Leather UK 2012 and Mister Leather Europe 2012. Some people will find what I am going to say a bit cheesy or silly, but the truth is, it was a life changing experience for me. It was great to travel all around the world to all these events and seeing them from the contestant point of view. It was nerve wracking at some points too, but very worthy overall. I did gain lots of confidence, learnt how to talk in public (you have to), made lots of friends and memories for a lifetime. I still keep in touch with pretty much all my fellow contestant brothers and visit them wherever they are from time to time. And it did give me the opportunity to do bit of modeling as well as judge and host some of the contests too, which is something I never thought I could do.

R: If you had to choose… leather or rubber?

HJ: heheh… I've been getting this question ever since people discovered it was Sly Hands who pushed me into the leather competitions. I would say leather to go out to more mainstream events and to wear socially, and rubber for sleazy sex and underground stuff. I always forget to respect my own rules, though. And that's one of the great things of fetish. So let's say, depends on the occasion ;)

R: Where are some of your favourite destinations for fetish around the world?

HJ: Wow! Here's a difficult one. But these are what I've enjoyed the most:

• San Francisco. Dore Alley.
• Washington DC. Mid Atlantic Leather.
• Chicago: International Mr Leather and Mr International Rubber. Fun times.
• London: So many here but Fetish Week London, Hard On, Hotwired… to name a few.
• Manchester: Manchester Rubbermen Weekend and Pride is great too.
• Berlin: Folsom and BLF Easter.
• Antwerp: Leatherpride.
• Madrid: SleazyMadrid and madbear.
• Benidorm: People will get surprised with this one, but last year Mr Leather Spain was organized there. I was lucky enough to be asked to host it and I loved the atmosphere, the hotel was fantastic, and the weather was great to wear fetish in November. The next one is 4 – 6 November this year and I am looking forward to repeat it all again.

R: What do you find hot in fetish men?

HJ: For me it's 70% connection and 30% physical appearance. I do have my preferences but definitely not set in stone. Physically, I have an insane weakness for blue and green eyes. I also like tattoos and beards, but I could definitely go for someone opposite all these if the right connection was there. I do like to perv over men with fair eyes, beards and tattoos in public though lol. Usually bigger than me, whether is belly or muscles I don't mind. I do think bellies are underrated and are sexy as hell.

I do hate attitude and airs of superiority. It's fine to be bit cocky during play and can be a bit sexy even. But I do find excessive cockiness very rude and a major turn off. I like men with twisted and perverted minds in the playroom and kind, good souls out of it. It's the perfect combination.

R: And finally, you have a reputation as being a friendly guy, but do you have a dark side too?

HJ: Everyone has a dark side haha… I think most people would be surprised to find out what I like sexually. I do like to be kind to everyone when I'm out and about but every man into fetish has a piggy devil inside and I am no exception. As I said, it all depends on connection.

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